Best Bigfootage: Bigfoot Eye shine video from Kentucky

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This Kentucky Bigfoot eye shine video has been debated by many people in and around the Bigfoot community. The Finding Bigfoot team went to Kentucky to study the footage of what seems to be the possible eye shine from a Bigfoot in the local woods. The eyes in the footage seem to be 8-9 feet off the ground which leads Matt to believe that it is very likely from a Bigfoot although Ranea is not so sure and questions if it wasn’t an Owl on a branch. Now there is no branch or any evidence that a branch had previously existed in the area where the eye shine was recorded.

Watch the Kentucky Bigfoot video for yourself and the discussion between the Finding Bigfoot team and decide for yourself if this could actually be some of the best bigfootage.


best bigfootage



Patterson Gimlin Bigfoot Video – Most stabilized version to date

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Patterson Gimlin Bigfoot footage is one of if not the most famous piece of Bigfoot evidence ever recorded in history. It has been at the center of the Bigfoot debate for decades with many in and anound the Bigfoot community believing the its authentic while others believe it to be a very clevel hoax. Here is one of the most stabilized versions of the Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot film ever done by M.K. Davis and provides one of the clearest views of the possible Bigfoot in over 50 years. Here is the M.K. Davis stabilized Patterson Gimlin Bigfoot video for your to have a look at for yourself and have a look at the easier to see details and decide for yourself if this could be a very well done hoax or in fact this really is the best footage of Bigfoot in history.




2014 Bigfoot sighting and photos from Virginia

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New Bigfoot photos from Virginia or at least what seems to possibly be a Bigfoot. These Bigfoot pictures were taken from along the banks of the Intercoastal Waterways. According to the witnesses they were able to snap the shots using a camera phone and had what they thought could of been an encounter with a Bigfoot in same area years before. Here is a youtube video with the story of the previous Bigfoot encounter and how the recent picture of Bigfoot were obtained. They describe the photos of Bigfoot as being not blurry and unobstructed which i think is kind of inaccurate due to a real lack of any kind of closely seen details of face or any other areas.

The image is not blocked by any thing and is out in wide open space but the quality of the photos (perhaps due to it being from a phone) are such that no detail whats so ever can be made out. You can have a look for yourself and watch the video and take in the story and look over the photos and decide if you think it may be Bigfoot. Don’t see enough details there to say one way or another personally which makes me some what skeptical of it. Haven’t seen many 2014 Bigfoot photos from any 2014 Bigfoot sightings so far but these def are not some of best ever.




Virginia Bigfoot Photo’s from the video:



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Best Bigfootage: Stacy Brown’s thermal Bigfoot footage Accepted Evidence

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Here is some thermal footage taken by Stacy Brown of what many believe is Bigfoot. People in and around the Bigfoot community believe that this is some of the best Bigfoot footage to date thermal or not. This Florida Bigfoot sighting and thermal image have been hotly debated by many people including the Finding Bigfoot team many of which can’t find an explanation for what it may be besides it being a Bigfoot. I think even skeptics have to admit that this thermal footage is very very interesting and it is hard to come up with a reasonable explanation as to what the figure in it may be if its not Bigfoot although many believe it is nothing more then a well orchestrated hoax.


Here is the actual Stacy Brown Florida thermal Bigfoot footage for you to have a look at for yourself and see if you believe its actually Bigfoot or any thing else i may possibly be.



New Provo, Utah Bigfoot Video

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Here is a very interesting video of what some believe may be a Bigfoot just outside of Provo Utah. The 2014 Provo Utah Bigfoot video was taken by a someone driving in the Provo Canyon near Sundance Utah which is just outside of Provo. The video seems to have captured what could very possibly be a Bigfoot in the tree line on the side of the road. It was dark when the video was taken but the mysterious figure can be seen as the headlights of the vehicle light up the tree line. There have been previous Bigfoot sightings in the Provo Utah area and one as recently as 2012 which was also captured on video. This is one of the more interesting 2014 Bigfoot sightings although many question its authenticity because very little detail can be made out from the video.

Here is the 2014 Provo Utah Bigfoot video for you to view for yourself and decide whether or not you think these people may have actually got a Bigfoot on video from the side of the roadway.




