Creature terrorizing Mississippi town possibly a Bigfoot

The small town of Taylor, Mississippi has reportedly been terrorized by a mysterious creature which some believe may possibly be Bigfoot. There have recently been many strange noises reported and even animal mutilations leading to an ongoing investigation by local authorities. There are many theories about what may be responsible, but many locals believe a cryptid known as the “Swamp Booger” is to blame. Many others believe that a Bigfoot may inhabit this area and could easily be responsible for the weird activity. A local news channel takes a closer look into the mysterious events surrounding this small community.


mississippi bigfoot


A local resident claimed to have gotten a photo of the creature which is featured in the news story along with some interesting interviews. It’s an interesting photo, although it is hard to determine what type of creature it may actually be. Could this possibly be proof of a Mississippi Bigfoot or perhaps even the mysterious Mississippi Swamp Booger which many believe to be nothing more than myth and legend. Check out the news report and decide for yourself what, if anything is terrorizing this small town.


Grays Harbor Bigfoot Sightings have a long history


The Olympic Project brings us a look into the history of Bigfoot sightings in the Pacific Northwest and in particular Grays Harbor, Washington. There has been a long history of Grays Harbor Bigfoot sightings and many sightings are still being reported today. Bigfoot researcher Dale Ellis recounts a sighting of Bigfoot by a deputy sheriff in Grays Harbor back in 1969. This is a very detailed account of the incident and many believe is further proof of Bigfoot in not only Grays Harbor but in the Pacific Northwest. New Bigfoot sightings from the area have brought new attention to Grays Harbor along with some of its more historic sightings and encounters.


grays harbor bigfoot 1969


The following Bigfoot video is Ellis reading from the original transcript of the deputies Bigfoot encounter and some of the pieces of evidence found in the location. There are some in depth details which definitely make this one of the more interesting encounters with the elusive cryptid in the Grays Harbor area. You can listen to the account and then decide for yourself if this event may actually be Bigfoot proof!


Oklahoma Bigfoot vocalizations recorded


Oklahoma Bigfoot howls were recorded by a witness in a rural area of the state and have been gaining a lot of interest in and around the Bigfoot community. The Bigfoot vocalizations were recorded by the witness near her home with a cell phone. Many believe the howls heard in the audio recording are actually from a Bigfoot in Oklahoma. These are definitely some of the more interesting Bigfoot vocals that have been released, although there is a lot more analysis needed. Could these howls actually be Bigfoot proof from the state of Oklahoma.


oklahoma bigfoot vocals


The Bigfoot video features the witness telling the story where and how the possible vocalizations of Bigfoot were recorded on Supernatural Radio. There are some theories tossed around as to what the howls may be from along with Bigfoot. The vocals were recorded earlier this month and it’s definitely some of the more interesting pieces of possible Bigfoot evidence to surface of late. Have a listen to the program and the audio and decide for yourself what you think it may be.


Beast of Whitehall trailer


Beast of Whitehall is a film about the events which took place back in 1976 on a road in the Adirondacks of Upstate New York. Three teens encountered what they referred to as a beast on an isolated stretch of road in the area. The creature was described as being 7 feet tall and covered in hair and to this day many people believe it was Bigfoot. Abair road quickly crawled with state and local authorities after the report, many of which also claimed to have seen the creature. More locals would come forward in the weeks and months following the possible Bigfoot sighting with reports of their own.


beast of whitehall


Known as the “Abair Incident, ” it led to a rash of Bigfoot sightings in and around the town of Whitehall. The town of Whitehall has become known as “the Bigfoot Capitol of the East Coast” with sightings of Bigfoot still being reported today. The Beast of Whitehall is based on the Abair Incident and the tells the story of Whitehall. Over the years this story has become one of the more well known in Bigfoot lore and is often debated by both believers and skeptics. The new Bigfoot movie features interviews with witnesses and local figures and digs deep into the events of August 1976 and the Whitehall Bigfoot sightings. Check out the Beast of Whitehall trailer produced by Small Town Monsters.


Vancouver Island Sasquatch Howls Recorded


Search for Sasquatch is ongoing in the community of Alert Bay on Vancouver Island in British Columbia. Residents of the small community have been reporting some very unusual and eerie sounds which many believe may be from Sasquatch. Sightings of Sasquatch have been reported for quite some time on Vancouver Island along with a deep history of the cryptid in the local First Nations culture. The strange screams or howls are being heard primarily at night and have been captured in recordings.


alert bay sasquatch vocals


Vancouver Island is seen as a very likely location for a creature like Sasquatch to exists. Its remote wilderness is seldom ventured into offering even such a large creature like Sasquatch or Bigfoot a chance to go undetected. A local news story was done on the possible Sasquatch howls and the search for the Vancouver Island Sasquatch. Could these noises be proof of a Sasquatch in Alert Bay ?