Bessie (Lake Erie)

Lake Erie – Lake Monster

Lake Erie is located in Cleveland Ohio and there is said to be a creature roaming its waters. There have been many sightings in the waters of Lake Erie of a unknown creature that is known to many by the nickname of “Bessie”. The Lake Erie locals have themselves given this unknown cryptid a name “South Bay Bessie”. The creature has been reported as far back as the 1800’s up until many present day sightings. Most discriptions vary some but the creature is said to have a snake like frame ranging in length from 30 to 40 feet long and having a grayish color.

Sightings of Bessie have started to become a little more frequent over the last two decades. There was an attack in 1992 where 3 people were killed on the lake and the creature was reportedly linked to the tragidy. One of the people who survived the attack was said to make a quote saying “the creature that attacked him has a head the size of a car”  , but this report cannot be confirmed so it is considered by many to simply be a local myth or legend.

Many main stream scientist still reject the notion that “Bessie” could be alive and well in Lake Erie. They refer to the fact that the lake does not offer a habitat capable of sustaining a creature the size of bessie alone much less anykind of breading population of the creatures. But many in the cryptozoological field say that it is possible the creature could have adapted to the lake conditions over the years and could very well be alive and well and able to sustain itself.

There is still to this day a reward offered for a humane capture of the living creature known as “Bessie”. Does this lake monster really exist in the waters of Lake Erie ?  Well there is yet to be any solid proof to the existance of any cryptid among the waters , but only time will tell if this turns out to be simply a local legend.

The Search Continues – CryPtoReports

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