Bigfoot sightings reported by U.S. troops in Vietnam


Reports from U.S. Troops of a not quite human and not quite ape creature were reported from the Kontum Province of Vietnam, near Cambodia and Loas. The locals call the creature “Nguoi Rung” or people of the forest which many believe may actually be Bigfoot. Sightings of the Vietnam Bigfoot go back years, but many consider the creature to be nothing more than folklore as no solid evidence of its existence has yet been found. But odd and large footprints found are believed by many to be made by the elusive cryptid, some of which was found by Vietnamese scientist Tran Hong Viet in 1982.


Nguoi Rung

Nguoi Rung


Sightings of the creature were among accounts of U.S. Troops during the Vietnam war. Gary Linderer a member of the 101st Airborne Long Range Reconnaissance Patrols reported running into a creature which he believed may have been Bigfoot. According to Linderer he was working his way through the brush when he ran across a five foot tall creature walking upright with reddish-brown hair covering most of its body. He described it as being muscular with broad shoulders and a very heavy torso. Another member of the squad who also witnessed the creature noted it may have been a rock ape, although Linderer and other disagreed that it was definitely no rock ape. The sighting was noted in Kregg P.J. Jorgenson’s book Very Crazy, GI: Strange But True Stories of the Vietnam War.


vietnam bigfoot footprint

1982 Nguoi Rung footprint cast


NVA soldiers and Viet Cong in the area reported so many sightings and encounters of a reddish-brown haired Bigfoot like creature that scientist were ordered to investigate by the North Vietnamese government. Multiple discoveries of footprints believed to possibly be from a Bigfoot in Vietnam were found, but the creature itself was never sighted. Noted Zoologist John MacKinnon, who personally investigated the area said he believes there is a possibility of a yet undiscovered ape species.

Skunk ape video from Plant City Area Park in Florida


Skunk ape sighting and video has surfaced from Plant City Area Park down in Florida. The possible skunk ape video shows what seems to be a large ape like bipedal figure walking along a tree line in the distance. Reportedly shot in Hillborough County, Florida at the local county park has captured the attention of believers and skeptics alike. Sightings of skunk ape or the Florida Bigfoot have been on the rise the last few years and even a number of new skunk ape videos have been released.


plant city florida skunkape


Hillsborough County Parks, Recreation and Parks Department issued a statement through a spokeswoman saying they had not heard any reports of skunk ape or Bigfoot in any of the county parks. But with skunk ape sightings coming in from the surrounding the possibility of the elusive cryptid inhabiting the park seems to fit for many researchers and enthusiasts. Check out the Plant City Area Park skunk ape video below and decide for yourself if this is proof of the Florida Bigfoot.


2015 Bigfoot Sightings: Georgia Bigfoot sighting and video


New 2015 Bigfoot sighting and video has been reported from a ranch in North Georgia according to the report. The video seems to be a bipedal figure just beyond some trees which many believe may be proof of a Georgia Bigfoot. The Bigfoot video is a bit on the blurry side and is limited as to details but some aspects of the figure can be seen. The footage was listed by the youtube channel legends beware.


north georgia bigfoot


You can check out the original 2015 Georgia Bigfoot video below along with some zoomed in enhancements. It is hard to gauge the size of the creature as there isn’t anything to use for scale but it seems to at least be sizable. The video is cut short with a claim that it was due to battery failure which will def be a point of attention for both skeptics and believers as to the videos authenticity. So check it out and decide for yourself as to if this is a Bigfoot or just another hoax.


Bigfoot sighting reported by Fire Fighters


Bigfoot sightings continue to be reported and often the sources of these reports are brought into question as to how reputable they may be. When sightings of Bigfoot are reported by those in more highly regarded positions of society they are often weighed in a different light as to credibility. Here is a recent reports from True Bigfoot Stories of a very interesting Bigfoot encounter by a group of fire fighters. The witnesses claimed the encounter happened in a remote location in Northern California during a major forest fire.


fire fighter bigfoot sighting


The Bigfoot video tells the story of the California fire fighters Bigfoot sighting which contains some very interesting details about the encounter. You can decide for yourself as to whether or not your believe this may have been an actual Bigfoot encounter or perhaps just another one of the long running tales of the elusive cryptid. The details of the sightings definitely make it an account worth taking into consideration.


New Zealand Bigfoot Video


A new Bigfoot sighting has been reported from New Zealand accompanied by a video of the possible elusive cryptid. This would be one of the first New Zealand Bigfoot videos and reports of a sighting that i am aware of. The video doesn’t contain all that much detail except for a bipedal subject which appears to be leaving an area in the distance. There is not a whole lot in the frame that can be used for scale as to how big the subject is but arm length and some other general details can be observed.


new zealand bigfoot


Parabreakdown Bigfoot videos takes a closer look at the Bigfoot video and the chance that there is actually a Bigfoot in New Zealand. I don’t really see a whole lot that screams out Bigfoot to me from what can be seen in the video of Bigfoot or the zoomed in shots during the Parabreakdown analysis. Check it out and see what you think as to this being a New Zealand Sasquatch or something much more normal.