Norwegian Nessie Photo taken in Western Norway


Does Norway have its own lake monster ?  Hornindal lake in Hornindalsvatnet  in Sogn og Fjordane county may be home to some type of sea serpent. Spotted by three men the creature is being called “Norwegian Nessie“. Andreas Solvik was able to get a picture of the mysterious creature surfacing in the lake when he and two others spotted it. The men claim to have noticed ripples on the water that they knew were not caused by a passing boat and then spotted the creature. They moved in there boat to the area of the lake where the creature was seen but it was no longer there.

The photo has since been investigated and looked over by many and the story continues to gather attention. The reputation of local Andreas Solvik who took the picture seems to be  impeccable and there has yet to be any reason to doubt the authenticity of the photo. The photo is being picked up by sites all over the web as it seems so far to be genuine and not a hoax although some are still skeptical.

Here is the original Norwegian Nessie Photo (click to enlarge) can see creature just off of center of the picture: