Arkansas Mystery Skeleton Still Unidentified

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A very mysterious skeleton was found in the woods in Arkansas back in 2006 and it remains unidentified today. It was allegedly recovered by a man out on a hunting trip and noticed it had a very odd look to it and didn’t seem to have domestic characteristics. He decided to collect the skeleton and hang on to it. According to reports the Arkansas mystery skeleton has since been examined by various scientists with results coming back as unknown. There has been much speculation as to what the skeleton could be ranging from various animals all the way to possibility of it being alien in nature.


The creature is even included in the book  “Follow The Signs” by Dayne Chastain. Below is the original picture of the possible Arkansas alien skeleton from when it was recovered back in 2006 for you to view for yourself and attempt to figure out what you think it may be. It really doesn’t seem to match any normal animals that could be found in the area and has a very odd and unique shape.




Survivorman: Bigfoot Nordegg USA Premiere

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Program Reminder: Survivorman: Bigfoot Nordegg will premier tonight on the Discovery channel at 9 PM ET/PT. The much talked about and long awaited Survivorman Bigfoot special finally makes its way on the TV in the states. Nordegg is the first of the 2-part series that features Les Stroud along with Bigfoot researchers Todd Standings on the hunt for bigfoot in the wilds of Alberta, Canada. The duo will be in what is considered to be Bigfoot hot spots looking for proof that the mysterious creature does indeed exists. Few people have the knowledge and experience of the wilderness as the Survivorman himself so this should if nothing else be a very interesting addition to the search for Bigfoot. I for one look forward to seeing both episodes as I have long been a fan of Stroud’s and the show Survivorman.



Texas Chupacabra captured

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A strange creature captured in Texas that some people believe may be a chupacabra. There have been many reports of the chupacabra in Texas and other parts of the southern United States and Mexico. Although these creature are label as chupacabra’s by many people they are not the same animal as the infamous demon goat sucker of myth and lure in Puerto Rico. No one is sure how the identification or mis-identification of these animals as the chupacabra began but it seems that there is no end in sight. This recently captured creature is odd looking indeed and may even be a new species yet to be labeled but when comparing it to the legendary chupacabra seems like a very big reach.


Texas Chupacabra Captured

Some animal experts believe the creature captured is likely some type of canine although some of its features are not canine like. Other believe it to simply be a raccoon suffering from a severe case of the mange as it uses its hands much like that of a raccoon and has similar looking feet. But the animal makes a very odd growl which seems to be unlike any sounds a raccoon makes. Here is a video report of the Texas chupacabra  showing the odd creature and some of the different sounds it makes.


Bigfoot North Radio Show with Dr Jeff Meldrum and Todd Standing

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Bigfoot North the new radio show hosted by Dr. Jeff Meldrum will discuss species that are still undiscovered by modern science like Bigfoot. The program will look at new topics each week with a celebrity guest on show to be interviewed. Dr. Meldrum and his co-host Todd Standing will discuss scientific evidence that is supported by conclusive facts which should be somewhat of a refreshing angle. Dr. Meldrum has always been a very well respected part of the Bigfoot community and this should be one of the more interesting Bigfoot shows to come around in years. Although many hold Todd Standing in a lesser regard it should be interesting to see how his theories and input compares to that of Meldrums on the show. Bigfoot radio show Bigfoot North will be broadcast every Wednesday at 5 PM Pacific time on the VoiceAmerica Variety Channel beginning April 2nt.




Survivorman: Bigfoot Radium

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The second episode in the Survivorman: Bigfoot series called Survivorman: Bigfoot Radium has aired in Canada. This episode in the 2-part series should air on the Discovery Channel in the US on April 16th. The Survivorman Les Stroud along with Bigfoot tracker Todd Standings continue their trip through the remote forest area’s of Northern Alberta, Canada on the search for Bigfoot. Standing claims to have had multiple encounters and interactions with Bigfoot in the area in which they are researching. Fans of the show Survivorman have long awaited this Bigfoot special because few people have the outdoor cred that Les does and his unique skills should make for a very interest search for the mysterious creature. Whether or not Bigfoot is actually sighted or found it should be one of the better shows focusing on the search.



