Bigfoot Sighting near Shivwits Reservation Utah


A very interesting Bigfoot sighting from Utah neat the Native American Shivwits reservation along the Santa Clara River. The witness contains a fair amount of detail and they reported seeing the creature in the middle of a roadway estimating it to be over 8 ft tall. According to the report the elusive cryptid had long brown colored hair and it kept looking back as they approached and pasted it while driving down the roadway.


Shivwits Reservation Utah Bigfoot


The story of this Bigfoot encounter and a look at the area in which the sighting of Bigfoot occurred is done by Kelly Shaw of the Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization. A investigation was completed just after the sighting was reported by a local Bigfoot investigator and noted all of the details of the encounter. Here is the video of the actual report from this Utah Bigfoot sighting along with some great views of the area.


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