Ketchum Bigfoot DNA tested by independent geneticist and results are a bust


Additional DNA testing has been completed on the Melba Ketchum Sasquatch genomes in which she claimed was proof of a non-human species. Ketchum has been criticized through the entire process concluding with what many considered an unorthodox process for her scientific publication of her results. Houston Chronicle SciGuy Eric Berger agreed to be a intermediary in the testing of Ketchums genomes. He selected what he considered a well respected and reputable geneticist in Texas to do the further testing of a DNA sample from Dr. Ketchum. Berger said he made sure the geneticist was at first a scientist and that he would approach the evidence with an open mind and the possibility that this may indeed be proof that Sasquatch not only exist but it does in the form of a non-human species. He said that even though he was skeptical of Ketchum’s results from the start if there was even a 1 percent chance the Bigfoot evidence was real it was worth the effort to check it out further.



Well results from the new testing on the Sasquatch genomes are in and they are a bust as to being proof of Sasquatch or a non-human species. The geneticists in Texas has come to an end result and according to his results the DNA submitted to him by Dr. Ketchum was a mixture of Opossum and some other known species. No DNA proof of any unknown animal was found during testing including that of anything which could of been proof of Bigfoot. So the elusive evidence to finally prove that Bigfoot does indeed exist and roam among us is still yet to be positively proven. Berger said that he was honestly disappointed with the results as a world with Bigfoot would of been a little more fun. The source who conducted the test was kept anonymous to protect him from any peers questioning his engagement on this often shunned upon topic in the scientific world but Berger was quick to assure everyone he is a top scientist in his field.