New Bigfoot Video from Erickson Project


Here is the latest video from The Erickson Project that they claim to be that of Bigfoot. The video compilation shows various creatures that are possibly Bigfoot and talks about the varying colors of them all. The Erickson Project have claimed to have valid proof of the existence of Bigfoot and are set to release a documentary at some point. But many skeptics and Bigfoot believers alike are of the opinion that if the Bigfoot Video such as this is the base of this evidence then they have very little. The $500,000 research project may prove to be a bust unless the team has much more convincing yet to be disclosed Bigfoot evidence. Many skeptics don’t think they will come up with much more then we have seen so far and believe the upcoming documentary will simply be more of the same. Here is the new Erickson Project Bigfoot video for you to look over for yourself and decide if you think this helps at all in proving that Bigfoot does indeed exists.



New Erickson Project Bigfoot video