Could Scientific proof of Bigfoot presented possibly hold up in court ?


If a mock trial were held to determine the existence of Bigfoot could enough Bigfoot evidence be presented to actually win. Here is a very interesting video that is showcasing the very possibility that enough proof Bigfoot exists to do just that. The case delivered is based on Scientific evidence of Bigfoot that exists and would be required for proof. The case is explained and evidence presented on the video and as part of a very interesting document which can be viewed here


Bigfoot evidence mock court case

The Bigfoot video offers a look into the entire case which is then very well detailed in the documents found on the site. Could it be possible to use the evidence of Bigfoot which many consider to be clear proof and have it stand up in a court of law. Many Bigfoot skeptics would surely be doubtful but beyond Bigfoot sightings and encounters the base scientific evidence which believers point to is actually fairly interesting. Check out the video and site and decide for yourself which side of the case you would fall on.


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mk davis bluff creek

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