Mystery foot found in Massachusetts could be from Bigfoot


Two young boys in Lakeville Massachusetts found a large five toed foot while out in the woods and many believe it could be the foot of Bigfoot. The decomposed foot was picked up by local authorities and sent to the medical examiner who determined it was not human. It appears to have five toes and a some what human like form causing some to believe it could very well have once been attached to Bigfoot. Skeptics believe it is likely a bear paw and not a foot from Bigfoot but its actual identity remains a mystery until further testing which is now under way is completed. Here is a photo of the foot found by the boys so you can have a look and decide if you think it could actually be a Bigfoot foot.



Photo of Massachusetts Bigfoot Foot





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    It appears to be a Black Bears right hind foot, that would be my guess. At the end of the toes what appears to be nails are just the bone tips showing, the claws would be attacted at this point. Thanks for posting the picture, it will be interesting to see what the outcome of the testing reveals.