East Texas Bigfoot Photographed

An East Texas man named David Arceneaux was able to snap a photo of what many believe to be a pair of Bigfoot in an area called Port Neches. Arceneaux was out at Oak Bluff Cemetery to clean off graves of a friend and relative when he says he got the fright of his life. He said there was a blood curdling scream and a nearby lady came over and asked if he was ok but he told her it wasn’t him screaming. Then he and the unknown female noticed two Bigfoot like creatures across the bayou from them. One of the creatures was standing next to a tree with its arms wrapped around it and the other squatted down. Arceneaux said the second creature rose from its crouching position and was approximately eight foot tall. He then was able to get a picture of them both using his cell phone before they began to walk and then run into the woods. Arceneaux said he could see the faces of the creatures very clearly and there was hair like a man from mouth down. Then when creature turned he could see the hair going downs its arm.


(location where Arceneaux saw the creatures)


Arceneaux said he spoke to an local game warden who confirmed there had been other sightings of Bigfoot along the Neches River. Here is the actual Texas Bigfoot photo taken by David Arceneaux.


Arceneaux’s Bigfoot Photo (click to enlarge)





  1. says

    While mowing my yard around March 1, this year, I noticed something moving across the black top road. It seemed about 7-8 ft tall and was reddish brown and fully covered with hair. I have had 3 dogs go missing in past 3 months. Several cats hsve also gone missing. I did not believe what I saw. But there are strange things going on around my house. I am isolated. The creature calmly walked across the road in 3 steps and disappeared into the trees on the other side. I did not tell anyone. But, I am finding out there have been numerous sightin gs since October 2012, in the e-tex area. I am home usually only late at night. Have heard numerous strange noises that I have not heard before. I have lived here since 2009.

  2. CryPtoReporter says


    thanks for sharing and that is a very interesting sighting. Sure fits the bigfoot type description.