Bownessie Photo – Englands Lock Ness Monster

Bownessie 2

Bownessie ?

The terrifying “beast”, thought to be up to 50ft long, was captured on camera by two pals out kayaking on Lake Windermere.

Shocked Tom Pickles and Sarah Harrington told how the mystery creature swept through the still waters at ten miles per hour – creating a giant wake.

They claimed they watched it for 20 seconds before it vanished into the mist, leaving them to scramble 360 yards to the safety of the bank.

Astonishingly, theirs is the EIGHTH sighting reported in the Lake District in just five years.

Last night experts hailed the snap as the best proof yet that “something” lives in Windermere which – at 10.5 miles long and 220ft deep – is England’s biggest natural lake.

And, referring to Scotland’s own legendary monster of the deep, one lake ecologist told The Sun: “If this thing is as big as they say it was, we’re in Loch Ness Monster territory.”

Graduate Tom, 24, snapped the creature on his mobile while on a team-building exercise with 23-year-old IT company colleague Sarah in Cumbria.

They were near the Lake’s Belle Isle when they saw the “monster” 160ft to the south.

Tom, based in Shrewsbury, said: “At first I thought it was a dog, then I saw it was much bigger and moving really fast.

“Each hump was moving in a rippling motion. I could tell it was far bigger underwater from the huge shadow around it. Its skin was dark black or browny and like a seal’s – but its shape was not like any animal I’ve ever seen.

“It looked about the length of three cars. It was petrifying.”

Sarah said: “It was like an enormous snake. It freaked us out. All I could think about was that I had to get off the lake.”

Locals in the town of Bowness have reported sightings of a creature, affectionately dubbed Bownessie, since the 1950s.

Among them is lecturer Steve Burnip, who claimed an encounter in 2006. He said yesterday: “What I saw shocked me. It had three humps – and the likeness with this is uncanny.”

Lake ecologist Dr Ian Winfield, of the Centre for Ecology & Hydrology, said the creature could be an Eastern European catfish – but he added: “If that size is accurate, I’ve no idea what it is.”

Yet sceptics remained unconvinced by the “beast” last night.

Nigel Wilkinson, director of Windermere Lake Cruises, said: “We carry millions of passengers and none has ever brought Bownessie to our attention.”


Hundreds hunt for Uwharrie Bigfoot

uwharrie bigfoot search

Michael Greene of Salisbury has attracted a lot of attention in his hunt for Bigfoot.

More than 300 people joined Greene and about 10 staff members of the Animal Planet cable-TV channel at the Eldorado Outpost on N.C. 109 near Troy and began a search for signs of the mysterious, perhaps mythical, creature on Saturday.

Green was glad to see the crowd.

“Five years ago, I joined the Bigfoot Field Research Organization (BFRO). I was just tired of doing this myself, a little discouraged, and had no one to talk to and share my hobby,” Greene said.

Greene’s interest in Bigfoot began when was working toward a master’s in behavioral psychology. He wrote a thesis on group hysteria, and one of the subjects he studied was Bigfoot.

He came to believe that Bigfoot was possibly a real entity, so the reading and investigation began.

Greene, a lifelong public servant who worked in several government agencies, convinced the Animal Planet crew to stop in the Troy area on their way to filming a series on Bigfoot sightings. The film crew will continue on to Florida, Georgia, Oregon and Washington state.

A six-show series is planned to air on Animal Planet this fall.

Greene, now 69 and retired, moved with his wife to Salisbury two years ago. They wanted to be near family and to investigate Bigfoot sightings in the area. North Carolina is a hotbed for sightings, according to BFRO investigators who attended Saturday.

John Pate, Tommy Poland and Olaf Seamen all told of the excitement of the hunt. Seamen drove six hours to join the search in the Uwharries, and he usually spends 10 weekends a year on the hunt.

“The more you look at something, the more the book opens up,” Pate said.

While some see the hunt as pure entertainment, the BFRO researchers say the subject is no longer the stuff of fantasy. BFRO now boasts scientists and university researchers.

David Pardue says he has pictures of his own sighting of a family of four Bigfoots. He claims to also possess evidence of territory marking by the creature. Pardue says that Bigfoot often twists a small tree, first one way and then another, laying it down to signify its territory. He says that Bigfoot can change his eyes to red, and makes an audible sound known to the investigators.

