Charlie Sheen Cryptid searches continue with the Kushtaka in Alaska


Charlie Sheen seems to really have an interest in Cryptozoology as he is once again on the hunt. Only a little more then a month after Sheen took a trip to Loch Ness in search of Nessie he is once again on another cryptid hunt. Sheen told TMZ that he recently flew to Sitka , Alaska with a group of friends in search of the mystic creature known as Kushtaka. Loosely translated Kushtaka means “Land Otter Man” and stories have been around for years originating among local Southeastern Alaska natives. The creature is known as a shape shifter who is half man and half otter. Sheen told TMZ that the mythical creature is said to lure prospective prey from camp sites by mimicking the sounds of a crying baby only to kill them and takes on their form returning to the scene for more prey.





But much like the trip to Loch Ness Sheen left with disappointing results not being able to locate or make any type of contact with the creature. Sheen said “Its obviously knew our group was far too snowed in this fashion so it stayed hidden like a sissy”. Sheen and his group has since flown back to civilization and one can only imagine where the next Charlie Sheen cryptid adventure will end up.