Spartansburg Pennsylvania Bigfoot Sighting and Video

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Bigfoot sighting from the woods of Spartansburgh, PA along with a video of what many believe may be Bigfoot. The possible Bigfoot video shows what seems to be a creature of some kind making its way through the woods as a couple records it. The witnesses claim the were out for a walk in the woods in Spartansburgh, PA when they noticed the creature come up over a hill at a distance and one of them was able to get it moving through using a cell phone camera. Although it has just surfaced and gained some attention now the sighting of Bigfoot itself and video are said to be from spring of 2014. It is hard to make out all that much detail from the video because of the woods and distance and many skeptics wonder if this is nothing more then a person in a gorilla suit.

spartansburgh PA Bigfoot

Here is the actual Spartansburgh, PA Bigfoot video for you to have a look at and decide for yourself if you think may be Bigfoot for simply another well orchestrated hoax.



Bigfoot Encounter in Uwharrie National Forest

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Here is an interesting report of a possible Bigfoot encounter that took place in the Uwharrie National Forest. The witness according to reports is ex-military and has spent plenty of times in the woods so was very familiar with his surroundings. The encounter took place last November according to the report and contains some pretty precise details. The Uwharries have long been known as hotbed location for Bigfoot activity and has been responsible for multiple reports and sightings over the years. It is considered as a prime location and habitat for a creature such as Bigfoot to live and survive fairly easily and live virtually undetected.


The BFRO did do a follow up investigation and the encounter is being considered as possible Sasquatch intimidation behavior. Here is a video report on the entire encounter for you to have a look at and decide for yourself if you think this was more then likely a Bigfoot or perhaps something else.



Bigfoot Sightings on the decline in 2014

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Bigfoot sightings are on a decline in 2014 after a spike in reports starting around 2000 according to a report by CityLab’s. Using information gathered from the BFRO (Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization) the groups says the number reported sightings of Bigfoot in 2014 are lower then in years past showing a steady decline. Back in 2000 a spike in reported Bigfoot sightings began and ran until approx 2009 with record numbers of reports being filed and claimed but since 2009 those numbers have seen a steady decline. Many attributed the rise in reports during that nine year period to a rise in access to new technology like smartphones and GPS units etc. But that same technology continues to grow and evolve but the sightings of the mysterious creature are in decline leaving many to wonder why.


bigfoot map


Cryptid sighting like that of Bigfoot have always been a area of interest for many people esp in certain area’s of the country where there seems to be more activity. A traditional hot bed for Bigfoot encounters and sightings has always been the Pacific Northwest and that is still true in 2014 according to the CityLab’s report. In face Pennsylvania and Washington showed a small rise in the amount of sightings being reported to the BFRO in 2014. Sightings of Sasquatch another popular name for Bigfoot were also on the rise in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Mississippi River Valley, and Ohio River Valley even with the reports overall from across the country being in decline.


An unofficial tally of 2014 Bigfoot sightings by state┬ácompleted by CityLab’s using the BFRO database.


  • Alabama 1
  • Colorado 1
  • Florida 1
  • Georgia 2
  • Illinois 3
  • Kansas 1
  • Kentucky 2
  • Maryland 1
  • Michigan 1
  • Minnesota 2
  • Missouri 1
  • Ohio 1
  • Pennsylvania 4
  • Texas 2
  • Virginia 3
  • Washington 4
  • West Virginia 1
  • Wisconsin 1



Bigfoot video from group of kids playing near a woods

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Here is a Bigfoot video that has recently surfaced taken by a group of kids playing outside near the woods on a very foggy winter day. While filming and playing outside the kids notice a figure off in the distance through the fog and capture it going back into the woods. The location of the encounter is not released along with the video which was taken back in 2012 according to the report. The fog is fairly thick making it hard to get a very clear look at the figure off in the distance as per its size etc. Could this possibly be a video of Bigfoot the kids seems to believe so referring to the possibility of it being a “Yeti”. Here is the original video taken by the group of kids so you can have a look for yourself and decide if you think this may actually be Bigfoot or more then likely just another well orchestrated hoax.



Finding Bigfoot Season 6 off Animal Planet TV Schedule ?

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Finding Bigfoot Season 6 is now two episodes in and oddly the Animal Planet web site doesn’t show any upcoming episodes on its schedule. Many are wondering what gives and if the popular Bigfoot show has possibly been canceled. The Finding Bigfoot new season just premiered on November 9th and now no upcoming episodes are currently listed. James “Bobo” Fay one of the most popular members of the Finding Bigfoot team posted a message on his facebook page saying that the Finding Bigfoot New Jersey episode was simply postponed by Animal Planet. He also assured his followers that the show had not been canceled and would be back.


finding bigfoot postponed


Here is the official statement from Bobo regarding the shows delay and the upcoming Finding Bigfoot episodes.



