Jim Sherman from BFRO explains best ways to collect Bigfoot Recordings


Bigfoot audio or vocalizations have been one of the more talked about forms of Bigfoot evidence in and around the Bigfoot community in last couple of years. We have seen more and more audio clips of possible Bigfoot vocalizations being collected, reported, and analysed in the last few years. To date there have been some very interesting recordings made public many of which are still unknown as to their origin and perhaps some may have actually been from Bigfoot.


ohio bigfoot conference


Jim Sherman a Bigfoot researcher from the BFRO and a audio expert gave a great presentation on how to get Bigfoot recordings at the 2015 Ohio Bigfoot Conference. He offers up some tips and tactics that could very possibly lead you to getting that next great Bigfoot recording. He also offered up some Bigfoot audio from his own personal collection for everyone to hear and analyse. Check out the video of his presentation if you were not lucky enough to attend the conference this year.


Mission BC Bigfoot footage breakdown by ThinkerThunker


ThinkerThunker Bigfoot videos are some of the best breakdowns of Bigfoot footage and is always a topic of debate in and around the Bigfoot community. ThinkerThunker is back with a breakdown of the Mission BC Bigfoot footage which got quite a bit of debate. The Mission BC Bigfoot video was taken back in 2014 and offered plenty of reasons to be skeptical as it was uploaded by a maker of a Bigfoot App.


mission bc bigfoot video


As always the ThinkerThunker Mission BC Bigfoot video breakdown points out some very good points and he has some very interest theories. The Bigfoot video was taken by some hikers who noticed the possible cryptid down by a lake. Take a look at the ThinkThunker breakdown video and decide for yourself if his conclusions and theories add up to this being an actual Bigfoot or not !


Search for Bigfoot is on in Texas : Wild Man of North Texas


Search for Bigfoot in Texas continues with reports of a creature known as the Wild Man of North Texas. Residents of the small town of Commerce Texas have been hearing strange sounds coming from the woods for years. Now a family believes that the Texas Bigfoot known as the Wild Man may be right outside their door.


commerce texas bigfoot search


The family heard these strange sounds approx 40 years ago and after years of silence they have once again returned. The howls are believed to be Bigfoot vocalizations and the family believes that Bigfoot is inhabiting the woods near their home. The possible Bigfoot howls are described by the family as being like a train running real close to you , and claim you can feel them in your body.

The family has called in Tom Biscardi a renowned Bigfoot researcher with well a questionable profiles in and around the Bigfoot community. Biscardi and his team have been researching the area in hopes of finding proof of Bigfoot in Texas. Here is a local news reports on the Commerce Texas Bigfoot and the search being conducted by Biscardi and his team.


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Is the ultimate Bigfoot area located in Ohio ?


Search for Bigfoot encompasses many locations across the country and the world many of which are considered Bigfoot hot spots. But according to one man who calls himself “Squatchmaster” the ultimate Bigfoot area can be found in Ohio. The Woodbury Wildlife Area in Coshocton County, Ohio to be exact is perhaps one of the Squatchy’est places in Ohio and perhaps the country.


Ohio ultimate Bigfoot location


Ohio has long been known as a hot spot for sightings of Bigfoot many of which have been documented over the years. The Woodbury Wildlife Area location definitely looks like it could fit the bill as a Squatchy location in this video taken by the Squatchmaster. Although there doesn’t seem to be any Bigfoot sightings 2015 from the specific location or recent Bigfoot videos or reports there have been in Ohio over all.


Bigfoot footprint found in East Fork State Park in Ohio


New Ohio Bigfoot footprint was found just outside of East Fork State Park by an area local. The possible footprint of Bigfoot was found approx two miles from the park which has been known to be an active Bigfoot location according to the witness. The footprint is rather interesting and can be ruled out as being from a bear because there are none which inhabit the area. The possible Bigfoot track was found back in 2014 during what was one of the coldest winters in Ohio in recent years.


Ohio bigfoot footprint


The witness took the photo of the Bigfoot print with a camera phone using her size 9 snow boot in the picture for scale. Compared to the boot it seems to be quite a large print and could very well be proof of Bigfoot in Ohio. Too bad no further photo’s or even a casting of the print was made for further analysis as there really isn’t enough detail we can take from the single photo to be sure one way or another.