Bigfoot Footprint Found in Ohio


An extremely large footprint that many believe is that of a Bigfoot has been found by a local resident in northern Ohio. The resident only identified as Wendy was in her backyard doing yard work when she came across the possible Bigfoot footprint. The print was abnormally large at approx 7 inches wide and an inch and a half deep and nothing like she had ever seen before. Wendy also recalled incidents in which her and her husband have heard odd knocking sounds on the walls of their home late at night and once seen a large black figure running across a railroad track. The couple have also reportedly heard loud growls outside of their home that seem impossible to duplicate. Wendy says she is not a believer in Bigfoot but she can’t make any sense of the footprint she found. BFRO has confirmed several Bigfoot sightings and reports have been recorded in Ohio.

Here is the Ohio Bigfoot footprint photo and the report on the find.



ABC News Report