2013 Loch Ness Monster Sighting with photo and video


Amateur photographer David Elder was able to get video and a photo of what many believe may be Nessie the mysterious Loch Ness Monster. He said he was attempting to get photos of a swan on southwest end of the Loch when a mysterious disturbance caught his eye. He described it as a solid black object that was just under the surface of the water and created a wave on the surface. He said he was convinced the bow wave as he described it was created by this mysterious solid black object just under the water. The water was definitely going over something solid when making the wave he said and the water was very still at the time with no ripples coming off the regular wave activity on the water. He said there was nothing on the Loch at the time no boats or windsurfers or anything. Below is the David Elder Loch Ness Monster photo and the video he also took.


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