Bobcat Goldthwait’s Willow Creek Trailer


The move trailer for the new Bigfoot movie Willow Creek made by Bobcat Goldthwait has been released. The movie is basically a horror flick about Bigfoot doneĀ in a found-footage style about Jim and his girlfriend two characters who attempt to retrace the steps taken by Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin along Bluff Creek where they filmed the infamous Patterson and Gimlin Bigfoot footage. The couple go on a trip to Willow Creek to hopefully find their own evidence of Bigfoot interviewing witnesses and checking out famous sites along the way. They eventually get down to Bluff Creek on a camping trip where they have a downright frightening experience. The Willow Creek movie has gotten some great reviews from early screenings and seems like it could be pretty solid Bigfoot movie. Some believe it may be the best Bigfoot movie to be made since The Legend of Boggy Creek. Here is the trailer for Bobcat Goldthwait’s found footage Bigfoot thriller for you to check out and see if its something you may want see once it is released.





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