2015 Skunkape sighting and video from Florida

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Skunkape sighting has surfaced in Florida and along with it is some very interesting Skunkape video that is causing some buzz in and around the Bigfoot community. The Florida skunk ape video was captured by a witness out canoeing in Lettuce Lake Park out in Hillsborough County, Florida. The footage shows what seems to be a creature with a definite Bigfoot like gate and arm lengths. According to the witness report he thought it was a bear at first but after being told by a park ranger that bears hardly ever enter the swamp he took a closer look. Upon more analysis of the video it was clear that this was no bear and some people are already calling the video of Skunkape some of the most compelling to date. The are is described by witness as being inhabited by an array of large gators and poisonous snakes so it is very unlikely that it was a person.


Here is the actual Lettuce Lake Park skunk ape video from Florida. The video is definitely very intereresting and even though it hard to make out exactly what the subject may be its pretty clear its not a bear. The witness reports claims once the subject noticed him it walked toward deeper water and then just disappeared perhaps going underwater. Have a look for yourself and you can decide if this is indeed proof of Skunkape or perhaps something else.



Spartansburg Pennsylvania Bigfoot Sighting and Video

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Bigfoot sighting from the woods of Spartansburgh, PA along with a video of what many believe may be Bigfoot. The possible Bigfoot video shows what seems to be a creature of some kind making its way through the woods as a couple records it. The witnesses claim the were out for a walk in the woods in Spartansburgh, PA when they noticed the creature come up over a hill at a distance and one of them was able to get it moving through using a cell phone camera. Although it has just surfaced and gained some attention now the sighting of Bigfoot itself and video are said to be from spring of 2014. It is hard to make out all that much detail from the video because of the woods and distance and many skeptics wonder if this is nothing more then a person in a gorilla suit.

spartansburgh PA Bigfoot

Here is the actual Spartansburgh, PA Bigfoot video for you to have a look at and decide for yourself if you think may be Bigfoot for simply another well orchestrated hoax.



Bigfoot Encounter in Uwharrie National Forest

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Here is an interesting report of a possible Bigfoot encounter that took place in the Uwharrie National Forest. The witness according to reports is ex-military and has spent plenty of times in the woods so was very familiar with his surroundings. The encounter took place last November according to the report and contains some pretty precise details. The Uwharries have long been known as hotbed location for Bigfoot activity and has been responsible for multiple reports and sightings over the years. It is considered as a prime location and habitat for a creature such as Bigfoot to live and survive fairly easily and live virtually undetected.


The BFRO did do a follow up investigation and the encounter is being considered as possible Sasquatch intimidation behavior. Here is a video report on the entire encounter for you to have a look at and decide for yourself if you think this was more then likely a Bigfoot or perhaps something else.



Maine Bigfoot Video Breakdown

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2015 Bigfoot sighting in Maine and its accompanying Bigfoot video has been broken down after many questioned its authenticity. The video shows what seems to possibly be Bigfoot walking through a wooded area in Turner, Maine. The sighting of Bigfoot and video grabbed the attention of many in and around the Bigfoot community but now it seems like it may have been yet another hoax. Here is the original Bigfoot footage and then a recreation and break down of the video showing some of the questionable aspects. Check out the original Maine Bigfoot video and then the breakdown and recreation and decide for yourself if this is indeed just another in the long line of Bigfoot hoaxes.




Finding Bigfoot 2015 heads to Georgia seeking local sightings and reports

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Finding Bigfoot is headed out to continues the search in Georgia. The crew will be in Savannah on the look out for more great Bigfoot sighting reports and encounters from the area to help in their local investigation. Have you ever wanted to be on the show ? Well here is your chance if you live in the area and have had a sighting of Bigfoot or any kind of other encounter. Email your story to (findingbigfoot.georgia@gmail.com) and it will be evaluated by the team and you could be invited to join the Town Hall meeting on January 22nt in Savannah and allowed to share it. Your story could even be one of them chosen to be recreated on the upcoming episode of the show if your one of the more interesting reports or encounters. Either way its a great chance to meet and mingle with the crew of Finding Bigfoot !


finding bigfoot 2


Seating is very limited for the event so you need to get your story submitted asap. To be able to get tickets to the event you need to RSVP to the email address provided above for tickets that are given away on a first come first served basis. The event tickets are free but again they will go quickly as seating is very limited. So down miss your chance to be part of the Finding Bigfoot Georgia episode.


Mexico Bigfoot Sighting at Popocatepetl Volcano

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This is an interesting report of a Bigfoot sighting in Mexico at the Popocatepetl Volcano. A large creature was spotted climbing the slopes of the volcano as what the witnesses described as super human speed. The mountain rescue team said the subject they seen appeared to be very thin and brown in color and they believe it may have possibly been Bigfoot. There were also large footprints found at the location of where the creature was spotted. Here is the news report from the area with all of the information on this very interesting 2015 Bigfoot sighting so you can view the evidence and decide for yourself.


mexico bigfoot


This Popocatepetl Volcano Bigfoot sighting is definitely one of the more interesting reports to surface so far this year.



