Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot footage clearest view ever by M.K. Davis


M.K. Davis Bigfoot videos are among some of the more interesting looks into Bigfoot and evidence of Bigfoot in and around the Bigfoot community. Now Davis has seemingly given us the clearest view ever of the Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot footage. With a new 20 step frame process more clarity and detail can be made out in the Bigfoot footage then ever before and Davis points out some very interest details.


best view of Patty ever


Could this new clearer look at Patty provide more proof of Bigfoot and that the Patterson-Gimlin film is indeed the best piece of Bigfoot evidence to date. Even though Bigfoot sightings and Bigfoot videos continue to be reported there has yet to be anything that comes close to the Patterson-Gimlin film. Take a look at the latest M.K. Dacvis Bigfoot video to see his latest work and enhancements.



Survivorman Bigfoot: Where the Myth Began


Survivorman Bigfoot Where the Myth Began takes Les Stroud to northwest California on the search for Bigfoot. A renowned hot spot of Bigfoot sightings and activity should make for another interesting and informative episode. The show will air tonight on Discovery Channel at 9 PM Central time. Survivorman Bigfoot season 2 continues with one great episode after another as Les Stroud braves the wild in hopes of gathering proof of Bigfoot.


survivorman bigfoot


Tonight’s Survivorman season 2 episode should be another interesting and informative journey as Les takes us to California. Will Les come across any added evidence of the elusive cryptid ? Will he possible catch Bigfoot on camera ? We will all have to tune in to find out !

Survivorman Bigfoot Legend of Klemtu Hill Full Episode


Survivorman Bigfoot season 2 kicked off with its premiere episode Survivorman: Bigfoot Legend of Klemtu Hill. Klemtu Hills is a volcano area in British Columbia, Canada where hundreds of Bigfoot sightings and encounters have been reported over the years. The elusive cryptid has been known to leave footprints in the area and to even have killed people according to local legends and reports.


survivorman bigfoot


Les Stroud continues his search for Bigfoot and this season promises once again to be a unique and exciting look into this Bigfoot quest. Here is the full Survivorman Season 2 episode for you to watch in case you missed its original airing on TV. We will try and update with all episodes of Survivorman Bigfoot season 2 as they become available. We hope you enjoy the Survivorman: Bigfoot Legend of Klemtu Hill full episode if you already haven’t.


Les Stroud talks Survivorman Bigfoot season 2 and more


Survivorman Bigfoot season 2 with Les Stroud has been long awaited by many in and around the Bigfoot community. Les sites down with After Hours with Rictor a Bigfoot webcast to talk about his opinion on Bigfoot and the new season of Survivorman Bigfoot. Season 2 Survivorman Bigfoot premiered last nigth with its opening episode called Survivorman: Bigfoot Legend of Klemtu Hill. Stroud the Survivorman himself has some very interesting opinions when it comes to Bigfoot sightings and evidence to date. Les has mentioned having what was possibly a past Bigfoot encounter in the past.


survivorman bigfoot


What would Les do if Survivorman Bigfoot did lead him to obtaining proof of Bigfoot ? What can we expect to see on the upcoming episodes of Survivorman Bigfoot ? Well have a watch at the video of the podcast and get all of the thoughts and ideas of Les Stroud on Bigfoot and more.


Bigfoot the Treehouse Video a Hoax ?


Bigfoot video from kids in a tree house has been broken down by Paranormal Review. The Bigfoot tree house video subject was investigated by Jack Barnes who estimated the creatures size to be approx eight foot tall using scale from a standard sized picnic table. The Bigfoot sighting was documented by some kids who also showed some of the Bigfoot tracks. But Paranormal Review breaks downs Bigfoot the treehouse video and points out some unusual anomalies. The analysis done seems to point to this video of Bigfoot likely being a hoax. Here is the breakdown by PR for you to check out and decide for yourself after seeing all of the evidence if you think this is indeed a hoax or not.


bigfoot the treehouse footprint