Since Bigfoot, aka Sasquatch, is nocturnal, most of the serious hunting is done at night.

“I have had very little sleep for a week. The Animal Planet crew stayed out all week till nearly 5 a.m.,” Greene said.

Greene usually doesn’t allow anyone to accompany him on the hunt, and he said that after recuperating for a week or so he’ll return to solitary searches.

On Saturday, Bigfoot enthusiasts began to arrive about midday. Most came by car or truck, but there were horses and four-wheelers, too. Even a helicopter, arranged by the Animal Planet crew, flew over the activities.

Matt Moneymaker, head of the BFRO, organized a grid search that started in a large hay field and moved into the woods. Television cameras and microphones surrounded the searchers as they looked for elusive clues.

Moneymaker instructed searchers to spread out and stay at arm’s length from each other as they formed a long line headed into the woods. He used a bullhorn to instruct everyone to look for hair on trees or barbed wire, nests of stick structures, trails cleared of twigs and limbs, and “tall boy trails.” Tall boy trails have been cleared of tree limbs and branches up to 8 feet high.

Hair samples were found, and the Animal Planet crew saved them for analysis.

Greene said the crowd was about what he expected on Saturday. He only had time for a short interview while guiding the TV crew and searchers.

“Let’s hope somebody gets lucky today,” Greene said just before the search for evidence of Bigfoot began.

While the show is in production, Greene and his fellow Bigfoot believers will stay on the hunt.

Popular baits to attract giant bi-peds are apples, peanut butter and candy bars.

The most popular of the candy bars is the hard to find Zagnut. The Eldorado Outpost of course had them displayed at the register and the cashier said, “We keep Bigfoot bait year round.”

Source: salisburypost

Animal Planet Team to search for Bigfoot in Uwharrie Forest

bigfoot 2

Producers, actors and a crew from Animal Planet, yes you read right, Animal Planet, are coming to Montgomery County. Why you ask….they are coming in hopes of catching a glimpse of “Bigfoot” in the Uwharrie National Forest. Yes, you also read that right, “Bigfoot” in the Uwharrie National Forest.

It appears that the Uwharrie National Forest has become the hot spot for “Bigfoot” sightings, especially if you leave a Zagnut candy bar around. Michael Greene of Salisbury says he captured a thermal image of “Bigfoot” in the forest, using a Zagnut candy bar.

Greene says on his Web site, that, he has “Been on the trail of Bigfoot for some 20 years. He has traveled from Bella Coola, BC to the Teslin River, Yukon Territory, to Bluff Creek, CA, to the Olympic Peninsula, WA, to the Adirondack Mountains of NY State, Florida’s Everglades and to the forests of North Carolina, where he now makes his home. Greene has an MS in Behavioral Psychology, is a court-qualified Questioned Documents Expert and for 20 years was Chief Investigator for a State Fraud Bureau. He is a pilot and a former EMT and member of the National Ski Patrol.” Greene also describes his encounter on the Web site detailing the filming and the use of the candy bar.

Greene says he first encountered “Bigfoot” two years ago and that just like any other species there are multiple creatures. “They multiply and there has to be thousands of them,” said Greene. But Greene realizes there are skeptics and says, “Until I saw it myself, I did not believe it. It was like a fairy tale.”

Greene is not alone in his search. West Montgomery football coach John Pate also is an avid believer and field researcher. Pate and Greene are both members of the Bigfoot Field Research Organization, which will be a part of the search.

Pate is organizing a meeting at the Troy Fire Department for anyone interested in talking to the film crew about their own personal experiences with “Bigfoot” encounters. The meeting is set for Feb. 8 from 6-9 p.m.. Pate has been an investigator for the organization for four years, but says he has been looking for “Bigfoot” as a hobby for 15 years. “Some people hit golf balls, I go to the woods. It is my sanity.” Pate says he has not been so lucky as to see “Bigfoot” but he has heard him. Pate says he has talked to people that have seen “Bigfoot” in this county though and he hopes they will come out and share their story. “The one dominant thing about “Bigfoot” is his eyes. They are orange and have a dominant shine to them,” said Pate.

Pate says the field researchers are as diverse a group as you will ever meet. Doctors, businessmen and others are all gathering material for the organization. A drive in the forest to try and flush out “Bigfoot” will be held Saturday, Feb. 12.

Source: Montgomery Herald