Here are some Todd Standing Bigfoot videos that were shown on the Survivorman: Bigfoot Radium episode.


Video #1: Todd Standing Bigfoot video from Survivorman Bigfoot episode two.


Video #2: Todd Standing Bigfoot video from Survivorman Bigfoot episode two.


Video #3: Todd Standing Bigfoot video from Survivorman Bigfoot episode two.


Survivorman: Bigfoot Nordegg set to air in US

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Survivorman: Bigfoot Nordegg is finally set to air in the United States on the Discovery Channel April 9th at 9:00 PM ET. The long awaited Survivorman Bigfoot special has already aired in Canada and now American fans will soon our chance to see it. The two part special feature Les Stroud the Survivorman himself and Bigfoot expert Todd Standing on the hunt for the elusive creature to two remote Bigfoot hot spots including the forests of Alberta, Canada. Stroud himself admited to having what may have possibly been a Bigfoot encounter years ago saying he heard what sounded like an ape in Alaska while filming Survivorman. That experience along with massive interest in the Bigfoot phenomina by Survivorman fans prompted Les to take on the Survivorman Bigfoot project.



Here are some Survivorman: Bigfoot Nordegg clips from its airing in Canada. Get a sneak peak into the Survivorman: Bigfoot Nordegg show while waiting for it to air on Discovery here in the states. This is a clip of the Todd Standing Bigfoot video as seen on Survivorman: Bigfoot.



Survivorman Bigfoot Special to air first in Canada

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The Survivorman Bigfoot special called Survivorman: Bigfoot Nordegg is set to air on Wednesday, March 19 at 10 PM EST on Travel+Escape channel in Canada. This first episode of the 2-part Bigfoot special has Les the Survivorman and researcher Todd Standing in the remote forests of Alberta, Canada which is a renowned Bigfoot hot spot. Les decided to take on the task of searching for Bigfoot after having what he thinks may have possibly been a Bigfoot encounter back in 2009 in Alaska during the shooting of an episode of the show. Now Les puts his skills to the test to see if he can finally find proof to put to rest the debate as to if Bigfoot really exists or is possibly only a fictitious creature. Fans of Les Stroud and the show Survivorman have been awaiting this Bigfoot special and now it is finally here well at least in Canada.



So loyal fans of the show in the U.S. will have to wait to see the Survivorman Sasquatch special which is slated to air two weeks from now.


Wendigo Still Roams The Canadian Wilderness ?

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When one hears of a large mysterious and elusive creature lurking in the wilderness area’s of Canada the Sasquatch immediately comes to mind but it is not alone. There is another infamous creature said to inhabit the Canadian wilderness known as the Wendigo or Windigo among other name variations across different Native tribes. Said by Native legends in Canada and parts of the Northern United States to possibly come about because of a cannibalistic curse they are vicious flesh eaters. Some modern researchers believe that the Wendigo may be an alternate regional name for Sasquatch. But Native American tribes like the Inuits believe it to be a much more dangerous and different breed of beast and monstrosity other then that of Bigfoot. Although others simply believe that the Wendigo is a creature simply of legends and myths and has never existed.

Wendigo Artwork
The legendary monster is also known in various Native dialects by the names Wihtikow, Witigo, Witiko, Windigo, Weendigo, Windago, Windiga, Witiko and Wee-Tee-Go. The creature is almost universally described as being up to 15 feet tall and lanky with a beast like phantasm, glowing eyes, long canine like yellowed teeth or fangs, and a long lolling tongue. Most accounts depict the creature of having a matter fur like coat although some eyewitnesses have reported it as being hairless with a yellowish or sallow like appearance with stag-like horns. Sightings and reports of this mysterious monster have been around for centuries among the Native people of the region and still continue today.

