New Texas Bigfoot Sighting and Photo hits Fox News


A new Texas Bigfoot sighting has been gathering enough interest of late to make its way into a Fox News report. The sighting took place in the Houston area by a local mom and son and its caused the Bigfoot craze to explode in the area. A recent Bigfoot picture taken by a local man along the Neches River have helped to boost the interest in the latest Bigfoot sighting. Sighting of Bigfoot in Texas have been reported for several years and many believe the cryptid calls Texas home.


texas bigfoot sighting on neches river


Check out the news report of the Bigfoot sighting in Texas along with some information on the latest Bigfoot photo. Bigfoot research groups in Texas are on the search for the elusive creature and claim the state is a hot bed for sightings. Check out the Bigfoot Fox News report and decide for yourself if your believe that the creature calls Texas home!


Vancouver Island Sasquatch Howls Recorded

alert bay sasquatch vocals

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New Bigfoot vocals recorded in North Carolina

north carolina bigfoot vocals

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Bigfoot sightings reported by U.S. troops in Vietnam

Nguoi Rung

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Idaho Pterosaur

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