In Search Of… Bigfoot hosted by Leonard Nimoy


In honor of Leonard Nimoy who recently passed away we take a look back into a popular show he hosted that some may not be familiar with. In Search Of … was a TV series which conducted investigations into controversial subjects such as cryptozoology and paranormal and more. The show gives viewers information and evidence mostly based on conjecture and theories which may be possible explanations. They had some great interviews and reenactments for the time and the show was a hit with both cryptozoology enthusiasts and those still unconvinced. Mr. Nimoy always seemed to be quite interested in the search for cryptids and did a fantastic job hosting these episodes. Here is a look back at one of the most popular episodes from the show In Search of … Bigfoot !


in search of ... leonard nimoy
R.I.P. Leonard Nimoy !



New Provo, Utah Bigfoot Video


Here is a very interesting video of what some believe may be a Bigfoot just outside of Provo Utah. The 2014 Provo Utah Bigfoot video was taken by a someone driving in the Provo Canyon near Sundance Utah which is just outside of Provo. The video seems to have captured what could very possibly be a Bigfoot in the tree line on the side of the road. It was dark when the video was taken but the mysterious figure can be seen as the headlights of the vehicle light up the tree line. There have been previous Bigfoot sightings in the Provo Utah area and one as recently as 2012 which was also captured on video. This is one of the more interesting 2014 Bigfoot sightings although many question its authenticity because very little detail can be made out from the video.

Here is the 2014 Provo Utah Bigfoot video for you to view for yourself and decide whether or not you think these people may have actually got a Bigfoot on video from the side of the roadway.




Unsealed: Conspiracy Files on Bigfoot


Many from inside and outside of the Bigfoot community believe that the U.S. government has long had proof that Bigfoot exists and has covered it up. The show Unsealed: Conspiracy Files goes into the mystery that is Bigfoot and looks at some files and information that just may prove the cryptid is real along with a government cover up. It interviews some leading Bigfoot researchers and investigators like Jeff Meldrum and Todd Standing as to the evidence which proves Bigfoot is real. They also look into the Bigfoot evidence that the government may be covering up and does not want anyone to know about. It is a great documentary into the world of Bigfoot and focuses on some very interesting aspects of how Bigfoot is being investigated and some of the great pieces of evidence that have been found but seldom acknowledged by science. Below is the Conspiracy Files 2013 Bigfoot Documentary Secret Society Sasquatch for you to watch for yourself and decide if you think there is a possible conspiracy !



 “Jeff Meldrum on Unsealed: Conspiracy Files”


Messin Wit Sasquatch – New Videos


Here are some some new Messin’ With Sasquatch videos from Jack Links Beef Jerkey. These usually offer a decent chuckle and a break from the serious side of the search for Sasquatch. The Messin’ With Sasquatch have become a fairly fun and enjoyable series of themed commercials to those in and out of the Bigfoot communities. If nothing else it brings Sasquatch into the mainstream media a little more and in a playful sort of way unlike the usual reports and hoaxes. Below is a sneak peak at three of the new upcoming commercials from Jack Links for you to enjoy. Hopefully they can bring a short spurt of Sasquatch enjoyment to your day !





Bizarre New Mexico Creature Carcass


I was hiking with my dog about 6 miles northeast of Chaco Canyon in northwestern New Mexico. I was carrying water, my still camera, some food, a compass, a knife and my phone (which had no service in that area). I never traveled through this remote desert before and I hoped to capture some photos of the spectacular landscape. I saw the incredible carcass after we hiked about 2 1/2 hours and were about to turn around to head back to the truck. My dog wouldn’t go near it, which was unusual, as he always finds dead animals eagerly and I have to call him off.

I began to take a picture and the battery died after I snapped one frame. It was fully charged when I left that morning. I knew this was a significant find and I wanted to collect the specimen in lieu of the lack of photographic evidence to document the creature, but there was no way I could carry it back to the car. I decided I would come back with the means to do so, a large backpack with some ropes to tie it on with. As I couldn’t record the spot with my phone’s gps, I did my best to remember the spot and I marked the trail going back so I was sure I could retrace my steps.

I returned the next day with a friend from Taos, determined to bring the animal home. We easily found the trail that I had marked out the day before. It was gone. We couldn’t find a trace.

About the creature itself, it was much larger than any fox, more the size of a large coyote of wolf, about 48″ long. It had a pronounced and extremely long snout, like a tapir or platypus. The most unusual features were the bumps along the spine and the approx. 4-5 inch long “sabre-tooth”. I could see only a single one of these large fangs. The spine bumps seemed to extend out from the vertebra in line with the ribs. They had the same short dense fur that covered the body (definitely not the hairless mange dogs commonly referred to as chupacabra). It had some longer coarse hair on it’s haunches. It’s feet were oddly shaped, more like hooves, but with the features of canid paws, toes and nails. It’s legs were long and extended, especially the lower rear legs. The gaping hole in the ribcage was the only visible wound on the body and looking into it, I could see no remnant of any internal organs. There were no insects on the carcass.

I believe it is possibly a previously unclassified canine, perhaps distorted by the process of mummification. This was something extremely rare and unusual and I feel privileged to have seen and recorded it.