Finding Bigfoot Season 6 off Animal Planet TV Schedule ?

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Finding Bigfoot Season 6 is now two episodes in and oddly the Animal Planet web site doesn’t show any upcoming episodes on its schedule. Many are wondering what gives and if the popular Bigfoot show has possibly been canceled. The Finding Bigfoot new season just premiered on November 9th and now no upcoming episodes are currently listed. James “Bobo” Fay one of the most popular members of the Finding Bigfoot team posted a message on his facebook page saying that the Finding Bigfoot New Jersey episode was simply postponed by Animal Planet. He also assured his followers that the show had not been canceled and would be back.


finding bigfoot postponed


Here is the official statement from Bobo regarding the shows delay and the upcoming Finding Bigfoot episodes.



Finding Bigfoot: Bigfoot Hand Morphology

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During the Finding Bigfoot season 6 premiere Cliff Barackman makes note of an interesting tidbit from a local Alaska Bigfoot sighting. He references a little talked about area of Bigfoot research and that is the hand morphology of the creature. Cliff also notes a possible Bigfoot hand cast that exists which has been analyzed by many Bigfoot researchers and scientists including Dr. Meldrum and Dr. Krantz which suggest the same morphology. This is the type of information seldom included in most Bigfoot sightings and is a rather interesting area of debate.


Here is the actual Finding Bigfoot season 6 premiere video and you can watch the whole episode or simply forward down to the 42nt minute for the actual sighting in which the Bigfoot hand morphology is discussed. Also below the video is the actual hand cast in which Cliff references which is believed to be from an actual Sasquatch.



sasquatch hand cast


Finding Bigfoot: Season 6 Premiere in Alaska Sneak Peak

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Finding Bigfoot season 6 is set to premiere on November 9th on Animal Planet at 9PM ET/PT. The team travels to Alaska to investigate recent Bigfoot sightings and activity. Here is a sneak peak into the season premiere as Bobo and Matt check into a report of a large creature likely a Sasquatch awakens a father and son while out camping. According to the report some large creature angry and growling wakes up the pair when it begins to grab and shake their tent. Check out the video and get an early look into the upcoming Finding Bigfoot episode. We expect season 6 of Finding Bigfoot to be as entertaining as ever although we’re not certain we will be any closer to actually finding the elusive creature by its end.


finding bigfoot season 6



Bigfoot sightings and evidence from Yellowstone Canyon

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Bigfoot sighting reports from an area in the Yellowstone Canyon area of the Rocky Mountains. These reports lead to an area in the Yellowstone Canyon becoming a research area for the Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization. According to the organization there have been vocalizations recorded in the area which are believed to be that of Bigfoot along with multiple structures found. There have also been what they think are Bigfoot footprints casts made and hair samples recovered that are in process of being analyzed. They are calling this area of the Rocky Mountains one of the most fruitful research area’s they have come across. They have pinpointed plenty of food sources in the area and believe it is a likely location for Sasquatch. Some of the reported footprints found linked the the most legendary of cryptids is said to measure approx 17 inches in size. Here is a video report on the location and sighting from a member of the organization.

Possible Bigfoot Hair Sample Recovered
yellowstone canyon bigfoot hair sample



Finding Bigfoot: Rejected Evidence Photo Proof

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Finding Bigfoot executive producer Keith Hoffman decided which evidence is eventually used on the show for Bigfoot investigations. He goes over the criteria he uses for evidence sent in to the show and what ends of making it accepted evidence or rejected evidence. In this video Keith details the problem with many Bigfoot photos and what is examined to determine if they are possibly real or not and what makes for good photographic evidence. It’s an interesting look at what the team looks for when considering the evidence and sighting information we eventually see on the show. He goes over some Bigfoot pictures that have been sent into the show and reasons why they were eventually determined to be Finding Bigfoot rejected evidence. Perhaps you have a photo that you think may possibly be of Bigfoot and even if you don’t it is an interesting look behind the scenes of Finding Bigfoot.


finding bigfoot 2



Patterson Gimlin Bigfoot Suit Theory Challenged by ThinkerThunker

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ThinkerThunker is known to many people in and around the Bigfoot community for his great work breaking down and analyzing Bigfoot videos. He has done in depth work on the most famous of Bigfoot videos the Patterson Gimlin Bigfoot footage. He now challenges the skeptics and the theory that the Bigfoot in the Patterson Gimlin film was simply someone in a suit. He makes many valid points as to the possibility of this being a hoax and a man in a suit and reasons why skeptics should be as weary of this as they are of proof of Bigfoot’s existence. He as many others have makes the case for the chances a suit of such detail and quality could of even been made in that time period. Also could this kind of conspiracy and secret be held together buy these guys over all of these years , seems unlikely.


