Lake Champlains – CHAMP

Lake Champlain is located along the border between New York and Vermont. The waters of Lake Champlain are said to be home to a well known lake monster called “Champ”. Champ is one of the better known lake monsters around the world and not only in cryprozoological circles. The Loch Ness Monster is probably the most well know cryptid as well as lake monster but Champ is quickly gaining fame.

The first sighting of Champ in the lake was reported in 1819 by settlers in the area of Port Henry, New York. Sightings of the creature did not stop there as another noted sighting was reported in 1883 by a county sheriff named Nathan Mooney and he was quoted as saying ” It was an enormous snake like water serpent approx 25 to 30 feet long”. Then came the most famous and well known sighting of the creature by Sarah Mansi and her husband in 1977. The Mansi’s were on vacation in Vermont along the canadian border and were watching over the lake and spotted the creature. Sarah went on to take a photo of the creature and that photo known as the “Mansi Photo” has become one of the most well known “Lake Monster” and “Champ” photo’s in history. This photo has been analyzed by scientist from all around the world and the photo cannot be proven to be a fake but some unknown creature that could possibly be a Plesiosaur that has survived for centuries.

Mansi Photo

Lake Champlain has been proven to be an ideal location for a creature of this type to inhabit with its depths in some area’s of over 400 ft and having an outlet to the open Atlantic Ocean. The lake also contains many food sources that very well could sustain a creature of this type along with a vast underwater habitat and a workable overall water temperature. The food sources available could also be vast enough to even sustain a breading population of these creatures which would be likely with the amount of sightings over such a long period of time.

The sighting of Champ have become more frequent over the years with some people even reporting sightings of smaller creatures along with the larger full grown ones lending a possibility of a breading population in the lake. Since 1982 there have been more than 130 reported sightings which have been documented. So Champ has not and is not going away at least the sightings of the creature. is there really a lake monster in the waters of Lake Champlain , well there has been some very interesting evidence although none of it physical. Until some type of hard evidence is presented there will always be skeptic’s and Champ will simply live on as a myth and legend. One has to wonder if its a good bet at sbobet or anywhere else as to if we will ever have proof that this illusive creature really does exists.

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