Finding Bigfoot season 8 takes search to Redding California


Finding Bigfoot is currently filming episodes for its new season and has taken the search for Bigfoot to Redding, California. Finding Bigfoot season 8 is going to air in 2016 as the team continues on their quest hitting some new and old Bigfoot hot spots investigating Bigfoot sightings and reports. The team recently held a town hall meeting in Redding and was pretty big news locally with local news station KRCR picking up the story. They were able to catch up with Finding Bigfoot star Cliff Barackman for a little more information on the upcoming season and Finding Bigfoot Redding episode.


finding bigfoot cliff barackman


For years Northern California has been a Bigfoot hot spot and the team hopes to gather some new and yet unreported sightings of Bigfoot from the area. Check out the local news piece on the show and a little sneak peek into an upcoming Finding Bigfoot episode. While the show has its share of critics its heads into yet another season and Finding Bigfoot 2016 should be well entertaining. Along with Northern California other filming locations like Southern Oregon have been mentioned for episodes of season 8 Finding Bigfoot.


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