New Zealand Bigfoot Video


A new Bigfoot sighting has been reported from New Zealand accompanied by a video of the possible elusive cryptid. This would be one of the first New Zealand Bigfoot videos and reports of a sighting that i am aware of. The video doesn’t contain all that much detail except for a bipedal subject which appears to be leaving an area in the distance. There is not a whole lot in the frame that can be used for scale as to how big the subject is but arm length and some other general details can be observed.


new zealand bigfoot


Parabreakdown Bigfoot videos takes a closer look at the Bigfoot video and the chance that there is actually a Bigfoot in New Zealand. I don’t really see a whole lot that screams out Bigfoot to me from what can be seen in the video of Bigfoot or the zoomed in shots during the Parabreakdown analysis. Check it out and see what you think as to this being a New Zealand Sasquatch or something much more normal.


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holland creature

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