Survivorman Stalking Sasquatch


Survivorman Les Stroud is going on the hunt for Sasquatch. The Science Channel has confirmed the two part series called Survivorman Stalking Sasquatch has been approved and has plans to air it sometime in 2014. Stroud is set to go on the Sasquatch expedition with Todd Standings head of the research group Sylvanic. Standings has claimed to have been within 65 metres of Sasquatch like creatures and has long been in search of proof to validate his claims of its existance. Stroud claimed in a previous interview that on a trip to Alaska shooting a Survivorman episode he encountered what he thought may have been a “great-ape” of somekind and it really piqued his curiosity about Sasquatch. Standings said the key for him during this upcoming expedition will be getting the attention of the mysterious primates which he claims are dominant and keep track of all intruders into their protected areas and then be able to draw them back to Stroud.


“Standings claims this is one of the few credible photos taken of Sasquatch”

Standing said he wants Stroud to approach the expedition thinking Sasquatch is real and this guy is really researching and studying these creatures. Stroud has already earned fame for his exploits and journies into the remote corners of the world armed with only his survival skills and video cameras for his hit show Survivorman. Now he will take his talents along with those of Standings to the remote wilderness in hopes of luring out colonies of unidentified primates said to be living near Banff National Park and Kootenay National Park in Canada as well as parts of northern Montana.