Bigfoot Sightings on the decline in 2014

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Bigfoot sightings are on a decline in 2014 after a spike in reports starting around 2000 according to a report by CityLab’s. Using information gathered from the BFRO (Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization) the groups says the number reported sightings of Bigfoot in 2014 are lower then in years past showing a steady decline. Back in 2000 a spike in reported Bigfoot sightings began and ran until approx 2009 with record numbers of reports being filed and claimed but since 2009 those numbers have seen a steady decline. Many attributed the rise in reports during that nine year period to a rise in access to new technology like smartphones and GPS units etc. But that same technology continues to grow and evolve but the sightings of the mysterious creature are in decline leaving many to wonder why.


bigfoot map


Cryptid sighting like that of Bigfoot have always been a area of interest for many people esp in certain area’s of the country where there seems to be more activity. A traditional hot bed for Bigfoot encounters and sightings has always been the Pacific Northwest and that is still true in 2014 according to the CityLab’s report. In face Pennsylvania and Washington showed a small rise in the amount of sightings being reported to the BFRO in 2014. Sightings of Sasquatch another popular name for Bigfoot were also on the rise in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Mississippi River Valley, and Ohio River Valley even with the reports overall from across the country being in decline.


An unofficial tally of 2014 Bigfoot sightings by state┬ácompleted by CityLab’s using the BFRO database.


  • Alabama 1
  • Colorado 1
  • Florida 1
  • Georgia 2
  • Illinois 3
  • Kansas 1
  • Kentucky 2
  • Maryland 1
  • Michigan 1
  • Minnesota 2
  • Missouri 1
  • Ohio 1
  • Pennsylvania 4
  • Texas 2
  • Virginia 3
  • Washington 4
  • West Virginia 1
  • Wisconsin 1



Bigfoot video from group of kids playing near a woods

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Here is a Bigfoot video that has recently surfaced taken by a group of kids playing outside near the woods on a very foggy winter day. While filming and playing outside the kids notice a figure off in the distance through the fog and capture it going back into the woods. The location of the encounter is not released along with the video which was taken back in 2012 according to the report. The fog is fairly thick making it hard to get a very clear look at the figure off in the distance as per its size etc. Could this possibly be a video of Bigfoot the kids seems to believe so referring to the possibility of it being a “Yeti”. Here is the original video taken by the group of kids so you can have a look for yourself and decide if you think this may actually be Bigfoot or more then likely just another well orchestrated hoax.



Mystery Sea Creature Wake Captured by Google Earth near New Zealand

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This very strange wake was spotted by an engineer named Pita Witehira approx a week ago in the waters off New Zealand using Google Earth. The wake is made by what many believe to be a mysterious sea creature under the turquoise waters of New Zealands Oke Bay. The satellite captures the occurrence at approx 11:30 in morning and the object responsible for it would seem to be quite large. The possibility of it being caused by a boat was quickly ruled out because of the lack of any white froth which is created in wakes made by motors. Looking at the size of the wake what ever caused it seems to be way to wide to simply be a shark and moves too quickly and turns to sharply to be a large whale.


Pita Witehira
Pita Witehira


Witehira said he believes the wake itself is far too wide to be a smaller explainable sea creature like a shark and with the kind of drag being created there has to be something extremely large with a lot of weight. Here are the actual photo’s of the Google Earth sea monster wake for you to have a look for yourself.


oke bay mystery wake


oke bay mystery wake 2


Search for the Lake Pepin Monster Pepie

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The lake monster known as Pepie that is said to inhabit the waters of Lake Pepin as well as the lake monster of the Mississippi River has sightings going back to the 1600′s. Now Chad Lewis an author and paranormal researcher for last 20 years is on the search for Pepie the lake monster. He has written 17 books about many bizarre mysteries and creatures although still considering himself a skeptic. But he says that when it comes to the Lake Pepin monster Pepie he is believer and is trying to prove to everyone else that the creature does indeed exist.


lake pepin monster pepie


Lake Pepin monster has been described as resembling a serpent type creature or a long necked reptile in multiple sighting reports over the years. Reports from the 1800′s and 1900′s described the monster of the Mississippi as being the size of a rhinoceros or an elephant with kind of gray colored skin. Eyewitness accounts of the creature do vary some but this size and shape seem to be the general consensus.


Lake Pepin has been visited by the Discovery Channel for their hit show Monsters and Mysteries in America detailing the history and story of lake monster Pepie. There is even a $50,000 reward out to anyone who can produce conclusive proof that the creature is real. The local lore has grown to be an international interest and now tourists coming to Lake Pepin can look for the monster at designated “Pepie watch stations” and can even take expeditions out on the lake in search of the creature.


The lake was formed from a naturally occurring widening in the Mississippi River bordering Wisconsin and Minnesota. With so many kinds of fish inhabiting the river many theories have been formed as to what kind of creature the monster may actually be. With large fish such as sturgeon , alligator gar, and paddlefish being found in the river there are multiple possibilities including perhaps a yet undiscovered species of animal. Lewis has gone on two separate expeditions on the lake using sonar imaging equipment but has yet to capture proof the legend is true.