Search for the Vietnam Bigfoot


Bigfoot sightings and encounters have been reported by locals in and around the jungles of Vietnam for years. The Vietnam Bigfoot or at least version of Bigfoot which is believed to inhabit hasn’t quite seen the exposure that other area’s in the United States and Canada has. But Josh Gates and his team take to the jungles of Vietnam to search for the elusive cryptid.


Vietnam Bigfoot

This is a very interesting Destination Truth episode takes us into the heart of the jungle on the search for Bigfoot. The show does a great job analyzing local reports and getting into in depth investigations gathering available evidence and more. Check out the Destination Truth Vietnam Bigfoot episode and you can decide for yourself as to whether or not you believe that Bigfoot calls Vietnam home.


Holland Bigfoot caught on video ?


New video has surfaced of a creature that some believe may be Bigfoot in Holland. The two witnesses were on a visit to a Natural monumental park , The Posbank in Holland when they caught the creature on video. The subject was observing the group from the near by woods and can be seen attempting to hide behind a tree as it peeks trying to get a better look only being noticed after what sounds like tree knocks. The witnesses are not claiming that this is a 2015 Bigfoot video although it is gathering some buzz in Bigfoot circles.


holland creature


Here is the possible Bigfoot video with some zoomed in shots of the creature although not a whole lot of detail can me made out as it was shot using a smartphone. It is hard to get any scale as to determining the size of the creature that is behind the tree. Have a watch and maybe you can figure out what the mysterious creature is or perhaps if it is yet another clever hoax. Could this possibly be proof of a Holland Bigfoot ?


Skunk Ape sightings and reports in Florida


Skunk Ape sightings and encounters have been reported for quite some time but the elusive cryptid has gained more exposure the last few years. Recent Florida skunkape sigthings have been some of the most interesting to date encouraging more and more research into its existence. Reported encounters along with some very interest photo’s and footprint evidence has lead many to believe a Bigfoot like creature inhabits the state of Florida.


skunkape photo 2


Eye witness accounts were part of an episode of a TV program called “Animal X” some of which had not been seen before. These reports contain some very interesting details about the elusive creature and have even produced what many believe is evidence of Skunkape. Check out the Skunkape video and see if you find some of these encounters to be believable and the items produced as actual proof of skunk ape.


Sasquatch behavior and possible links to Autism


Author and Bigfoot researcher Christopher Noel has a very interesting theory as to Bigfoot tree structures and other parts of the cryptids behavior. Noel looks at several Bigfoot limb formations and tree structure and explains his theory of a link between Sasquatch behavior and Autism. He analysis similarities and difference he believes exists between Bigfoot and humans who suffer from Autism. Noel is calling this “The Sasquatch Savant Theory.”


bigfoot tree structures


Could Sasquatch tree structures actually be tied to this same human disorder and also explain why the elusive cryptids existence has been so hard to prove. This is definitely one of the more interesting Bigfoot theories to date and even though one may be skeptic its worth taking into consideration. Watch the Bigfoot video and see if you agree or disagree with the assessment made by Noel.


Russia Sea Creature Carcass washes up on beach


A very interesting carcass of a strange still unknown animal was found washed up on the Far East of Russia. The strange creature’s remains were found near the Shakhtersk airport on Sakhalin Island according to reports. TheĀ Sakhalin IslandĀ sea creature is estimated to be at least twice the size of a human and has a huge nose sort of resembling a birds beak. One very odd trait mentioned by experts examining the carcass is presence of fur on the tail end of the unknown animal.


russia sea creature


Its been speculated that the creature may be a Ganges River dolphin which are found in India but the fur on the tail and size of the animal make it unlikely according to some experts. It was also noted that the fresh water Ganges dolphin would have an extremely hard time surviving the salty ocean to making it that far east. Sakhalin Research Institute of Fisheries and Oceanography deputy head Nikolay Kim says judging by the creature’s appearance it seems to be some kind of big dolphin although if so would be a rare species.


russia sea creature 2

Looking at the Russia sea creature pictures the animal seems to be rather large for a dolphin and the fur on the tail looks very odd and out of place.


russian sea creature 3