Sasquatch Scent: Foul or Fair

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With the search for Sasquatch becoming more and more popular and more sightings being reported then ever before there are some patterns starting to develop that can be analyzed. Along with these distinct patters are also direct differences in the various types of reports of what people are reportedly seeing and even smelling when coming into contact with Sasquatch. Many people who claim to have had a Sasquatch sighting or a close encounter with the creature claim that it is accompanied by a strange and strong odor. The smell is often described as a skunky type odor from that of a wet animal and some other reports claim its even worse. But this awful odor is not reported in every Sasquatch encounter and many researchers and Squatchers are wondering why. There are different theories from various experts with in the Sasquatch community as to what this awful smell is all about.



Some believe Sasquatch may resemble great apes in fact that they emit an odor when they feel threatened or get excited, but is that really all there is to it. One theory as to why some Sasquatch sightings contain a report of the horrible smell and some don’t is that it may be a regional occurance. The odor from the creatures may have something to do with the temperatures and humidity of the area they are found in. The strength of the odor could very well be tied to sweat and percieved danger and would be much strong in area’s of higher humidity like the Skunk Ape in the south and much less in dry mountain areas such as Washington State. Some others believe that Sasquatch may be able to create this foul odor at will as some kind of defense mechanism or when they are aggrevated or disturbed. This is not unheard of in the animal world as certain snakes , foxes , and even skunks can all do it. Some like the skunk use it for defense while others simply do it if agitated and Sasquatch may fall into one of these catagories.


Yet another theory tackles the most interesting aspect of Sasquatch smell and its skunk like element that often accompanies it. Perhaps Sasquatch harvest the skunk scent glands off of the animals and uses that strong scent to mask its own natural smell and maybe the smell of its young to ward off any potential predators. It would seem to be a viable explanation as to why the smell is not always reported during sightings although some consider it to be a little far fetched. All of the theories mentioned could very well have some merit but a lot more case studies have to be completed and information gathered before any of them can be considered more likely then the others. Many skeptics continue to believe that many reports include the existence of this foul odor simply because the witness in question has heard and seen it in previous Sasquatch sightings and think it further supports their report. If this is the case then one could argue as to if Sasquatch odor is real but ofcourse many agrue that Sasquatch itself isn’t actually real. The debate continues !


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