The Chupacabra has been reported in many parts of the world including Puerto Rico , America , and Mexico. There have been many sightings of this mythical creature from these area’s going back many years. In Spanish the word “chupa – means to such” and the word “cabra- means goat” so most have translated this to mean chupacabra = “goat sucker”. This name translation has also stuck with the creature because in many of the reports of attacks the Chupacabra was said to have sucked the blood from its victims. This creature has been linked to many attacks on animals such as goats , chickens , cow’s , and more.

Within the wide range of Chupacabra reports and sightings the exact description of the creature has varied. The descriptions range from it being a large upright creature with dark red eye’s to more of a moderate sized dog like body. The first established Chupacabra report is believed to be from Puerto Rico in 1995. A local man found 8 of his sheep dead with odd wounds to their chest and the blood drained from the bodies. There have been reports from earlier years with similar descriptions which may be linked to the Chupacabra some think but there is little evidence. But since the 1995 report in Puerto Rico there have been many more reports and sightings from around the world. In recent years there have been more and more reports and sightings coming from within the united states , but to date non of these reports have been taken seriously by any mainstream media or scientific organization. There have recently been some odd carcass’s found in the Texas area which have been linked to possibly being a real Chupacabra but no scientific links have been established as solid proof.

In Puerto Rico and other area’s of South America the Chupacabra is considered by some to be a spiritual creature. In other parts of the world many consider the creature to be either a myth or simply various cases of misidentification. Many scientist point out the varying descriptions and the lack of hard evidence as cases for the creature being nothing more than urban legend. Although no real evidence exist that can prove the creature exist many people in area’s of South America such as Chile and Puerto Rico strongly believe the Chupacabra exist and is often a topic of conversation. Some scientist and cryptozoologist think the creature may be some unknown form of wolf , coyote , or wild dog. There are even some who have floated the idea that the Chupacabra could be an extraterrestrial creature which is why evidence of its existance is so hard to obtain. Reports and sightings aside it will take some kind of evidence to make most believe in this mysterious creature. Not all people believe based on speculation, or even from picture evidence – if there was any on the Chupcabra, but I’m sure if they were to experience a sighting themselves it would take the skepticism away. Maybe some day someone will get hard evidence of this mysterious creature to help solve the puzzles of the unknown.


The Search Continues – CryPtoReports

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