New Bigfoot Video from Idaho – 2012 Idaho Bigfoot Sighting

A new Bigfoot video has shown up from a sighting in Idaho. The Idaho Bigfoot Video was released on youtube and the short 16 second clip shows what looks to be a Bigfoot in the distance across a canyon. Here is what the video takers had to say about the sighting :

“A large shady creature which appears to be a Bigfoot is spotted walking through the trees across a canyon. Before we began filming the figure could be seen walking through the clearing of snow just to the left of the trees.

we never really got a good look but at first we saw what we thought was a person walking across the canyon but after looking´╗┐ at it for a second it looked more and more not human “

Here is the video so you can take a look and decide for yourself if you think this is Bigfoot or not !