Oregon Women Believes She Has Bigfoot Hair and Skin


When Betty Klopp was a kid she believes her and her parents had a Bigfoot encounter which left her with samples of Bigfoot hair and skin. She says in the 1960s she was traveling with her family and as they were driving along towing a small trailer they swerved off the road to avoid hitting what they thought was a man. They stopped shortly down the road at a Porter Creek Store to check the car and trailer but found nothing. The next day being able to examine things more closely her parents discovered some pieces of hair and skin that was snagged by the trailer. Many believe this hair and skin may very well be from a Bigfoot. She has been holding on to these hair and skin samples now for 45 years. She believes they are indeed from a Bigfoot and she says she thinks Bigfoot does indeed exist. Klopp finally decided to have the hair and skin samples analyzed and sent them to the University of Montana for testing three years ago. The results showed the hair samples were too degraded and the DNA was too deteriorated to make an accurate identification. But many Bigfoot believers are still optimistic that further testing may be able to prove these to be authentic.