SquatchIt Sasquatch Caller to Help Find Bigfoot


As the search for Sasquatch continues to gain in popularity and more and more people are becoming Bigfoot enthusiasts. They are hitting in woods in search of the mysterious creatures and are now looking to add to the tools of the trade. A company has now developed the first Bigfoot Finder Sasquatch Caller called “SquatchIt“. The SquatchIt is a Bigfoot caller that can simulate vocalizations that many Bigfoot Enthusiasts believe the elusive Sasquatch may actually sound like in the wild. It works much like a Bigfoot wildlife call or predator call of sorts and its inventors say it will help to find Sasquatch. It works by blowing into the SquatchIt tube to simulate the Bigfoot vocalizations to bring Bigfoot to you. This item is sure to be behind many upcoming Bigfoot vocalization reports and may do more harm then good as far as actual Bigfoot research and reports go. But as a novelty item it may be fun for camping trips and other outdoor wildlife expeditions sadly used more by joksters and hoaxers.



SquatcIt Press Release:




Sasquatch Caller to Help Find Bigfoot and Have Fun

Bigfoot Finder Sasquatch Caller

Dallas, TX (PRWEB) June 14, 2013

The inventors of a new novelty Bigfoot “Wildlife Call” device are announcing their completion of a working prototype, which they are calling, “SquatchIt”. SquatchIt is both a “Big-Time Fun Big-Game Wildlife Call” as well as an innovative, novelty noisemaker. It simulates the sound that a majority of Bigfoot researchers and enthusiasts agree that Sasquatch would make in the wild if it were to proven really exist. It is operated by blowing into the SquatchIt tube to simulate “Big-Time-Fun novelty Bigfoot vocalizations”.

“SquatchIt has been scientifically designed to be the most accurate, powerful and loud Sasquatch call for use by Bigfoot finders, to scare friends on a camping trip, to heckle politicians and raise a ruckus in general. It is loud and scary sounding and is sure to soil many pair of underwear on camping trips. We are very excited to announce the completion of the first working prototypes of this innovative novelty gift for both the Bigfoot enthusiast as well as the fun seeking jokester! There are so many uses for SquatchIt from using it to round up the kids for dinner to scaring your friends to attracting the ultimate big game, Sasquatch him self!” says Christopher Oliver, co-creator of the SquatchIt Bigfoot sounds device.

The SquatchIt call is a beautifully crafted piece made out of wood and plastic. The nose of the call is a plastic ribbed accordion like piece we refer to as a “gender bender” that allows the user to change the call pitch between higher tone feminine and low tone masculine mode allowing users to make the screaming sounds that many believe a Sasquatch would make if Bigfoot were proven to exist.

SquatchIt is not only the worlds first novelty Bigfoot “wildlife call” aka a “predator call” product, it’s also a new lifestyle brand phrase that allows people to shrug off situations that really aren’t worth getting upset over i.e. when you’re in a jam, just SquatchIt! For more information about SquatchIt visit their website at squatchit.com or email contact(at)squatchit.com.