Bigfoot (Sasquatch)

Bigfoot- An Unforgotten Legend

Throughout the periods of history, the mythical creature thought to be real is the Bigfoot. It is a name familiar to most people. Others call it a legend, others a fantasy creation, and the truth is not really established on the trueness of its existence. The firm believers are inclined to stating out that the half-man-half-ape creature that is fully bipedal is a forest and woodlands dweller, with the locations in mind being The Northwestern Region of the Pacific in the US and Canada. A synonym to the name is Sasquatch which is to say ‘wild man’. This term bases its origin in the British Columbia from an Indian tribe in The Coast Salish. Bigfoot is nothing more than a lingual creation from the journalists who thought that it would befit the enormous footprints that the beast left in its path. It is not more than a century old. Sasquatch is the right term, but Bigfoot is the preferred one.

As far as the physical appearance of the creature is concerned, there are no precise words that have been used to make the description. But from unspecific sources, it is mentioned that Bigfootis an ape with human characteristics. That is, it stands at anywhere between 6 and 15 feet tall with about 400-600 pounds in weight. The body covering is not skin but hair with a brown or reddish tinting characteristic. The facial exhibitions are what are human like, with a low forehead and brow bridge. The body odor from Bigfoot is far from pleasing. The real sense of the word Bigfoot comes in the footprint size which is roughly 24 inches in length and 8 inches in width. In this case the term fits perfectly.

Sources that claim to have set their eyes on the Sasquatch are many with the initial ones being the Indian Tribes of Salish Sammish, Klallan and Lummi. Modern day believes of the creature residing in the Northwest areas of the pacific are based on the knowledge of the mentioned tribes. The sighting of Bigfoot has been on the account of the descriptions that have been made brought forward which ideally point to the existence of the creature that is more or less a Sasquatch. The fascination with the legend that cannot be said in all faith that it is real has seen the making of photo films and footprints engraved in plaster casts and even fur samples from the creature so that a DNA analysis can be conducted. But there has been one filming where Bigfoot is shown with the description offered is nothing short of a Sasquatch, the film is known as the Patterson-Gimlin film. It got the attention of scientist who are still less certain about the film and whether it is real or fictional. The plaster casts of the Sasquatch’s feet are what can be regarded as the most convincing evidence. These casts are made by Crypto Zoologists that specialize in establishing the existence of such mythical creatures. The casts are more relevant since they are hard to fake with rubber feet and this they are better evidence. What the footprints reveal is the stepping distance which is almost human-like, but bigger, owing to the longer height of the creature. It makes even more sense when you take into consideration the fact that such kind of prints are hard to create, when you consider the stepping distances. Unreliable reports from eye witnesses indicate the sighting of Bigfoot to be near water sources and creeks where rainfall is abundant. This is more factual than unreal since such a niche would be essential to support the creature’s livelihood.

From scientific records, a Gigantopithecus is history’s man with ape characteristics. The fossils of this have been found in some parts of the Asian country if China. This migration across the ‘Bering Land Bridge’ is factual and thus the Gigantopithecus can be attributed to be sightings of the Bigfoot. This theory is however not strong enough to drive forth a solid argument since little is known about the Gigantopithecus to create a relation to the Sasquatch. Some simply put it that Bigfoot is a primate species that is located in the remotest of wildernesses where man’s access is denied and thus no facts of its existence can be tabled. Other skeptics simply associate the Sasquatch as being a creation of UFO’s

Even in the present days, Bigfoot still remains a subject of interest to scientists and many a group. Those people that give an account of having seen the creature are not taken seriously and the conclusion reached is that their sightings are unreal and what they saw was not really the reality. But even this not withstanding, there are a few select that have dedicated their lives’ purposes to finding and proving the existence of the creature. They travel to the documented areas and try to find any evidence that could point them in the right direction. Bigfoot, in the Crypto Zoological study is the most interesting fascination.

Many questions still remain unanswered as to the habitat of the ‘primate man’. It has not been established if the creature is a myth created by human fantasy, or it is real, hiding away from the visual sighting of man. What is awaited is for some candid proof to give the story a backbone and essentially an ending.

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