New Zealand Bigfoot Video


A new Bigfoot sighting has been reported from New Zealand accompanied by a video of the possible elusive cryptid. This would be one of the first New Zealand Bigfoot videos and reports of a sighting that i am aware of. The video doesn’t contain all that much detail except for a bipedal subject which appears to be leaving an area in the distance. There is not a whole lot in the frame that can be used for scale as to how big the subject is but arm length and some other general details can be observed.


new zealand bigfoot


Parabreakdown Bigfoot videos takes a closer look at the Bigfoot video and the chance that there is actually a Bigfoot in New Zealand. I don’t really see a whole lot that screams out Bigfoot to me from what can be seen in the video of Bigfoot or the zoomed in shots during the Parabreakdown analysis. Check it out and see what you think as to this being a New Zealand Sasquatch or something much more normal.


Bigfoot Sighting near Shivwits Reservation Utah


A very interesting Bigfoot sighting from Utah neat the Native American Shivwits reservation along the Santa Clara River. The witness contains a fair amount of detail and they reported seeing the creature in the middle of a roadway estimating it to be over 8 ft tall. According to the report the elusive cryptid had long brown colored hair and it kept looking back as they approached and pasted it while driving down the roadway.


Shivwits Reservation Utah Bigfoot


The story of this Bigfoot encounter and a look at the area in which the sighting of Bigfoot occurred is done by Kelly Shaw of the Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization. A investigation was completed just after the sighting was reported by a local Bigfoot investigator and noted all of the details of the encounter. Here is the video of the actual report from this Utah Bigfoot sighting along with some great views of the area.


New Skunkape Video from Alderman’s Ford Nature Preserve in Florida


Skunkape sightings 2015 has a new report from Alderman’s Ford Nature Preserve in Plant City Florida where a witness was able to get a short video. The new Skunkape video was recently added to youtube from a witness who says he was walking in the park when he noticed the creature moving quickly in the brush. Here is the video with some stabilization and enhancement from ParaBreakdown.


plant city florida skunkape


Check out the Parabreakdown Bigfoot video and you can decided for yourself if you think this is actually video of Skunkape or not. The figure does seem to be moving through the brush rather quickly although its hard to gauge its size. The Plant City Florida Skunkape video is fairly interesting even with the lack of any real quality detail.


Bigfoot tracks found in Manitoba and possible shelter


Bigfoot tracks are believed by some to have been found in Manitoba along with a shelter possibly being used by the creature. There are multiple tracks in this remotes area and the possible Bigfoot footprints were approx 15 inches long according to the witness. Manitoba has a history of Bigfoot sightings and activity lending some credibility to the possibility of these being actual footprints from Bigfoot.


manitoba bigfoot shelter


It would of been great if something was placed along side the tracks for scale but the tracks do seem to be fairly large although little definition can be seen. Duck Mountain Provincial Park Bigfoot tracks may be the latest pieces of evidence of Bigfoot in Manitoba. Check out the video and decide for yourself if you believes these are possibly Manitoba Bigfoot footprints.


Louisiana Bigfoot sighting by Cajun alligator hunter


Here is a very interesting story about a Louisiana Bigfoot encounter by some Cajun alligator hunters on the bayou. The witnesses claim to have seen what they described as a skunkape one night stealing bait from its alligator lines. The duo said they fired on the creature and could hear odd sounds the rest of the night which they figured was coming from the creature after the encounter. Its definitely another interesting tail from Bigfoot campfire stories.


cajun bayou

Could this be an actual encounter with a Louisiana skunkape ? We haven’t had any credible reports of Bigfoot sightings 2015 from Louisiana although there have been previous reports from the area. The Finding Bigfoot team has been to the state previously and uncovered some credible sightings of Bigfoot there.

The Honey Island Swamp monster is also believed to be a skunkape and has been a noted Louisiana crytid going back to the 1960’s. Harlan Ford a retired Air traffic controller and wildlife photographer was able to get the creature on film along with some unusual footprints back in 1963.