Finding Bigfoot Season 6 off Animal Planet TV Schedule ?

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Finding Bigfoot Season 6 is now two episodes in and oddly the Animal Planet web site doesn’t show any upcoming episodes on its schedule. Many are wondering what gives and if the popular Bigfoot show has possibly been canceled. The Finding Bigfoot new season just premiered on November 9th and now no upcoming episodes are currently listed. James “Bobo” Fay one of the most popular members of the Finding Bigfoot team posted a message on his facebook page saying that the Finding Bigfoot New Jersey episode was simply postponed by Animal Planet. He also assured his followers that the show had not been canceled and would be back.


finding bigfoot postponed


Here is the official statement from Bobo regarding the shows delay and the upcoming Finding Bigfoot episodes.



Finding Bigfoot: Season 6 Premiere in Alaska Sneak Peak

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Finding Bigfoot season 6 is set to premiere on November 9th on Animal Planet at 9PM ET/PT. The team travels to Alaska to investigate recent Bigfoot sightings and activity. Here is a sneak peak into the season premiere as Bobo and Matt check into a report of a large creature likely a Sasquatch awakens a father and son while out camping. According to the report some large creature angry and growling wakes up the pair when it begins to grab and shake their tent. Check out the video and get an early look into the upcoming Finding Bigfoot episode. We expect season 6 of Finding Bigfoot to be as entertaining as ever although we’re not certain we will be any closer to actually finding the elusive creature by its end.


finding bigfoot season 6



Finding Bigfoot Season 6 to premeire on November 9th

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Finding Bigfoot season 6 is set to premiere on November 9th with a special 2 hours episode. The Finding Bigfoot team is back for another season and they start off season 6 of Finding Bigfoot down in Louisiana. It is sure to be another interesting season which promises some added evidence of Bigfoot in form of new tracks and witness sightings reports. The team will as always break out some new investigative techniques that they feel will be helpful in tracking down the elusive cryptid. These new tactic’s never stop amazing me in many ways and i for one can’tr wait to see what they come up with this time around. I know not many if any of them are very scientific but if nothing else they can definitely supply some laughs and the entertainment value is acceptable.


Here is a sneak peak at the premiere episode of Finding Bigfoot season 6. I hope everyone who watches enjoys !


finding bigfoot 2



Crabzilla : 50 Foot crab captured in Whitstable near London

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A photo of what seems to be a 50 foot crab made its way to the web and has caused quite a stir. The photo location is said to be a harbor at Whitstable near London. The object is now being called Crabzilla. It was first thought to simply be an unusual sand formation but a local claims that while he was taking his son crabbing that he seen it rise from water close to the shore. The largest known crab to date is the Japanese spider crab which can get up to about 12 feet. Many skeptics believe the photo to be some kind of hoax.

Seems to almost have to be some sort of playful hoax but here are the crabzilla pictures so you can check out and decide for yourself.





crabzilla 2


Bigfoot video newly released from The Erickson Project and Sasquatch Genome Project

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Here is some new never before seen Bigfoot video released by Adrian Erickson from The Erickson Project and The Sasquatch Genome Project. Here is an interview with Dr Melba Ketchum from The Sasquatch Genome project about the video and the DNA findings that she maintains to have derived from her work. This new footage is still quite grainy and doesn’t contain a ton of detail but it still fairly interesting. Dr Ketchum claims that not only does she fully believe in her DNA research but as this time fully believes she has actually seen proof of Bigfoot from the field research done by The Erickson Project and Bigfoot videos they have collected. Here the news broadcast which contains the new Bigfoot video footage and some questions about the projects and Bigfoot for Dr Ketchum.


Erickson Project




Iceland Lagarfljótsormur lake monster video not a hoax but not a monster ?

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Lagarfljótsormur the Iceland lake monster which has been called by some the Iceland version of the Loch Ness Monster has been reported since way back in the 1300′s. A very popular video made by a local named Still E. Kjerúlf back in 2012 has been regarded as proof of the monsters existence for some ever since. But skeptics have long labeled the Icelandic lake monster video a hoax although Kjerúlf has maintained it was absolutely not a hoax. It seems that recent efforts into analyzing the video may prove he is likely right and the video is not a hoax although i may not show an actual monster either.


Lagarfljótsormurinn photo

Iceland lake monster photo from video


A Scandinavian skeptic as described by LiveScience named Milsa McKeown has taken the video and broken it down into several different screen captures and believes the video is not a hoax but does not show a living creature. McKeown claims to be quite familiar with ice and how frozen objects behave in the water and told Discover News after his breakdown of the video he believes the object to be an ice caked fishing net.


