New Video on Sasquatch and Sasquatch footprints found on the London Trackway

Here is a great video about Sasquatch by Bigfoot researcher Toby Johnson. He describes the Bigfoot tracks cast from what is being called the London Trackway. Over 120 sequential suspected Sasquatch tracks were found south of Eugene,Oregon near the town of London. The footprints found are seen by many as solid evidence of the existence of Bigfoot. He also talks about some of the Sasquatch sightings that have taken place in the area. Forests, caves, and probably even garden sheds seem like viable places to spot Sasquatch. He must have tools to keep up his habitat in the woods and caves, no? Okay, so maybe no one has spotted Bigfoot in their garden shedyet, that is known, but surely things they can find in there would be suitable for their lifestyle.

Also included is a video from Dr. Jeff Meldrum on his work with Sasquatch footprints and and the belief in the elusive cryptid.