Search for Yeti (abominable snowman) continues in Siberia


Possible Yeti Photo

A fourth science expedition has left for Mountain Shoria (a territory in Southern Siberia, east of the Altai Mountains) earlier on Wednesday in search of any traces of the abominable snowman. Taking part in the expedition will be the director of the International Center for Hominology, Igor Burtsev, deputy president of the public association Kosmopoisk, Vasily Dovgoshei, History Doctor Valery Kimeyev and other experts.

As Igor Burtsev, a participant in several previous expeditions, has told Itar-Tass, the search will last for about ten days. The experts are determined to find irrefutable evidence the Bigfoot (also known by the names of Sasquatch and Yeti) does exist.

“During the previous expedition a year ago I saw markers (half-broken branches) the creature uses to mark the controlled territory,” Burtsev said.

“Mountain Shoria is a perfect place for yetis. It is a sparsely populated, mountainous area, where there are many caves, it is relatively warm and there are sources of pure fresh water. In the mountain rivers fish is in abundance and hunting in the forests must be really good. I reckon the Bigfoot likes to go fowling. In the woods I have found several artifacts to confirm my theory of mine. This time I plan to find the Bigfoot’s shelter and even try to contact the creature.”

The head of the Tashtagol District, Vladimir Makuta, says that the first mention of Bigfoot’s presence in Mountain Shoria dates back to 1980. The creatures seem to have gone especially active over the past three years.

Source: itar-tass

Bigfoot Video from McKenzie River Oregon

Could this be video footage of the legendary cryptid Bigfoot or Sasquatch ?  A long armed creature has seemingly been caught on film on the McKenzie River in Oregon. The film shows what seems to be a long armed dark creature standing up and walking away on the edge of the river. The film was taken from some whitewater row boats passing through the river.

The BFRO has said that nothing about the incident so far points to it being a hoax or a case of mistaken identity and the behavior and physical appearance of the figure seem consistent with a Sasquatch or Bigfoot. Bigfoot is commonly spotted and reported being seen along rivers and creeks. Also the area or Oregon known as the “Three sisters region” has a history of Bigfoot sightings and track finds.

Here is the McKenzie River Oregon Bigfoot video. Please take a look and see what you think , the video is broken down in frames and slow motion to try and give a more detailed look at the figure involved.

Chupacabra blamed for slaughtered goats in Mexico

slaughtered goats

Goats suspected of being killed by Chupacabra

Shepherds in Mexico  are up in arms — or heads, as the case may be — over a rash of beheadings inflicted on their goats, and many people are blaming the legendary predator known as the chupacabra.

Over the past two months, more than 300 goats owned by shepherds in Mexico’s Puebla state have been decapitated by someone, or something, that hasn’t yet been tracked down.

According to various reports, Felix Martinez, president of Colonia San Martin, recently stated that nearly 40 goats were killed near his municipality. Strangely, there was reportedly very little evidence of blood in the area where the goat bodies were found — throwing suspicion on an unknown animal or chupacabra.

The chupacabra falls into the cryptozoological category of cryptids, a term used to describe animals that haven’t yet been confirmed by science, like the  Loch Ness Monster and Bigfoot.

Chupacabra sightings often emanate from the Southwest U.S., Puerto Rico, Latin America and Mexico, and the animal is thought to attack livestock, leaving behind puncture wounds after it drains their blood.

AOL News reported in July that a bizarre-looking animal, allegedly a goat-blood-sucking chupacabra, was shot and killed by Texas Animal Control officer Frank Hackett.

“All I know is, it wasn’t normal. It was ugly, real ugly. I’m not going to tell no lie on that one,” Hackett told NBC DFW.

Medical researchers have speculated that the purported chupacabras of Texas and Mexico may actually be coyote hybrids, something DNA tests could determine.

Meanwhile, in Mexico, groups of peasants have formed watch groups to monitor any possible chupacabra activity in their communities.

Source: aolnews

Ootsa Lake creature sighting

Ootsa Lake

The last thing Darlene Thompkins expected to see on her holiday was something she referred to as the ‘Ootsa Lake monster’.

Thompkins who is holidaying in Burns Lake with her family from Edmonton, said she named the mysterious sighting in Ootsa Lake a monster because she didn’t know what else to call it.

Thompkins and her granddaughter were wading in the water near the Ootsa Lake spillway last week, while her friend George sat on the shore.

“A plane flew over and we watched that go by, it looked like the pilot was doing some sort of training exercise, then when we looked back down there was a big wave in the water,” she said.

Thompkins said the wave struck her as being unusual at the time so she watched the large ripple in the water about eight to 10 metres from where she and her granddaughter were standing.

Thompkins then said she and her granddaughter saw a head appear out of the water.

“It looked like a huge snake head ,,, and it was a dark grey colour,” she said.

“I called out to George to come and look, but he said to come out of the water and was a little scared. I didn’t think about being scared because I was trying to see what it was, I grabbed my video camera and recorded but I was in a hurry and the focus was zoomed in so the footage is blurry,” she said.

Thompkins then grabbed a camera to take a picture of the creature and snapped a shot.

“It looks further away in the photo that what it was …. we saw it much closer,” she said.

“We saw it twice, then another one came up beside it and a third one came too,” said Thompkins adding that the creatures were very long like a snake.

“You could see the head while they were swimming along then further back there was another part of it – like a hump …. I can’t stop thinking about what we saw and wondering what it was,” she added.

“My uncle said it was probably a sturgeon, but this creature was swimming along with its head out of the water …. right up and out of the water …. and it was really big,” she said.

“I wish I knew what it was, I have heard other people say they have seen something similar ….. these lakes are so big, you would never know what is living in them,” she added.

Source: bclocalnews