Survivorman Bigfoot Q&A with Les Stroud


Survivorman Bigfoot star Les Stroud made his way to Pocatello, Idaho for the session with many fans of the hit show. The Question and Answer session gave Bigfoot enthusiasts and fans of the show Survivorman Bigfoot a chance to meet Stroud and pick his brain. Les has said before he believes he had a previous Bigfoot encounter and the show has become a hit in and around the Bigfoot community.


Survivorman Bigfoot QandA session


Here is a video of Stroud at the Survivorman Bigfoot Q&A session taken by a fan of the show named Joseph Easton. It is worth the watch and you can get Les’s take and theories on the show and on the search for Bigfoot. We have already seen a few Survivorman Bigfoot season 2 episodes and the show continues to get better and better.


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