Yowie sighting report from Grafton, New South Wales

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Yowie sightings 2015 has another report from New South Wales in Australia. The sighting happened at night when a motorist heading south along Pacific Hwy took a Grafton bypass according to the report. The witness claims to have seen a large creature believed to be a Yowie walking across the roadway into the trees. Able to see the creature well as it was a strong moonlit night the witness says the suspected Yowie stopped and rested upon a tree as it entered the wooded area looking back at the lights from Grafton. Here is the complete Grafton Yowie sighting  report from Yowiehunters for you to decide for yourself if you believe this was actually a sighting of the Yowie or perhaps something else.





Bigfoot the Treehouse Video a Hoax ?

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Bigfoot video from kids in a tree house has been broken down by Paranormal Review. The Bigfoot tree house video subject was investigated by Jack Barnes who estimated the creatures size to be approx eight foot tall using scale from a standard sized picnic table. The Bigfoot sighting was documented by some kids who also showed some of the Bigfoot tracks. But Paranormal Review breaks downs Bigfoot the treehouse video and points out some unusual anomalies. The analysis done seems to point to this video of Bigfoot likely being a hoax. Here is the breakdown by PR for you to check out and decide for yourself after seeing all of the evidence if you think this is indeed a hoax or not.


bigfoot the treehouse footprint



Video of Bigfoot from recent Bigfoot Expedition

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Bigfoot sighting from a recent Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization Bigfoot Expedition. A veiwer of a video made during the expedition actually discovered some anomalies which may actually be Bigfoot. During the event the RMSO crew reported finding old and new Bigfoot tracks along with hearing woodknoclks in the area and various whoops. There was plenty of Bigfoot activity found on the trip but there were no actual Bigfoot sightings reported at that time but it now seems the team may have captured proof of Bigfoot in their video. The Bigfoot like anomalies are believed by many to actually be the creature captured during the Bear Wallow Epic Bigfoot Expedition. Here is an actual Bear Wallow Epic Bigfoot Expedition screenshot showing what may be Bigfoot along with a video describing the expedition and the possible Bigfoot proof from the video.


Bear Wallow Bigfoot Expedition screenshot



Yowie Sighting in New South Wales, Australia

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Yowie sighting report from Australia in the Jenolan Caves are of the Blue Mountains in New South Wales. The Yowie is name given to the Australia Bigfoot and has been sighted through out the years. This report was recorded by Yowiehunters and is a pretty interesting Yowie encounter. The witness describes the sighting of the Yowie along with the area and even taking a shot at the creature. He said the creature was extremely large being over 2 meters (6.5 ft approx) tall and weighed as much as a horse at least. This is another very interesting encounter brought to light by the Yowiehunters and it seems the elusive creature is still a very big part of the Australian culture. It has become a popular subject among enthusiasts much like Bigfoot or Sasquatch has become in the U.S. and Canada.


yowie sign


Here is a video report of the Jenolan Caves Yowie sighting.


2015 Skunkape sighting and video from Florida

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Skunkape sighting has surfaced in Florida and along with it is some very interesting Skunkape video that is causing some buzz in and around the Bigfoot community. The Florida skunk ape video was captured by a witness out canoeing in Lettuce Lake Park out in Hillsborough County, Florida. The footage shows what seems to be a creature with a definite Bigfoot like gate and arm lengths. According to the witness report he thought it was a bear at first but after being told by a park ranger that bears hardly ever enter the swamp he took a closer look. Upon more analysis of the video it was clear that this was no bear and some people are already calling the video of Skunkape some of the most compelling to date. The are is described by witness as being inhabited by an array of large gators and poisonous snakes so it is very unlikely that it was a person.


Here is the actual Lettuce Lake Park skunk ape video from Florida. The video is definitely very intereresting and even though it hard to make out exactly what the subject may be its pretty clear its not a bear. The witness reports claims once the subject noticed him it walked toward deeper water and then just disappeared perhaps going underwater. Have a look for yourself and you can decide if this is indeed proof of Skunkape or perhaps something else.



Spartansburg Pennsylvania Bigfoot Sighting and Video

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Bigfoot sighting from the woods of Spartansburgh, PA along with a video of what many believe may be Bigfoot. The possible Bigfoot video shows what seems to be a creature of some kind making its way through the woods as a couple records it. The witnesses claim the were out for a walk in the woods in Spartansburgh, PA when they noticed the creature come up over a hill at a distance and one of them was able to get it moving through using a cell phone camera. Although it has just surfaced and gained some attention now the sighting of Bigfoot itself and video are said to be from spring of 2014. It is hard to make out all that much detail from the video because of the woods and distance and many skeptics wonder if this is nothing more then a person in a gorilla suit.

spartansburgh PA Bigfoot

Here is the actual Spartansburgh, PA Bigfoot video for you to have a look at and decide for yourself if you think may be Bigfoot for simply another well orchestrated hoax.



Bigfoot Encounter in Uwharrie National Forest

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Here is an interesting report of a possible Bigfoot encounter that took place in the Uwharrie National Forest. The witness according to reports is ex-military and has spent plenty of times in the woods so was very familiar with his surroundings. The encounter took place last November according to the report and contains some pretty precise details. The Uwharries have long been known as hotbed location for Bigfoot activity and has been responsible for multiple reports and sightings over the years. It is considered as a prime location and habitat for a creature such as Bigfoot to live and survive fairly easily and live virtually undetected.


The BFRO did do a follow up investigation and the encounter is being considered as possible Sasquatch intimidation behavior. Here is a video report on the entire encounter for you to have a look at and decide for yourself if you think this was more then likely a Bigfoot or perhaps something else.



Maine Bigfoot Video Breakdown

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2015 Bigfoot sighting in Maine and its accompanying Bigfoot video has been broken down after many questioned its authenticity. The video shows what seems to possibly be Bigfoot walking through a wooded area in Turner, Maine. The sighting of Bigfoot and video grabbed the attention of many in and around the Bigfoot community but now it seems like it may have been yet another hoax. Here is the original Bigfoot footage and then a recreation and break down of the video showing some of the questionable aspects. Check out the original Maine Bigfoot video and then the breakdown and recreation and decide for yourself if this is indeed just another in the long line of Bigfoot hoaxes.




Mexico Bigfoot Sighting at Popocatepetl Volcano

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This is an interesting report of a Bigfoot sighting in Mexico at the Popocatepetl Volcano. A large creature was spotted climbing the slopes of the volcano as what the witnesses described as super human speed. The mountain rescue team said the subject they seen appeared to be very thin and brown in color and they believe it may have possibly been Bigfoot. There were also large footprints found at the location of where the creature was spotted. Here is the news report from the area with all of the information on this very interesting 2015 Bigfoot sighting so you can view the evidence and decide for yourself.


mexico bigfoot


This Popocatepetl Volcano Bigfoot sighting is definitely one of the more interesting reports to surface so far this year.



Bigfoot seen slaughtering turkey

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This is a pretty interesting Bigfoot sighting and report told by Bigfoot campfire stories. It is a report from a farmer out doing some fence maintenance and coming across a juvenile Bigfoot after some turkeys among others. There are a lot of Bigfoot stories all around the web and else where but some are just a little more interesting then others because of different aspects and this one i think kind of fits that. Apparently the farmer and his wife were both able to spot the mysterious creatures and was able to include some details of the encounter in his story. Here is the Bigfoot campfire stories video on this particular sighting of Bigfoot so you can decide for your self if this may be a little more proof that the creature does indeed exists.