Many skeptics point to a story from a friend of Patterson who claimed he was the man in the suit when the Patterson video of Bigfoot was made as a smoking gun proving it was a hoax. But ThinkerThunker also addresses this and makes a great point as to the lack of any evidence to prove his story and most of all “No Suit” ! If there is a suit out there he even offers the owners of it to buy it for what ever amount of money so it can be donated to a museum. As he notes it would indeed be one of the best hoaxes in history.



Bigfoot baiting ideas from Bill Brock of Monsters Underground

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Bill Brock the leader of the Monsters Underground team a new show on Destination America gives his opinions on Bigfoot gifting or Bigfoot baiting. Brock questions the use of any kind of processed items when Bigfoot feeding posing the question as to why Bigfoot would want that kind of stuff when he lives in the best organic farm around. There have been many different theories from many people in and around the Bigfoot community on the best way and items used to lure in the elusive crytid. With very little established data its hard to know which if any ways of doing it work better then others. Here is the rest of what Brock has to say about the types of bait and the different types devices that can be used to keep an eye on the area your baiting in so that you can get proof if Bigfoot does decide to show up and “take the bait”.


monsters underground


So here is my take on Gifting.. (Sasquatch Feeding) Put up a trail cam on your gifting area.. If IR is your issue due to reports of Bigfoot being able to see IR, don’t worry, Simply get a Plot Watcher.. Or even a Go Pro that has been modified for Night use.. Full Spectrum if possible.. Let’s get proof of these reports. Stop thinking they are there and lets KNOW they are there…

Why would Bigfoot want some processed crap when he has the best Organic farm ever? Just wondering I guess… Now, I will put entire dead animals out as Bait.. I think there is a better chance of a Bigfoot getting lazy and grabbing some dead Goat than a jar of Jiff…

~Bill Brock



Bigfoot caught on video in Hooper Bay Alaska ?

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Bigfoot may have been captured on video along the Hooper Bay beach in Alaska. According to a Bosco Olson Sr the footage he captured was of Bigfoot salvaging a dead walrus carcass along the beach. The incident happened on July 4, 2014 as he was riding along the beach on an ATV in search of driftwood. The original video has yet to be released publicly but a still photo was taken from it showing a large black object carrying a log along the beach. Now it is hard to tell from the photo as to if this is actually Bigfoot but the photo is said to be used for measurements of the creature and the carcass. The story along with the photo make for an interesting 2014 Bigfoot sighting although many questions remain unanswered.


According to those analyzing the video and photo’s the creature was appox 2.5 times the size of the walrus (the witness recalled the walrus being approx 3.5 foot long) making the creature over 9 feet tall. The creature seems to have a coned head and be somewhat muscular but its impossible to get much detail from this single shot. It also seems to be carrying a very large log which would make it quite strong.


Here is the actual story as reported by Delta Discovery and the photo for you to check out for yourself and decide if you think this may actually be a Bigfoot. First thing i question with this photo personally is the open location the alleged Bigfoot seems to be in, such an illusive creature wouldn’t seem to be caught in such a wide open area it would seem.



As told by Bosco Olson, Sr.

On July 4, 2014, around 8:30 am, I rode down to the beach on my ATV below Hooper Bay to check for driftwood. Within 20 minutes or so, I got to the big rotten walrus that had beached earlier this spring on the southside of the Nuvuk Spit.

When I was about 300 yards or so away, I saw something bobbing up and down from each side of the super-sized walrus (probably due to the stomach being bloated). The walrus is decaying and rotting. The right arm bone is showing with the meat rolled down from being rotten. About five days earlier, I had seen a raven picking on the walrus and figured that was it until I got closer and realized it wasn’t a raven.

I stopped and spent a half-hour or more waiting to see what it was. Whatever it was, it stayed behind the walrus, with its head bobbing. Maybe it was bobbing its head to see over the walrus to see if I was still there, or maybe it was bobbing his head while it was eating the rotten meat from the walrus. But I could not tell what it was until it finally stood up.

When it did, its left leg came out first and stood up real easily on the right side of the walrus. It was huge, very tall and dark, but its legs seemed somewhat brownish. Its body was very broad and muscular. It stood up with its legs semi-apart and fists clenched and I could see knobby knees. Its hair seemed raised on its upper body. We stared at each other for five long minutes or more. It looked like it was challenging me.

It was unusual for anyone to stand there so long as it did just looking at me. He was standing erect and seemed larger and bigger than any people that I have seen fishing in the area before. If it wore clothing I could have seen colors of his coat or clothes. He finally turned his head to look down at the walrus and started walking northerly along the beach. He took long strides as he walked.

