North American Cryptids Map


New North American Cryptids map shows many of the creatures known to cryptozoology and places where they have been seen. The cryptid sightings and reports for many of these creatures have been around for years and some even decades in their particular areas. Some of the cryptid listings are more well known like that of Bigfoot, Champ, Skunk Ape, and Ogopogo with many of us are familiar with but it also includes some lesser known as well.


north american cryptids map

Some of the cryptids have not been seen or heard from of late and some of which are not as well known like the Wendigo and lake monsters Tessie, Manipogo, and the Turtle Lake monster. So check out the cryptid map and see for yourself if cryptids have a home somewhere near you. Perhaps you will find a local creature for you to begin researching and maybe even venture out in an attempt to have your own cryptids sighting.

California on Sasquatch documentary video and indepth interview with Dr. Jeff Meldrum


Dr. Jeff Meldrum sits down for an interview for a new Bigfoot documentary called “California on Sasquatch” with YouTuber Kassem G. The new documentary takes a little different and more light hearted approach into the search for Bigfoot but still is a very entertaining and interesting watch for both Bigfoot believers and skeptics alike. It includes some very interesting interviews with some known members of the Bigfoot community along with trips to various Bigfoot spots.


Dr Jeff Meldrum on California on Sasquatch


Viewers are taken to some very interesting Bigfoot locations including the Willow Creek Bigfoot Museum and the Bigfoot Discovery Project and Museum among others. There is a very good intervew with Dr. Meldrum which we have the extended cut of here for your to check out. I think any one who has any interest in Bigfoot on any level would find it rather enjoyable.

Here is the California on Sasquatch video along with the Dr Jeff Meldrum extended interview video for everyone to watch.



Something in the Woods : Upcoming Bigfoot Movie Trailer


Something in the Woods is a new Bigfoot movie directed by Tony Odell Gibson and David Ford and promises to be more then just another typical Bigfoot film. It has begun to get some buzz in and around the Bigfoot community and looks like it may be one of the better 2015 Bigfoot movies if not more. It is set to premiere at the Ohio Bigfoot Conference on May 15 and anyone attending will be able to watch. The date of the films big screen or DVD release has yet to be determined although should be in the near future.


Something in the Woods


Said to be an edge of your seat thriller the movie is about a family and its territorial disputes with the elusive creature. Here is a unofficial Something in the Woods trailer for you to check out and get a quick look into the upcoming movie about Bigfoot. The film definitely seems to have some potential and Bigfoot is taken in the direction of being much more realistic unlike many of the other Bigfoot movies we have seen in the past.



Survivorman Bigfoot Season two starts in April


Survivorman Bigfoot season 2 is set to begin on Friday April 3rd on the Science Channel at 9 PM CT. The long anticipated return of the show promises some very interesting trail cam footage that Les Stroud himself reported on via facebook just a couple weeks ago. The new season of Survivorman Bigfoot promises to be just as interesting and exciting as the opening two episodes were. People in and around the Bigfoot community hold Les Stroud in fairly high regard as he puts his survival man skills to work on the search for Bigfoot. Perhaps Les will gather us a little more proof of Bigfoot as we following along on his quest this season.

survivorman bigfoot


New Bigfoot Vocals from South Carolina


New recordings of what some believe may be Bigfoot yells from South Carolina have been reported. The possible Bigfoot vocals were recorded in a research area by a team called the Carolina Cyrptid Crew Organization. The team claims to have found other possible proof of Bigfoot including wood knocks and other activity in the same area as the recent recordings. The audio recording below is of the sounds and its best listened to using headphones as the sounds were recorded at quite some distance. The audio recording lasts approx 1 minute and some high pitched owl vocals and hooting can also be heard along with the possible Bigfoot sounds.


Have a listen to the South Carolina Bigfoot Vocals and decide if you think this may possibly be Bigfoot or perhaps some other local animal ?