Loch Ness Monster

Loch Ness – Nessie

Running along the Great Glen just north of Scotland is a series of interlinked loch’s. One of these loch’s is known as Loch Ness and for many years this has been the home of a lake monster known as the “Loch Ness Monster“. This lake monster is also known to many around the world as “Nessie“. There have been sighting of Nessie in the loch from as far as 100 years ago. With a vast array of sightings and media reports the legend of Nessie has continued to grow over time.

Loch Ness is the largest of the fresh water bodies in Britain. The loch is massive in size reaching approx twenty two miles long and between one to one and a half miles wide with depths in the range of 750-800 feet. Many think that it is possible that a large creature could have become trapped in the loch since the loch was connected to the ocean at two seperate points in history. With the loch being so massive in both size and depth it is nearly impossible even with modern technology to explore it completely, which helps to lend credence to the possibility of a yet undiscovered creature living in the loch.

There have been many many sightings and reports of Nessie through the years even some producing photo’s and many descriptions. Alot of these sightings and reports were made public as far back as 1933 when a local couple Mr+Mrs Mackay spotted Nessie while driving along the loch. Then a reported sighting in 1934 would really make a mark and put Nessie on the map , this sighting was reported by Robert Kenneth Wilson and it produced a photo that many would come to know as “the surgeons photo“. This photo would become widely recognized and would have the most impact on the legend of Nessie over the next 65 or so years. This photo was a focus of many debates as to whether it was authentic or not and recently it was reported that the photo was indeed a hoax. Even with this recent news the photo is still seen as an object of interest to nessie hunters. Then in 1960 Mr. Tim Dinsdale produced a film which he took of the creature and this video is still considered to be one of the most compelling pieces of evidence of Nessie. After being on the lake for a few days Mr. Dinsdale took a 16MM camera and caught the creature moving across the loch and going on to turn parallel to the far bank and then swimming down the loch. This film was developed and was considered as proof that there was indeed some type of unknown creature alive in the loch. In 1966 this film was studied by RAF and there was a conclusion made that it was indeed some kind of animated creature in the loch and not a surface vessel of anykind. There have been many more reports and sighting up until recent years and much more evidence collected which continues to be studied but has not produced anything concrete.

surgeons photo

Nessie is thought by many to possibly be a Plesiosaur which is thought to have been extinct for many years now. Scientist continue to debate that Loch Ness could even sustain a creature of this size. Many scientist claim the loch does not have the food sources needed by a creature such as Nessie to exist and this has been proven by various studies. But many disagree and claim that the massive amounts of salmon that migrate to the loch every year along with a large amount of eels make the studies done incomplete and challenge how accurate they are. Cryptozoologist also claim there may be a breading population of these creatures living in the loch which would explain the many sightings over the large span of years. So the loch would have to supply enough food to sustain this breading population but many agree that it is very possible.

With all the sightings and reports by everyone from local’s to tourist visiting the loch it is hard to deny that there is something mysterious in the waters of Loch Ness. Is this mysterious and interesting thing in the loch actually Nessie , well only time will tell as the search for the Loch Ness Monster will continue as many in the circles of Cryptozoology move foward. The loch will continue to be researched and hopefully produce that piece of evidence which proves to everyone that Nessie exist.

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