Latest Loch Ness Monster Photo a Hoax ?


The latest Nessie photo taken by George Edwards has drawn many skeptics since its release in the media. This latest Loch Ness Monster photo which shows a mysterious hump in the waters of the Loch may indeed be a hoax. Some believe that Edwards photo may actually be of a fiberglass hump which was a prop in the National Geographic documentary “The Truth Behind the Loch Ness Monster“.

Here are some photo’s from the making of the documentary:



Some wonder why more photo of the mysterious object have not been released by Mr Edwards as he stated more photo’s do exist. This is a intriguing twist to this story as the prop hump does resemble the object in the photo taken by Edwards of the supposed creature.

Mr Edwards still stands by his Loch Ness photo and says it is indeed authentic and not a hoax in any way and he knows what he saw.