possible caddy carcass in 1937

There is a sea serpent that is alleged to exist on the Pacific Coast of North America. It is known by many as “Cadborosaurus willsi” or better yet by its nickname “Caddy“. The name is derived from an area in Victoria, British Columbia called  Cadboro Bay and is of greek origins from greek word “sauros” which translates to lizard or reptile.

Caddy has been described through reports and sighting to be serpent like with vertical humps or coils which flow in tandem and a horse like head and long neck. Caddy is also said to have a pair of small front flippers along with a pair of webbed hind flippers which seem to be fused into one to form a large fan like tail which can propel the creature foward with extreme force. Many reports have stated that Caddy has a similar form as such popular lake monsters as Ogopogo of Lake Okanagan in British Columbia  and  Loch Ness Monster of Scotland. But there has been no direct link between them.

Sightings and reports of Caddy have been documented over the last 200 years. Over that time period there have been approx 300 reported sightings from various area’s of British Columbia such as Deep Cover in Saanich Inlet and Island View Beach. There have also been a couple of reported sightings documented from San Francisco Bay in California.

There has yet to be any hard evidence as to the existance of Caddy but many in the field of Cryptozoology continue to investigate various reports and search for the creature. With the vast area of ocean to be searched and the varying reports it is no easy task but hopefully sooner rather than later someone will be able to capture the proof needed.

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