He says the movement of the object which makes it seem alive and snake like was one of the most interesting aspects but he quickly realized how quickly the water was flowing which was responsible for causing the effect on the somewhat flexible object to make the movements. The water is responsible for creating that life like illusion of the movement. He claims the creature staying in one spot for a long period of time was also a tip off for as it is inconsistent with a living animal searching for food.


But many still take this analysis with a grain and salt and maintain that he can’t really prove any of these theories and the believe the video has really captured the living lake monster of Iceland.



The Bloop Sound: Biggest Unknown Sea Creature

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Could an enormous yet unknown sea creature be responsible for “the bloop sound” captured by scientists back in 1997. Hydrophones captured the extremely low frequency and loud sound from approx 3000 miles away and it has been analyzed and debated ever since as to its origins. Strange Mysteries takes a look at “the bloop sound” and what it may or may not be. Scientists have rules out the possibilities of the noise coming from some kind of man made source and its believed to have been made by some kind of ocean mammal. It is believed that if this sound did come from a living creature is that it would be up to several magnitudes larger then the blue whale the latest known living organism. Here is the video for you to check out with the original sound recordings and much more info.



Skunk Ape arm found in Florida ?

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Stacy Brown has received what may be a Skunk Ape arm down in Florida. Brown from the 10 Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty claims that the arm is of an unknown primate. He says officials from FWC have ruled out the arm being from a bear or human by the make up of the bones. They still are unsure as to what type of primate arm it actually is but hopes are that it is indeed that of the elusive Skunk Ape. Talks are ongoing to have the arm samples tested and analyzed to determine what it is according to Brown.


The arm was found in an area where there has been a lot of previous Skunk Ape activity according to the report. That same area produced a track way of over 100 tracks in the sand back in April that is believed to be from a Skunk Ape as well. Here is a photo of the possible Skunk Ape arm.


Click to enlarge
skunk ape arm


UPDATE: Video of possible Skunk Ape arm being examined !


When Roger Met Patty Review by Cliff Barackman

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Cliff Barackman has reviewed the book When Roger Met Patty written by Bill Munn and he has some very interesting things to say. He believes that it decisively proves with out a doubt that the Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot film is real and could not have been hoaxed. Munn is a professional in field of special effects and creature creator for Hollywood giving him some unique qualifications for the science of his book and was very transparent in his approach according to Cliff. He adds that the forensics done to prove that the Patterson Gimlin Bigfoot footage is real and that Bigfoot is real is definitely worth the time it takes to read the book. The book has received other solid reviews and should be a pretty solid read for those who not only believe in Bigfoot and the Patty film but skeptics alike.


when roger met patty


Get a copy of When Roger Met Patty.


The Patterson-Gimlin Film, the Hominid seen in it, the remarkably intense debate it has provoked, and the solution to the mystery. This book offers a truly unique analysis of the famous Patterson-Gimlin Film (the “Bigfoot” film, as it is also known), addressing the question of hoax or fraud from the perspective of a professional makeup and creature effects designer, as well as the perspective of a vintage filmmaker. The film itself is truly the best evidence, far superior to any testimony, recollections and similar descriptive accounts, and this analysis relies upon that best evidence only, for the definitive analysis in the 47 year history of this mysterious piece of film footage. This book is primarily written for the people who have not made up their minds, people who are simply curious about this mysterious film and have not yet formed an opinion as to its authenticity. Hopefully as well, this book will be of value to scholarly people who are willing to evaluate this film with an academic and factual approach. The film is a remarkable mystery, and the controversy surrounding it is a fascinating commentary on human nature. The truth of the Patterson-Gimlin Film is quite an extraordinary story.

About the Author

William “Bill” Munns brings over 45 years of career experience and knowledge to this topic. He loves challenges and mysteries, and the Patterson-Gimlin Film’s solution is both. He lives in the mountain community of Lake Arrowhead, CA.



Bigfoot sightings and evidence from Yellowstone Canyon

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Bigfoot sighting reports from an area in the Yellowstone Canyon area of the Rocky Mountains. These reports lead to an area in the Yellowstone Canyon becoming a research area for the Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization. According to the organization there have been vocalizations recorded in the area which are believed to be that of Bigfoot along with multiple structures found. There have also been what they think are Bigfoot footprints casts made and hair samples recovered that are in process of being analyzed. They are calling this area of the Rocky Mountains one of the most fruitful research area’s they have come across. They have pinpointed plenty of food sources in the area and believe it is a likely location for Sasquatch. Some of the reported footprints found linked the the most legendary of cryptids is said to measure approx 17 inches in size. Here is a video report on the location and sighting from a member of the organization.

Possible Bigfoot Hair Sample Recovered
yellowstone canyon bigfoot hair sample