Lake Okanagan’s – Ogopogo

Lake Okanagan is located in British Columbia, Canada. This lake has been known to have a mysterious lake monster swimming in its waters. This cryptid lake creature is known to many around the world as “Ogopogo”. This lake monster is widely known in the field of cryptozoology and is also nicknamed the “Nessie of the North”. There have been many sighting of the creature through out the years some going all the way back to 1850.

One of the many known sightings happened in 1926 when a group of onlookers located on Okanagan Mission Beach reported seeing the creature. Then in 1968 a guy named Art Folden captured one of the most well known pieces of evidence for the existence of the creature , a piece of film known as the “Folden Film”. His film showed a large dark creature propelling itself through the waters of the lake. There was once again a second film capturing the creature in 1989 but the film was of a poor quality and has been less of a factor.

Ogopogo has been described through various reports which seem to have some consistency , describing the creature as having many humps and a serpent or snake like body. Some scientist think these descriptions could prove that Ogopogo is a primitive serpentine whale like a basilosaurus or perhaps even a large lake sturgeon which are known to inhabit the lake. But many in the Crypto zoological field think that it is very possible that Ogopogo is an unknown lake cryptid.

With most of the evidence linked to Ogopogo being very limited and no solid proof to explain what this creature is or if it exist we are left with only theories. It is a topic of discussion by many as to if the lake can support a creature the size as has been seen in video and various pictures, but most agree it is a possibility. Does Ogopogo inhabit Lake Okanagan ?  Will more time prove the existence of this cryptid ? Some say don’t bet on it whether it be at sbobet or not while others believe its only a matter of time.

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