At first I figured he was still a person and was going to his boat, but there wasn’t any boat or ATV nearby. When he got to a big log, he picked it up real easily and started walking back to the walrus. He seemed to walk a little slower with the log.

That’s when I finally remembered I had a camera – I took it out and began to take video of it, even though I was getting terrified and every sense of my body was in a fleeing mode. But I stayed since it didn’t seem to mind me too much of my being there.

Almost right away, I couldn’t take any more video as my card got full, but I watched it a few minutes longer as he reached the walrus and saw him use the log as a lever to try and turn over the walrus. (A live walrus weighs 4,000 pounds, so a dead one must weigh 1,000 to 2,000 pounds.) And I didn’t want to get closer because the ground between me and the creature was really rough and if I had to run away even in my ATV, the ground would slow me down.

One funny thing about this is he didn’t even ask for help or assistance – and I knew that walrus was old and rotten which no human would touch or consume. Only the seagulls and ravens had picked on it. No person would never attempt to salvage very bad meat from long-dead animals as this thing was trying to do.

Then it began to get visibly frustrated being unable to turn the large rotten walrus over with the log, although I didn’t hear any sounds or noises from the creature. I knew the sand was soft and soggy there and the tide was starting to come in. Finally I decided to get out of there seeing his demeanor changing with each unsuccessful try at turning the big walrus over, and I was getting too terrified of it. I didn’t want to stick around no more. I cautiously left the area looking back constantly to be sure I wasn’t followed by it. I could still see him using the log and working on turning that walrus over.

When I got further along and could see it no longer I felt safe enough to pick up some driftwood on the way out. I got a small load of driftwood and went on back home, being glad that everything turned out good even with whatever it was I saw that morning.

The next day on July 5 – this time taking my shotgun along – I went down to the old walrus but the creature was gone. I decided to check the rotten animal and found it to be about 3.7 feet high and the creature was much, much taller than that. I also found a small steak knife stuck into the meat but nobody cuts up seals or walruses with such knives. This creature apparently had found the knife from somewhere and learned how to use it. There was a good-sized piece cut off from the neck area, about a foot and a half by a foot wide. The meat was ruggedly cut with a lot of cut marks. It smelled very terribly – people in Hooper Bay wouldn’t be touching that stuff.

I took the knife and stored it in a ziplock. It’s really smelly and stings your nose due to the odor. I looked for the log the creature had used but had no luck finding it. Maybe it floated back out to the ocean with the tide.

Later that day at the post office, I learned from a cousin and her husband that while clamming in a nearby area they came upon large footprints. Another person told me he had found unusual footprints that had toenail or claw marks and when he compared them with his own size 10 shoes, they were bigger by 5 inches, more or less. He had been fishing for humpies, but when he found the tracks he upped and took off for home.

After the sighting, I told fellow Hooper Bayers about the creature. In hindsight, maybe I should have kept this to myself, but I wanted the community to become aware of other beings and creatures that live with us. There are creatures out there. My grandmother instilled in my mind daily when I started hunting around eight-years-old, saying to me, “Do not ever panic when you encounter something that is strange.” She told me, “One of these days, now that you are traveling to the wilderness, you will meet creatures that live with us, but they don’t trust people”.




hooper bay alaska bigfoot



Best Bigfootage: Bigfoot Eye shine video from Kentucky

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This Kentucky Bigfoot eye shine video has been debated by many people in and around the Bigfoot community. The Finding Bigfoot team went to Kentucky to study the footage of what seems to be the possible eye shine from a Bigfoot in the local woods. The eyes in the footage seem to be 8-9 feet off the ground which leads Matt to believe that it is very likely from a Bigfoot although Ranea is not so sure and questions if it wasn’t an Owl on a branch. Now there is no branch or any evidence that a branch had previously existed in the area where the eye shine was recorded.

Watch the Kentucky Bigfoot video for yourself and the discussion between the Finding Bigfoot team and decide for yourself if this could actually be some of the best bigfootage.


best bigfootage



Patterson Gimlin Bigfoot Video – Most stabilized version to date

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Patterson Gimlin Bigfoot footage is one of if not the most famous piece of Bigfoot evidence ever recorded in history. It has been at the center of the Bigfoot debate for decades with many in and anound the Bigfoot community believing the its authentic while others believe it to be a very clevel hoax. Here is one of the most stabilized versions of the Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot film ever done by M.K. Davis and provides one of the clearest views of the possible Bigfoot in over 50 years. Here is the M.K. Davis stabilized Patterson Gimlin Bigfoot video for your to have a look at for yourself and have a look at the easier to see details and decide for yourself if this could be a very well done hoax or in fact this really is the best footage of Bigfoot in history.