Chessie (Csp Bay)

Chesapeake Bay’s – Chessie

Chesapeake Bay is located in Maryland and has been home to many reports and sightings of a lake monster known by the nickname of “Chessie”. There has been Chessie sightings from as far back as the 19th century up until today. The sightings of the creature over the years claim it to be a long dark serpent like body ranging from 25 to 40 ft long and possibly having flippers on the body. These reports have varied some through time but at the same time many aspects of the creature have also been consistent.

The most famous sighting happened in 1982 by Robert Frew who actually was able to video tape the creature from his Kent Island residence. Mr. Frew’s house overlooked the lake and he filmed the creature which was approx 200 yards away and in clear and shallow water. The creature swam along in the shallow clear water and then later disappeared only to reappear a little further down the bay. The Frew film which has been analyzed by many scientist and film experts clearly shows a brownish creature approx 25 to 30 feet in length and approx 1 foot in diameter having a hump shaped back swimming in the water. But the film did lack in quality and it was not clear enough to make an accurate ID of the creature. Many other highly respected members of society have claimed to see the creature like coast guard officer , naval officer, and even an ex-CIA agent. The latest well known documented sightings was reported in 1997 from Fort Smallwood State Park but there have been more rumored sightings aswell.

Many of the photo’s and evidence of the lake monster have been studied by scientist from all over the world including officials from the Smithsonian Institute and they all conclude that there is in fact some unknown living creature inhabiting the waters of the Chesapeake Bay. But as to date this creature cannot be identified with the current information available. Many people have supplied theories of what “Chessie” could be including a prehistoric Zeuglodon , over grown Anaconda or even some kind of mutant eel. Will we ever solve the mystery of  ” Chessie”  only time will tell but many people interested in Cryptozoology will be sure to stay on top of things.

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