Bigfoot howls from Umatilla Indian Reservation Swamp


Locals on the Umatilla Indian Reservation have been hearing eerie late night screams in the near by swamp from a creature that some believe may be Bigfoot. These mysterious cries in the night range from profound roars to high-pitched screams. The Reservation is located near the Oregon Blue Mountains which has been a hot spot for Bigfoot reports and sightings. The noises have been called by some Bigfoot Howls have been heard by many of the local residents and is starting to cause quite an uproar. Bigfoot is a known part of the tribal culture in the area including long told stories of the creature. There are many theories from multiple sources while some think this could be a young Bigfoot that has been seperated and calling out for its group other believe it is simply howls from a fox or other known local animals.


Here is a recording of the actual Umatilla Indian Reservation Swamp Bigfoot Howls:  Click Here