California on Sasquatch documentary video and indepth interview with Dr. Jeff Meldrum


Dr. Jeff Meldrum sits down for an interview for a new Bigfoot documentary called “California on Sasquatch” with YouTuber Kassem G. The new documentary takes a little different and more light hearted approach into the search for Bigfoot but still is a very entertaining and interesting watch for both Bigfoot believers and skeptics alike. It includes some very interesting interviews with some known members of the Bigfoot community along with trips to various Bigfoot spots.


Dr Jeff Meldrum on California on Sasquatch


Viewers are taken to some very interesting Bigfoot locations including the Willow Creek Bigfoot Museum and the Bigfoot Discovery Project and Museum among others. There is a very good intervew with Dr. Meldrum which we have the extended cut of here for your to check out. I think any one who has any interest in Bigfoot on any level would find it rather enjoyable.

Here is the California on Sasquatch video along with the Dr Jeff Meldrum extended interview video for everyone to watch.



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