Australian Bigfoot known as the Yowie


There have been reports of a Bigfoot like creature in Australia dating back to the 1700’s which has come to be known as the Yowie. The Australian Bigfoot is definitely a very interesting cyrptid and there are many theories as to exactly what the creature may be. It has roots in Aboriginal history, although many believe it is nothing more than local folklore. But with so many Yowie sightings over the years and more being reported today there seems to be a lot more to this legendary creature.




Crypto Blast takes a look at the mysterious Bigfoot in Australia via its Youtube channel with this quick but interesting Yowie video. Could the Yowie actually be a relative of the American Bigfoot or is this simply a legend created from misidentifications, folklore, and hoaxes. Check out the video and you can decide for yourself whether or not you believe there is enough Yowie evidence to prove the creature exists. One thing is for sure the Yowie search continues in Australia.


Yeti trackway found in the Himalayas


The trackway found in a remote area of the Himalayas is believed to belong to the mysterious cryptid known as the Yeti. According to the report a mountaineer came across the possible Yeti footprints in the Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan. He claims the footprints were located on a mountainside that was up until then untouched by man according to locals. The tracks were one in front of the other in a single line and much larger than human footprints and couldn’t have been made by any four legged creatures according to the witness Steve Berry.


yeti footprints in himalayas 2


The possible Yeti evidence was seen as Berry as his guide while standing on a pass on Gangkhar Puensum. They were about 200 yards away across what seemed like an impassable chasm and because of a steep vertical drop and mountainside they were unable to get any closer. He was able to snap a photograph of the trackway from his location and the find is definitely a very interesting one. There have been Yeti reports for years from the region along with many Yeti sightings and surely tons more which have gone unreported due to the remote location.


himalayas yeti sighting


But skeptics are not so quick to believe these tracks were really made by a Yeti and have purposed other theories. Director of the Centre for Forteen Zoology Joe Downes said he believes the slop in that area was so steep only an animal such as a mountain goat could of been able to cross it. He said the chances of it being the elusive cryptid are negligible, but didn’t completely rule out the possibility. When Berry returned to civilization a local yak herder told him he has a Yeti sighting 11 years ago. The creature is known as the migo in Bhutan was standing upright about 100 yards away and it was completely covered in long brown hair like a cat or dog said the herder.

Bigfoot evidence found at previous Finding Bigfoot location


Finding Bigfoot season 8 began with its premiere episode called “Sasquatch Wars” which took the team to both Washington St and British Columbia, Canada. A town hall meeting was held and some interesting Bigfoot sightings and eye witness encounters from both area’s were reported. After attending the town hall meeting a father and son decided to search for Bigfoot in one of the locations in British Columbia that a sighting was reported from one of the eye witnesses. Their Bigfoot expedition would yield more than they bargained for. They believe they have found added proof of the British Columbia Bigfoot.


british columbia bigfoot track


While investigating the location the duo encountered a lot of activity and recorded some wood knocks and a possible tree shake believed to have been made by Bigfoot. Possible Bigfoot tracks were also found along the edge of a lake in the area. The tracks measured approximately 16 inches in length and are believed to be from Sasquatch possibly feeding on the fresh water clams found there. Here is a cool Bigfoot video made by the father and son team on their Bigfoot search following the efforts of the Finding Bigfoot team. Although the trip didn’t produce a 2016 Bigfoot sighting the possible Bigfoot proof¬†found is quite intriguing.


Finding Bigfoot 2016 season opens the new year with interesting British Columbia Bigfoot sighting


The premiere of Finding Bigfoot season 8 kicked off the new season with some interesting sightings and reports as the team tackles the long debated question of which is more Squatchy the USA or Canada. The Finding Bigfoot 2016 season started off in fine fashion as the team met with witnesses in both British Columbia and the Olympic Peninsula who had some very interesting accounts. Ranae and Bobo teamed up on a Washington State Bigfoot search while Matt and Cliff we out in search of the British Columbia Bigfoot. Sure the competition itself was kind of a side show and offered little substance but the episode did include some cool new Bigfoot sightings and reports.


british columbia bigfoot sighting


One of the more interesting Bigfoot reports heard by the team came from a couple who were biking through Sasquatch Provincial Park in British Columbia. According to Todd and Sylvia they came across a mysterious hairy creature coming down the mountain as they were biking down a trail. Seems like quite the coincidence that the sighting of Bigfoot happened in a location named for the elusive cryptid. The couple was able to supply some details of the sighting and was sure that what they saw was definitely not a bear and they definitely believe they saw a Sasquatch.


Merry Squatchmas: Sasquatch Grunts the Holiday Classics


Sasquatch and Jack Link’s bring to you “Sasquatch Grunts The Holiday Classics” which is sure to be a hit. Just in time for the Holidays the elusive cryptid makes his singing debut with some great renditions of these long time classics. Jack Link’s has long been known for its popular “Messin with Sasquatch” commercial series and now want to wish everyone a Merry Squatchmas. Whether you a believer or skeptic don’t be a Christman scrooge !


merry squatchmas


This hairy special song is sure to make its way in and around the Bigfoot community. Jack Link’s Jerky and Sasquatch wish everyone a safe and happy holidays.