New Loch Ness Monster Video


New Loch ness monster video has emerged and some believe it proves that Nessie is still inhabiting the Loch. Over the last couple of years a real lack of sightings of Nessie have spurred rumors of the possible demise of the legendary cryptid. But some believers think this new 2015 Loch Ness Monster video could be proof that Nessie is still alive and well. The Nessie video was taken by a tourist at the Loch named Connie Ross at approx 1:30 in the afternoon. She reported seeing a large disturbance in the Loch and what looked like a large black belly emerged in the middle of it. She was able to get this video of the event and possibly of Nessie. Here is the actual video now being called the tourists Loch Ness Monster video for you to view for yourself and decide if you think this could be new evidence of Loch Ness Monster.


tourist loch ness monster video



Yowie sighting report from Grafton, New South Wales


Yowie sightings 2015 has another report from New South Wales in Australia. The sighting happened at night when a motorist heading south along Pacific Hwy took a Grafton bypass according to the report. The witness claims to have seen a large creature believed to be a Yowie walking across the roadway into the trees. Able to see the creature well as it was a strong moonlit night the witness says the suspected Yowie stopped and rested upon a tree as it entered the wooded area looking back at the lights from Grafton. Here is the complete Grafton Yowie sighting  report from Yowiehunters for you to decide for yourself if you believe this was actually a sighting of the Yowie or perhaps something else.





Bigfoot the Treehouse Video a Hoax ?


Bigfoot video from kids in a tree house has been broken down by Paranormal Review. The Bigfoot tree house video subject was investigated by Jack Barnes who estimated the creatures size to be approx eight foot tall using scale from a standard sized picnic table. The Bigfoot sighting was documented by some kids who also showed some of the Bigfoot tracks. But Paranormal Review breaks downs Bigfoot the treehouse video and points out some unusual anomalies. The analysis done seems to point to this video of Bigfoot likely being a hoax. Here is the breakdown by PR for you to check out and decide for yourself after seeing all of the evidence if you think this is indeed a hoax or not.


bigfoot the treehouse footprint



Video of Bigfoot from recent Bigfoot Expedition


Bigfoot sighting from a recent Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization Bigfoot Expedition. A veiwer of a video made during the expedition actually discovered some anomalies which may actually be Bigfoot. During the event the RMSO crew reported finding old and new Bigfoot tracks along with hearing woodknoclks in the area and various whoops. There was plenty of Bigfoot activity found on the trip but there were no actual Bigfoot sightings reported at that time but it now seems the team may have captured proof of Bigfoot in their video. The Bigfoot like anomalies are believed by many to actually be the creature captured during the Bear Wallow Epic Bigfoot Expedition. Here is an actual Bear Wallow Epic Bigfoot Expedition screenshot showing what may be Bigfoot along with a video describing the expedition and the possible Bigfoot proof from the video.


Bear Wallow Bigfoot Expedition screenshot



Yowie Sighting in New South Wales, Australia


Yowie sighting report from Australia in the Jenolan Caves are of the Blue Mountains in New South Wales. The Yowie is name given to the Australia Bigfoot and has been sighted through out the years. This report was recorded by Yowiehunters and is a pretty interesting Yowie encounter. The witness describes the sighting of the Yowie along with the area and even taking a shot at the creature. He said the creature was extremely large being over 2 meters (6.5 ft approx) tall and weighed as much as a horse at least. This is another very interesting encounter brought to light by the Yowiehunters and it seems the elusive creature is still a very big part of the Australian culture. It has become a popular subject among enthusiasts much like Bigfoot or Sasquatch has become in the U.S. and Canada.


yowie sign


Here is a video report of the Jenolan Caves Yowie sighting.