Early European settlers dismissed accounts of the creature as simple Native folklore until the 17th century when missionaries and explorers began to report encounters with the strange devil like monster. There have even been modern day reports and sightings happening as recently as just a year ago in 2013. One of the sighting reports was from a group of teen aged boys that claimed to have come into contact with the illusive Wendigo while searching around an old abandoned house. Most have written the sighting and report off as a hoax but here is an alleged Wendigo photo from the sighting and you can decide for yourself as to what it actually shows.



With the 2013 Wendigo sighting being debatable as to its authenticity it is a wonder if we may get any 2014 Wendigo sightings or reports. Whether or not its real or not the myths and legends surrounding it remain strong.


Finding Bigfoot Rejected Evidence: Photographic Proof ?

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Get a behind the scene’s look with Finding Bigfoot executive producer Keith Hoffman at why certain Bigfoot evidence and reports didn’t make it on to the show.  Yes although it may be kind of hard to believe not all things are Bigfoot to the Finding Bigfoot team and some evidence actually gets rejected. Bigfoot evidence Keith says is broken down into three basic criteria by him and the Finding Bigfoot team starting with science – does this evidence conform with what team knows about Bigfoot, logic – does it make sense that this photo or video would be happening, and then gut feeling – does this look and feel like it could be real. All these factors are taken into consideration before any of the evidence supplied to the team ever makes it on to the show.

In this Finding Bigfoot: Rejected Evidence episode Keith takes a look at some potential Bigfoot photographic evidence that was sent in to Finding Bigfoot team for review. Keith explains why a few possible Bigfoot photo’s got rejected and also offers up a few some tips on what he looks for in possible photo’s to judge their authenticity.

Bigfoot Hunting Tips For Aspiring Squatchers

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Primatologists Natalia Reagan and New York University professor of anthropology Dr. Todd Disotell who are also both judges on the “1O Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty” TV show have offered new and aspiring Bigfoot hunters a little advice. In a recent interview the team offered up some tips that are sure to help Bigfoot hunters in their efforts to find proof of the illusive creature. As the popularity of Bigfoot or Sasquatch continues to grow by leaps and bounds with more television exposure like hit shows Finding Bigfoot and 10 Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty more people are taking to the woods in hopes of themselves finding proof of Bigfoot or the creature itself. If your thinking of joining in on the fun and excitement and getting outdoors in search of Bigfoot then take a look at the Bigfoot hunting tips and advice from Dr. Disotell and Reagan listed below and maybe you will be the one to finally prove once and for all that Bigfoot really does exists.



1. Think Like a Primate

“Think about what exactly are you looking for? What is this primate like? If, for example, you believe that Bigfoot is nocturnal, look for it at night. If Sasquatch, in your mind, is a vegetarian that loves berries or eating mushrooms, then go looking for areas rich with berries and mushrooms.”

2. Change Your Theories

Science is a process: You have a hypothesis, you test it and, if it’s proved wrong, come up with a new hypothesis. “I watched these contestants change theories as they gained more information,” said Reagan. “They would see things in the forest and talk to other Bigfooters and were surprised about the information the other Bigfooters had, and were willing and open enough change their hypothesis.”

3. Know What Hair Looks like

Not once but twice, the judges were presented with hair samples from Bigfoot, only to discover, after analysis, that they were moss. “They actually cut out my line, I’m so bummed,” Reagan revealed. “It was the second episode, and it was the second time they got moss as hair, and I remember just yelling at them, “No mas, moss!” Perhaps the bilingual joke was lost on producers.

4. Know Your Scat

Dr. Disotell built a mobile DNA lab specifically for the show (something Reagan would love to take on her expeditions to Panama, where she studies spider monkeys; sadly, the equipment remains the property of Spike TV), but if you don’t have one of those, it can be months between the time when you pick up your Bigfoot sample and you discover that it’s from just a bobcat or a bear.