Finding Bigfoot: Bigfoot Hand Morphology

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During the Finding Bigfoot season 6 premiere Cliff Barackman makes note of an interesting tidbit from a local Alaska Bigfoot sighting. He references a little talked about area of Bigfoot research and that is the hand morphology of the creature. Cliff also notes a possible Bigfoot hand cast that exists which has been analyzed by many Bigfoot researchers and scientists including Dr. Meldrum and Dr. Krantz which suggest the same morphology. This is the type of information seldom included in most Bigfoot sightings and is a rather interesting area of debate.


Here is the actual Finding Bigfoot season 6 premiere video and you can watch the whole episode or simply forward down to the 42nt minute for the actual sighting in which the Bigfoot hand morphology is discussed. Also below the video is the actual hand cast in which Cliff references which is believed to be from an actual Sasquatch.



sasquatch hand cast


Finding Bigfoot: Season 6 Premiere in Alaska Sneak Peak

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Finding Bigfoot season 6 is set to premiere on November 9th on Animal Planet at 9PM ET/PT. The team travels to Alaska to investigate recent Bigfoot sightings and activity. Here is a sneak peak into the season premiere as Bobo and Matt check into a report of a large creature likely a Sasquatch awakens a father and son while out camping. According to the report some large creature angry and growling wakes up the pair when it begins to grab and shake their tent. Check out the video and get an early look into the upcoming Finding Bigfoot episode. We expect season 6 of Finding Bigfoot to be as entertaining as ever although we’re not certain we will be any closer to actually finding the elusive creature by its end.


finding bigfoot season 6



Bigfoot sightings and evidence from Yellowstone Canyon

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Bigfoot sighting reports from an area in the Yellowstone Canyon area of the Rocky Mountains. These reports lead to an area in the Yellowstone Canyon becoming a research area for the Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization. According to the organization there have been vocalizations recorded in the area which are believed to be that of Bigfoot along with multiple structures found. There have also been what they think are Bigfoot footprints casts made and hair samples recovered that are in process of being analyzed. They are calling this area of the Rocky Mountains one of the most fruitful research area’s they have come across. They have pinpointed plenty of food sources in the area and believe it is a likely location for Sasquatch. Some of the reported footprints found linked the the most legendary of cryptids is said to measure approx 17 inches in size. Here is a video report on the location and sighting from a member of the organization.

Possible Bigfoot Hair Sample Recovered
yellowstone canyon bigfoot hair sample



Finding Bigfoot: Rejected Evidence Photo Proof

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Finding Bigfoot executive producer Keith Hoffman decided which evidence is eventually used on the show for Bigfoot investigations. He goes over the criteria he uses for evidence sent in to the show and what ends of making it accepted evidence or rejected evidence. In this video Keith details the problem with many Bigfoot photos and what is examined to determine if they are possibly real or not and what makes for good photographic evidence. It’s an interesting look at what the team looks for when considering the evidence and sighting information we eventually see on the show. He goes over some Bigfoot pictures that have been sent into the show and reasons why they were eventually determined to be Finding Bigfoot rejected evidence. Perhaps you have a photo that you think may possibly be of Bigfoot and even if you don’t it is an interesting look behind the scenes of Finding Bigfoot.


finding bigfoot 2



Patterson Gimlin Bigfoot Suit Theory Challenged by ThinkerThunker

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ThinkerThunker is known to many people in and around the Bigfoot community for his great work breaking down and analyzing Bigfoot videos. He has done in depth work on the most famous of Bigfoot videos the Patterson Gimlin Bigfoot footage. He now challenges the skeptics and the theory that the Bigfoot in the Patterson Gimlin film was simply someone in a suit. He makes many valid points as to the possibility of this being a hoax and a man in a suit and reasons why skeptics should be as weary of this as they are of proof of Bigfoot’s existence. He as many others have makes the case for the chances a suit of such detail and quality could of even been made in that time period. Also could this kind of conspiracy and secret be held together buy these guys over all of these years , seems unlikely.


Many skeptics point to a story from a friend of Patterson who claimed he was the man in the suit when the Patterson video of Bigfoot was made as a smoking gun proving it was a hoax. But ThinkerThunker also addresses this and makes a great point as to the lack of any evidence to prove his story and most of all “No Suit” ! If there is a suit out there he even offers the owners of it to buy it for what ever amount of money so it can be donated to a museum. As he notes it would indeed be one of the best hoaxes in history.