Bigfoot 2015: Kentucky Bigfoot Trackway


New Bigfoot tracks found by member of the Kentucky Bigfoot Research Organization. The track way contains an extensive amount of what is believed to be Bigfoot footprints found in a snow covered area. The strides between these large prints is estimated to be approx 4+ ft apart as shown in the Bigfoot video. We have seen a few possible Bigfoot 2015 track ways but this one seems a larger amount of tracks then most.


Kentucky Bigfoot Trackway


Check out the video of the track way as the KBRO members attempts to get a rough measurement of the stride lengths and goes over the track way. There doesn’t seem to be a ton of detail of the Bigfoot tracks themselves in the video but we can tell they are quite large. Have a look and decide for yourself if this track way may be more Bigfoot evidence¬†or something else all together.


Bigfoot 2015: Newly Recorded Washington Bigfoot Howls


New Bigfoot video 2015 is believed to have Bigfoot screams recorded from the Greenwater area of Washington. According to the witness report the Bigfoot howls or screams were recorded on June 13, 2015. The sounds captured on the recording don’t seem to be that of a coyote or other animal known to inhabit the region. The latest Bigfoot recording is unfiltered in the video.


Washington State Bigfoot Recording


Have a listen to this possible recording of Bigfoot and decide for yourself if you can identify the screams as something besides Bigfoot. There recording is of moderate quality but with your sound turned up you can hear the distinctive sound which seems to be some sort of howl or scream. Could this be actual proof of a Washington State Bigfoot ?


Finding Bigfoot 2015: Bigfoot sighting on the Bayou


Finding Bigfoot season 7 continues as the team heads down to the Bayou’s of Louisiana on the search for Bigfoot. Ranae, Cliff, and Bobo meet with a local named Ben Dupont to hear his account of a sighting of Bigfoot. Known to locals in the area as the “Caddo Critter” the witness claims to have seen what he believed was a female Bigfoot. According to Dupont he got a very good look at the elusive cryptid and was able to supply the team with some great details.


Bayou Bigfoot


Louisiana Bigfoot sightings are scattered although there have been reports of the creature over the years from various swamp land areas of the state. This new Bigfoot report is one of the more interesting Bigfoot sightings 2015 especially with report of it perhaps being a female. Check out the Louisiana Bigfoot sighting video and hear Mr. Duponts story and decide for yourself if he may have seen a Bigfoot in Louisiana.


Finding Bigfoot Squatch and Learn: Bigfoot Eating Habits ?


Finding Bigfoot season 7 is in full swing as the team continues its search for proof of Bigfoot making their way to various locations. Here is a Finding Bigfoot special to test your knowledge of the show and to some extent of Bigfoot itself. What does Bigfoot eat is the question being asked on this episode of Finding Bigfoot Squatch and Learn ! Take the short quiz and test your Bigfoot facts knowledge well at least according to what one of the team members believes to be true.


squatch and learn


Finding Bigfoot 2015 has been as entertaining as previous season and new Finding Bigfoot episodes for the new season is still on the way. Now many would debate as to the facts about Bigfoot when it comes to Finding Bigfoot and there accuracy and deservedly so but take the quiz anyway and who knows maybe it will lead to you finding out a little more then you knew before about the elusive cryptid.


A look into a East Coast Bigfoot Hot spot


Few places can be called true Bigfoot hot spots but here is a cool look at one of the better known ones on the east coast. The handicap picnic area at Salt Fork park in Ohio has been a real hotbed for Bigfoot activity over several years. There have been multiple reports and sightings from that specific area some of which gaining plenty of attention from those in and around the Bigfoot community. The area has been featured on the show Monster Quest which airs on the History Channel along with quite a few other TV programs.


salt fork park


Here is a day time look at the Salt Fork State Park handicap picnic area along with the surrounding landscape during the day. The area seems so peaceful and quiet one who was not aware may be shocked to find out it has been such an active area for Sasquatch. Who knows this may just be the location of the next credible 2015 Bigfoot sighting which really wouldn’t be a shock considering its history.