Bigfoot Track Found By Hunting Guide in East Texas


A hunting guide in East Texas came across some unusually large footprints that many believe belong to Bigfoot. The Bigfoot footprint was located on a muddy bank and are reports to be approx 12 to 13 inches long and were pressed very deep into the mud. The track was located in a very remote location with the witness says would of been a very tough spot for anyone to be attempting a hoax. Here is a picture of the possible Bigfoot footprint taken by the witness and his report in detail. Have a look for yourself and see if you think this may be an actual Bigfoot print.



If I hadn’t seen this myself I’d NEVER have believed it! We parked the boat on the west bank of an old slough this past Friday evening about a mile from our very secluded camp, hunted, killed the hog I posted a pic of that same night, drug the hog out & went back to camp. That night the temperature went from 79 degrees to about 45 degrees with 40pmh gusting winds all night long, there was a man with his wife & young grandson that were camped next to us but they were fishing & I know for a FACT they never left camp that night because I was sleeping close to our boats. Saturday morning we fought the wind & waves up the cove & into the same slough from the night before, parked the boat in the same spot & there were these tracks. Whoever or whatever left these tracks waded across the slough in about knee deep water in the middle of the night in 45 degree weather in their bare feet, the tracks were very visible across the shallow water all the way up onto the bank till it hit gravel & they were gone. They were NOT 15 to 18 inches long like I’ve always heard but were about 12 to 13 inches long but the tracks were pressed deep into the mud, my buddy Shawn was with me & he is 6 feet 4 inches tall, weighs 385 pounds & wears a size 14 boot & he couldn’t push his foot that deep in the mud beside the tracks! Another thing about these tracks is that the right foot seems to be missing the little toe, I SWEAR I didn’t pay much attention to the little track next to it till I got it on my computer just now. I sent it to a good friend who is also one of my cameramen last late night via cell phone & he asked me about the little track & I told him it looked like the rear foot of a raccoon. Now, on the bigger computer screen it looks like a miniature version of the big track! I can’t honestly say what I think about this but here’s the pic & the real story behind it, you be the judge!

I don’t believe in bigfoot, aliens, swamp monsters, the boogie man etc, etc. But I do know that I personally took this picture & I also know there’s absolutely NO WAY you can get to this spot unless you’re in a boat or you walk countless miles through the Sulphur River bottoms! I won’t even attemp to explain this but there it is.

I’ve been getting tons of questions about the pic I posted of the “TRACK”. Go back to that post & click on “See More” above the pic & it will tell you everything I know. We found lots of these tracks that shouldn’t have been where they were with a logical explination! It’s NOT a hoax & I’m not claiming that it is anything other than what it is & that’s tracks that don’t make sense. I will believe in Big foot when I see him & not untill then, we didn’t hear strange noises of any kind or see any hairy monsters. But tell me how human looking tracks got where they were? Tell me why someone in their bare feet would walk across a slough in 45 degree weather in the middle of the night? Tell me how they got there because nobody in a boat came by there in the middle of the night & that’s the ONLY way to get in there unless you walk for mile after endless mile through those river bottoms! The tracks came out of the water & they stretched about 20 feet or so before they hit gravel & the tracks stopped. It didn’t have an extremely long stride & the tracks were about 12 to 13 inches long but they were deep in the mud. My buddy Shawn was there too, he’s 6′ 4″ tall, weighs 385 pounds & wears a size 14 boot. His foot was a little bigger than the tracks but he couldn’t push his foot that deep in the mud, so how much did whatever made the tracks weigh? I only took the one picture of the tracks because the ones in the water & the ones closest to the water had already started “silting” in with mud & water because of the wind & waves so I just took a pic of the best one. Shawn also asked me not to even take any pictures because nobody would ever believe it & pics would just make us even bigger liars to most people. Maybe I should’ve listened I guess.

Report from Hardcore Outdoors facebook page.


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