Joe Rogan Questions Everything debuts with Bigfoot Episode


Joe Rogan a self-proclaimed addict of the unexplained, paranormal, and other mysteries has a new show on Syfy called “Joe Rogan Questions Everything“. Joe goes on a search to find answers to many of life’s unknown and startling theories including UFO’s, Bigfoot, and ESP. The show makes it debut tonight on Syfy channel at 10/9 central time. Joe Rogan Questions Everything premiere has Joe on the search for proof that Bigfoot is real and Joe admits before hand that he doesn’t really believe Bigfoot exists but at same time he doesn’t not believe. He says he is going into these quests with an open mind and wants to hear what the scientists, believers, and ever skeptics have to say. It should be interesting to see if Joe can bring a new and different look into the search for Bigfoot or if we will simply see the same old review of much of what we have already all seen. One thing is for sure Joe Rogan is quite the character so if nothing else the show should be rather entertaining and he will bring his own lets say ‘interesting’ take on things.



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