Best Bigfootage: Idaho Bigfoot Video Accepted Evidence Finding Bigfoot

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Here is more accepted evidence from the Finding Bigfoot crew of what many believe may be a video of Bigfoot. This footage was captured by students in Idaho while they were out doing some erosion testing for a class. It shows a very curious figure which the group said was watching them from a ridge above where they were located. They were able to catch a glimpse of the creature on video and many including members of the Finding Bigfoot team believe it may very well be proof of an Idaho Bigfoot. Here is a clip of the actual Idaho Bigfoot video from The Best Bigfootage behind the scene’s Finding Bigfoot evidence files with executive producer Keith Hoffman. It is an interesting video and you can decided for yourself whether or not this is possibly Bigfoot or an orchestrated hoax by this group of students in Idaho.




Finding Bigfoot accepted evidence : Georgia Cop Car Dash Cam Bigfoot

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Georgia cop car dash cam Bigfoot footage is still a topic of debate for many in and around the Bigfoot community. The footage was shown on a previous season of Finding Bigfoot and shows what many believe to be a Bigfoot crossing the road at night caught by a passing cop car on its dash cam. Now many believe that this Bigfoot video footage has already been debunked by some because of a story from a local Sheriff who claims to have found two local college students who admitted to the hoax and even took photo’s of them along with a gorilla suit they used. Although the Finding Bigfoot team while in the are filming the show was unable to substantiate any of the story brought forth by the Sheriff including finding the photo of the hoaxers he said he was in possession of. Many believe he made up the story of the hoaxers to try and quell local fears of the creature and avoid local hunters from taking to the woods in search of it.

Here is the actual Georgia Bigfoot cop car dash cam footage from 2009 for you to view for yourself if you haven’t already on a clip from Finding Bigfoot spot called the best bigfootage. You can decide for yourself if you believe this could possible be a Bigfoot caught on cam or something else including a hoax. Many point to the length of the steps taken by the creature to cross the wide road a proof that this was not someone in a suit or a bear.




Squatchy Photograph from Virgina examined by Finding Bigfoot team

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Finding Bigfoot team was in Virginia to investigate recent Bigfoot sightings and stories from an area along the Appalachian Mountains. The area is home to lots of wooded area and swamps and plenty of wild game making it a perfect habitat for Bigfoot to call home. The team also examines a possible Bigfoot trail cam photo taken by local resident Roger Williams. The photo captured a large figure that is hard to identify and many believe it could possibly be a Bigfoot. While others believe the creature is simply a bear but some characteristics like length of its arms and foot bring up questions as to if that is even possible. The Finding Bigfoot team discusses all of these odd characteristic’s in trying to decide if the unidentified creature is simply a bear or possibly a Sasquatch. Here is the actual Virginia trail cam bigfoot photo for you to view and decide for yourself if it is simply a bear or actually Bigfoot. Also included is a quick clip from the show as the team examines the photo for themselves.


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The Turtleman Bigfoot Encounter and Possible Bigfoot Evidence

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Call of the Wildman star Turtleman teams up with the Finding Bigfoot team as they visit Kentucky in search of the illusive Bigfoot. The Turtleman tells the team of his own Bigfoot encounter that happened when he was a kid. The Turtleman Bigfoot encounter is quite interesting and he was even able to collect a hair sample from his sighting. The hair sample is said to have been analyzed by independent sources and came back as a yet undiscovered primate. So not only was The Turtleman Bigfoot sighting significant to Kentucky Bigfoot lore but the fact that he may be in possession of hair samples which could prove something yet to be discovered roams the woods of Kentucky is really very interesting. Here is The Turtleman Bigfoot video where he tells the Finding Bigfoot team his story and they get a look at the hair sample collected years ago.




2014 Bigfoot Vocalizations from Texas

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Here are some possible Bigfoot vocalizations captured in Texas during the 2014 BFRO Texas Expedition. The team of BFRO members were out on a night walk when the Bigfoot audio was recorded. You can hear what seems to be Coyotes , some cattle, and a dog on the video along with what some believe to be a Bigfoot. The vocals were heard and recorded shortly after the expedition set out into the forest and the team was a bit startled to have began to hear the sounds so quickly. Here is the actual recording of the possible Sasquatch Vocalizations from the expedition for you to have a listen and decide for yourself if this could indeed be audio from a Bigfoot. It is a fairly interesting piece of possible evidence but also tough to evaluate as to chance of it being a hoax.


2014 Bigfoot vocalizations from Texas