Finding Bigfoot Season 3 Squatch Spies : Bigfoot Audio and Footprints


The crew of Finding Bigfoot traveled to the Washington Olympic Peninsula in the ongoing search for Sasquatch. Many believe that this area is some of the best Bigfoot habitat in the U.S. and it has produced a magnitude of sightings and reports. The Finding Bigfoot crew looked over multiple sources of possible Bigfoot evidence including audio recordings and Bigfoot footprints. Finding Bigfoot Squatch Spies has produced some of the most interesting Sasquatch evidence so far from Finding Bigfoot Season 3. Here is some of that possible evidence including the Tyler Bounds Bigfoot audio recording and various picture of possible Bigfoot footprints found in the area. You can have a look for yourself and decide if this is enough to prove to you that Washington’s Olympic Peninsula is indeed Squatchy.


Tyler Bounds Bigfoot Audio Recording:



Bigfoot Footprints along Humptulips Riverin 2008 :