Is There A Lake Monster Near You To Visit This Summer


With summer just around the corner many of us are going to be looking to get in more outdoor activites and maybe even a little summer travel. With so many options for your summer vacation already being covered maybe its time for something new , how about a trip to visit your local lake monster ? When most people hear “lake monster” they think of the more popular creatures like Nessie , Champ, and Ogopogo among others but many of these require extensive travel for majority of people. But if you need a more budget conscious style of vacation that doesn’t mean you still cant visit a lake monster near you. That’s right why not just visit your own local lake monster chances are there is one a lot closer then you think.

There are approximately 90 plus lakes and large bodies of water around the world that are said to be home to mysterious lake and river creatures. So no matter where you are around the world there is likely a creature to visit right around the corner. Now all you have to do is pack up your gear and drive your way out to catch a glimpse of the mysterious creature lurking in your area. Wanna know where these creatures are located and the closest one to you ? Here is a break down of lake monster claims from around the world.



First on the lake monster tally is the United States with nineteen states and a total of 25 bodies of water with claims of creatures. California leads the way with a record four lake monster claims , followed by Minnesota with two. Vermont and New York have one each respectively and they both lay claim to being the home of the Lake Champlain creature named “Champ” so they each get credited with one and half claims.

Second on the lake monster tally is Canada coming in with a reported 18 total creature claims. Ontario lead the way with reports of six lakes having creatures lurking in their waters. Quebec has four reported monsters and Manitoba has two. The rest of the provinces claims one lake monster each.

Third on the lake monster tally is Zambia in Africa. This Aftican nation offers a total of six lakes reportedly inhabited by lake monsters.

Fourth of the lake monster tally is England. There are four reported lake monster roaming the waters of England although these can be divided into two each between Wales and England giving them each two.

Fifth on the lake monster tally is Scotland. Although home of one of the most well known lake monster in Nessie of Loch Ness as total numbers go there are a reported three beasties inhabiting local lake waters. Also tied at fifth along with Scotland offering three lake monsters each respectively are Sweden, Russia , Democratic Republic of the Congo, and the Republic of the Congo.

Sixth on the lake monster tally claiming two lake monsters each are New Zealand, China, Australia, and Japan.

The rest of the reported lake monsters can be found spread across the globe in Norway, Turkey, Angola, Argentina, Iceland, Costa Rica, Germany, Philippines, Cameroon, Malaysia, Chad, Zimbabwe, and Kenya.


For a more detailed list of lake monsters and their location see Wikipedia.