New Provo, Utah Bigfoot Video

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Here is a very interesting video of what some believe may be a Bigfoot just outside of Provo Utah. The 2014 Provo Utah Bigfoot video was taken by a someone driving in the Provo Canyon near Sundance Utah which is just outside of Provo. The video seems to have captured what could very possibly be a Bigfoot in the tree line on the side of the road. It was dark when the video was taken but the mysterious figure can be seen as the headlights of the vehicle light up the tree line. There have been previous Bigfoot sightings in the Provo Utah area and one as recently as 2012 which was also captured on video. This is one of the more interesting 2014 Bigfoot sightings although many question its authenticity because very little detail can be made out from the video.

Here is the 2014 Provo Utah Bigfoot video for you to view for yourself and decide whether or not you think these people may have actually got a Bigfoot on video from the side of the roadway.




Bigfoot Video from Squamish B.C.

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This is an interesting video of what some believe may be Bigfoot captured in Squamish B.C. by a hiker. While hiking in the Tantalus Range he was able to capture this video footage of a strange figure making its way up the slope of a mountain covered in snow. The hiker claims to have been able to see the figure better then it can be seen in the video and says that it was clearly bipedal and was with out snowshoes or any type of gear or backpack which along that terrain would of made movement very difficult for a human esp at the quick pace being seen in the video. The figure is hard to make out because of the vast distance and some have speculated that it may have been a bear but it definitely doesn’t look to be a bear in any way and seems to def be bipedal as described.


Squamish B.C. Sasquatch Still Photo

Some believe it may simply be a hiker but the speed at which the figure is moving seems to be very fast for a hiker esp with out gear of any kind. Here is the video and i know you really can’t make out what the figure is because its not very defined but i think the distance covered and ease of movement makes this kind of interesting as to what it may be esp on that snow covered slope. So take a look at the Squamish B.C. Bigfoot Video and decide for yourself what it may be.



Bigfoot sighting and footprint from Vancouver Island in Canada

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A very interesting report from the Ahousaht territories on west coast of Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada of what is believed to be Bigfoot. On the morning of February 26th a young Ahousaht man was on the water doing a routine patrol of Ahousaht territories when he noticed some movement on shore along a tree line. He could see from his boat a large creature stand up from a crouching position and go into the forest behind it. He then called via radio to insure no natives from nearby village were in that area and there were none. He along with a small group went back to the area of the sighting the next morning to check to see if the creature was gone when they came across some large and interesting footprints. They ended up finding multiple sets of possible Bigfoot tracks in the area.

Ahousaht territories area of Bigfoot sighting
One set of prints they came across were large and seemed like what ever they belonged to had been sitting on a log. The tracks measured approx 16 inches from toe to heel and was approx 7 to 9 inches wide from toe to toe according to the witness reports. One witness said he placed his size 9 boot into the possible Bigfoot footprint and it was not even three-quarters of the size of the print. They reported finding 10 possible Bigfoot footprints in total with in a approximate 30 foot area and estimated that each print was about 3 feet apart. All signs indicate that these were made by a pretty large animal if they are authentic. The tracks were followed in to the wooded area where broken branches and impressions were found on the ground as if something large had been bedding down there. This is one of the more interesting 2014 Bigfoot sightings to date.


One of the prints from Ahousaht territories sighting

original report

Texas Chupacabra not the animal of cryptid legend

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Over the last few years there have been reports out of the state of Texas of odd animals that some believe to be the legendary Chupacarba. The legendary cryptid who’s name translates to “goat sucker” is said to inhabit Puerto Rico and is described as being reptile like with sharp spines along its back standing approx 3-4 feet tall. The creature is also said to have a forked tongue and large fangs used to suck the blood from its victims along with unusual glowing red eyes. Although many witnesses and sighting reports from Texas continue to call the strange canine type creature being seen there as a Chupacabra this designation is simply not accurate. The animals being sighted and reported about in Texas and elsewhere around the Southern United States are described as hairless dog type creatures that exhibit no likeness to that of the legendary creature from Puerto Rico.


Illustration of the legendary Chupacabra


According to Houston animal control experts the creatures being reported as Chupacabra in Texas may simply be exotic animal owners cross breading pets. It is believed that people are attempting to cross breed animals looking to create an Chupacabra like animal in an attempt to cash in on a cash prize of $10,000 being offered for finding the legendary creature. Houston animal control officials said that rumors have been abound of people attempting to breed dogs to look similar to the so called “direwolves” from the show Game of Thrones. These animals could be hazardous to humans according to pest control experts but they are more or less out looking for food and are more hazardous to your pets.

A resident of Cuero , Texas Phylis Canion captured the animal many believe to be or at least insists on labeling as the Texas Chupacabra. The animal was killed on her ranch and she believed it had been attacking and killing her chickens. Below are picture of the odd looking canine type creature that she killed and that fits the basic description of what is being called the Chupacabra in Texas.




