Matt Moneymaker tweets about upcoming Finding Bigfoot shoot in Colorado

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Matt Moneymaker has been tweeting about him and the Finding Bigfoot teams next shooting session which will be in Colorado this August. Here are some of the recent tweets from Moneymaker about recent Sasquatch activity in Colorado and how some Sasquatch may have been displaced by the fires raging through area’s of Colorado. This Colorado shoot may be part of Finding Bigfoot Season 3.

Matt Moneymaker ‏@MattMoneymaker1
#BFRO has been hearing abt BF activity near perimeter of #AirForce Academy in #Colorado for years. Some tips came from AF people.

10h tanderson ‏@L_anderson41
@MattMoneymaker1 it was about 9 or 10 at night on Lookout Mtn, I was in my car and it ran down a hill and in front of my car.
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Matt Moneymaker ‏@MattMoneymaker1
#FindingBigfoot goes 2 Colorado in August looking 4 sasquatches displaced by fires. Media & gov news abt fires

Matt Moneymaker ‏@MattMoneymaker1
#Colorado sasquatches near boundary of #AirForce Academy were likely affected by fire. Can some Air Force ppl guide us into those canyons?