Could Scientific proof of Bigfoot presented possibly hold up in court ?


If a mock trial were held to determine the existence of Bigfoot could enough Bigfoot evidence be presented to actually win. Here is a very interesting video that is showcasing the very possibility that enough proof Bigfoot exists to do just that. The case delivered is based on Scientific evidence of Bigfoot that exists and would be required for proof. The case is explained and evidence presented on the video and as part of a very interesting document which can be viewed here


Bigfoot evidence mock court case

The Bigfoot video offers a look into the entire case which is then very well detailed in the documents found on the site. Could it be possible to use the evidence of Bigfoot which many consider to be clear proof and have it stand up in a court of law. Many Bigfoot skeptics would surely be doubtful but beyond Bigfoot sightings and encounters the base scientific evidence which believers point to is actually fairly interesting. Check out the video and site and decide for yourself which side of the case you would fall on.


MK Davis Bluff Creek Bigfoot Video


Bigfoot footage from MK Davis at Bluff Creek has many in and around Bigfoot community debating as to whether or not its actually Bigfoot. The possible Bigfoot video shows a shadowy figure crouching at a creek that seems to be using some kind of cloth. Being the site of the historic Patterson Gimlin Bigfoot film may add some unwarranted interest to this video as it doesn’t show much detail wise. Skeptics and believers a like have chimed in on the video and opinions have varied as is case with most videos of Bigfoot.


mk davis bluff creek


Here is what MK Davis had to say about the footage: “This is an enlargement from a video that I took on Bluff Creek Ca. in 2008. I did not see this when I was there but found it on the video in review. I was there with Don Monroe and Ken Iddins. Both men were accounted for in the video. We do not know who or what this is as no one else was there with us. It has a cloth of some sort. The previous August, there were a lot of firefighters in this area. This was shot in October. Perhaps it got the cloth during the fires.” It seems to look as much like a person as it would a Bigfoot and there just doesn’t seem to be enough there to be convincing enough to labeled this as definite Bigfoot footage. Check out the MK Davis Bluff Creek Croucher video for yourself and decide.


2015 Bigfoot Sightings: Georgia Bigfoot sighting and video


New 2015 Bigfoot sighting and video has been reported from a ranch in North Georgia according to the report. The video seems to be a bipedal figure just beyond some trees which many believe may be proof of a Georgia Bigfoot. The Bigfoot video is a bit on the blurry side and is limited as to details but some aspects of the figure can be seen. The footage was listed by the youtube channel legends beware.


north georgia bigfoot


You can check out the original 2015 Georgia Bigfoot video below along with some zoomed in enhancements. It is hard to gauge the size of the creature as there isn’t anything to use for scale but it seems to at least be sizable. The video is cut short with a claim that it was due to battery failure which will def be a point of attention for both skeptics and believers as to the videos authenticity. So check it out and decide for yourself as to if this is a Bigfoot or just another hoax.


Survivorman Bigfoot Les Stroud talks Bigfoot and Government Involvement


As long as there have been Bigfoot sightings and reports there have been rumors of a cover up involving corporate interest and the government. Many in and around the Bigfoot community feel the government have been covering up existing Bigfoot proof in an effort to satisfy interests of wealthy timber barons and other corporate interests. Bigfoot sightings for most part take place in some of the most timber and mineral rich habit in the world. If the existence of a yet unknown cryptid would be proven to exists it could potentially cost these corporations billions of dollars.


les stround bigfoot cover up


Les Stroud the star of the hit series show Survivorman Bigfoot sits down and talks about a possible Bigfoot cover up during a Bigfoot conference. Stroud went on record saying he has had elite military individuals admit the creatures existence. Have a listen to Les talk about this interesting aspect of Bigfoot and decide for yourself whether you believe there is a ongoing Bigfoot Government Cover up.


Bigfoot sighting reported by Fire Fighters


Bigfoot sightings continue to be reported and often the sources of these reports are brought into question as to how reputable they may be. When sightings of Bigfoot are reported by those in more highly regarded positions of society they are often weighed in a different light as to credibility. Here is a recent reports from True Bigfoot Stories of a very interesting Bigfoot encounter by a group of fire fighters. The witnesses claimed the encounter happened in a remote location in Northern California during a major forest fire.


fire fighter bigfoot sighting


The Bigfoot video tells the story of the California fire fighters Bigfoot sighting which contains some very interesting details about the encounter. You can decide for yourself as to whether or not your believe this may have been an actual Bigfoot encounter or perhaps just another one of the long running tales of the elusive cryptid. The details of the sightings definitely make it an account worth taking into consideration.