Shooting Bigfoot Director Morgan Matthews Interviewed After Film Premiere


The film Shooting Bigfoot premiered in Toronto at the Hot Docs festival. The story surrounding the film was that a Bigfoot was shot and killed and it was all caught on film and that someone was in possession of a Bigfoot body. Part of the story or rumor was that Morgan Matthews was ran over and knocked down a live Bigfoot. Rumors have been circulating for months that this film was going to blow the lid off the Bigfoot mystery. But now that some reviews are in this doesn’t seem to be the case and news isn’t very good. Here is an interview with the Shooting Bigfoot director Morgan Matthews about the documentary and its lack of any footage of a Bigfoot Body or even the shooting of a Bigfoot. In fact Matthews reveals in the interview that he is even unsure as to if Bigfoot even exists. Now it seems like this whole story could be one big hoax although Bigfoot hunter Rick Dyer still claims to be in possession of a Bigfoot body which will be shown on August 15.



Here is the interview of Mr. Matthews and you can decide for yourself if this group is possibly attempting to hoax the Bigfoot community.