Michigan Bigfoot captured on game cam photos

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This is a very interesting series of photo’s that may possibly be that of Bigfoot. They were taken by a game cam in the deeps woods of Michigan. Seems as if a deer which can also be seen in the photo triggered the camera and a mysterious figure that some believe may be a Bigfoot was captured in the background. Speculation is that the Michigan Bigfoot photos may show the creature stalking the deer looking for a meal. There are hardly any real details of the mysterious figure that can be made out from the photo’s as the quality isn’t that great at that distance. The Finding Bigfoot team went to Michigan and investigated the sighting and had a look at the Bigfoot pictures and of course all except for Ranae totally believed it was a genuine Bigfoot sighting. Here is the video from the Finding Bigfoot episode which shows the actual Michigan game cam Bigfoot photos taken so you can decide for yourself if you believe this could possibly be Bigfoot for simply another Blobsquatched hoax.



2014 Bigfoot sighting and video from Alberta Canada

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This is a very interesting video out of Alberta, Canada of what seems to be a very large Sasquatch. A family was out for a walk and saw something very large on the edge of the river that many believe to be Bigfoot. By the time they got the camera out and started to video tape the large subject had walked a few more feet away then as they begin to tape it looks back at them before crouching down. The subject does seem to be very large in size and hairy of what looks to be a dark brown color. This is one of the first 2014 Bigfoot sightings and videos and it is a very interesting one. The quality is fairly clear although the distance and angle of the creature doesn’t show an extensive amount of detail. Here is the original Alberta Sasquatch video from the encounter for you to have a look at and see for yourself and decide if you think this footage of a large Sasquatch or something else.


Large Sasquatch Caught on Video in Alberta(original footage)


Large Sasquatch Caught on Video in Alberta(high quality and stabilized)

New Texas Bigfoot Video and Photos

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Some new alleged Bigfoot video and still photos from Texas have surfaced on the youtube channel of Mark Anders. Being called by Anders “a rare shot of a Texas Bigfoot” the video is broken down along with analysis of the photo stills. Although Anders and his co-host point out some interesting aspects of the Bigfoot video one has to also consider the source when weighing its legitimacy. There have been several other Bigfoot sightings along with possible video and photo “evidence” debuted and analysed by Anders on his channel that have been questionable at best. Here is a series of videos in which this latest Texas Bigfoot video and photos are examined by Anders and his co-host so you can have a look and decide for yourself if this is yet another hoax or perhaps has some more credible features.


Bigfoot video from Craven Saskatchewan

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Here is a video taken by a family in Craven , Saskatchewan of what could very well be Bigfoot. The family was out for a drive when they noticed something walking on a hill beside that road. It seemed to be some kind of hair covered bipedal creature so they pulled over and began to film the creature as it walked into the bushes. The possible Bigfoot video is clear and shows what seems to be a dark brown hairy creature with a conical head and very long arms. The creature seems to be fairly large and can be seen fairly well even though it seems to be at a decent distance away. The Craven Bigfoot video is being looked at by many in and around the Bigfoot community as one of the more interesting Bigfoot videos to be seen in a long time. Here is the Craven Saskatchewan Bigfoot footage examined in HD and slow motion so you can have a look for yourself and decide whether you think this could of been a Bigfoot sighting or not.


Latest Bigfoot Sightings On Finding Bigfoot Evidence Map

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This is a cool little item i think many of you may enjoy whether your a fan of Finding Bigfoot or not. It is a Finding Bigfoot Evidence map from Animal Planet and it shows the locations of some of the latest Bigfoot sightings from around the world. The map has the newest Bigfoot sightings labeled with a little red Sasquatch button and allows you to zoom into different area’s. You can then click on that button to get an interactive look at the evidence available for that sighting report be it a photo or video. You can then view the Bigfoot evidence at hand and then vote on whether you believe that it is actual proof of Bigfoot or not. Whether your a fan of the Finding Bigfoot show or not i think you will enjoy this great little interactive map and if nothing else you can get a quick and easy look into some of the recent Bigfoot sightings that the Finding Bigfoot team has investigated. So check out the latest Sasquatch sightings and see if any were possibly near you.



Click on Map to Explore Bigfoot Sighting Locations


Bigfoot thermal footage released by The Olympic Project

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The Olympic project has released some thermal footage they believe is that of Bigfoot. The footage is extremely interesting and has caused quite a buzz in and around the Bigfoot community. The footage was taken in Grays Harbor in Washington State by Ben, Sara, and Jon Brown along with help from The Olympic Project and Derek Randles. The subject in the video is hunched over and measured 6 foot 6 inches according to analysis. The cow in the video was approx 30 feet away and the subject thought to be Bigfoot approx 120 feet away. According to reports a large footprint was also cast in the location that the mysterious subject was standing which measured 16 1/2 inches. The Olympic Project also reportedly has some great Bigfoot audio evidence collected so far as well. Here is the Bigfoot thermal footage released by The Olympic Project for you to have a look at and decide for yourself if this is Bigfoot and perhaps some of the best thermal Bigfoot footage that has been captured to date. Randles and Olympic Project as asking for anyone interested to please help and analyse the photo’s and video and all help and opinions are welcomed.



Photo credit to The Olympic Project