Bigfoot footprint found in East Fork State Park in Ohio


New Ohio Bigfoot footprint was found just outside of East Fork State Park by an area local. The possible footprint of Bigfoot was found approx two miles from the park which has been known to be an active Bigfoot location according to the witness. The footprint is rather interesting and can be ruled out as being from a bear because there are none which inhabit the area. The possible Bigfoot track was found back in 2014 during what was one of the coldest winters in Ohio in recent years.


Ohio bigfoot footprint


The witness took the photo of the Bigfoot print with a camera phone using her size 9 snow boot in the picture for scale. Compared to the boot it seems to be quite a large print and could very well be proof of Bigfoot in Ohio. Too bad no further photo’s or even a casting of the print was made for further analysis as there really isn’t enough detail we can take from the single photo to be sure one way or another.

Bigfoot Sightings in West Virginia with Video


Bigfoot sighting in West Virginia by a man named David Watts along with a short video of the possible Bigfoot. The Bigfoot video shows what seems to be a bipedal figure walking along a wooded area of a mountain. It is described by the witness as a very large bear like creature and he claims to have monitored it as it walked along the ridge. The exact location of the mountain or latest Bigfoot sighting were not supplied except for it being West Virginia.


west virginia bigfoot sighting


The witness said about the possible Bigfoot encounterThat’s the craziest thing I’ve ever seen in my life. You always think it’s a hoax until you actually see it with your own eyes yourself.” The Bigfoot video is only 240p quality so it is hard to make out any clear details or an exact shape of the possible creature. Here is the actual West Virginia Bigfoot video for you to check out and see for yourself if you believe this may possibly be Bigfoot!


Bigfoot researcher and Mogollon Monster hunter Mitchell Waite passes away


Sad news in and around the Bigfoot community as long time veteran Bigfoot researcher and Mogollon Monster expert and hunter Mitchell Waite died unexpectedly of heart failure. Mitchell had recently returned home from a expedition into the brush doing what he loved searching for the elusive cryptid. He will surely be missed by family and friends and many people in and around the Bigfoot community.


Mitchell Waite


The Mogollon Monster is also known as the Arizona Bigfoot and has had many sightings and reports logged over the years. Waite including others have searched for the elusive Bigfoot of Arizona over the years finding footprints and hair samples along with logging sightings reports and videos. Named after the Mogollon Rim an area where many Bigfoot sightings and encounters have been reported.


Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot footage clearest view ever by M.K. Davis


M.K. Davis Bigfoot videos are among some of the more interesting looks into Bigfoot and evidence of Bigfoot in and around the Bigfoot community. Now Davis has seemingly given us the clearest view ever of the Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot footage. With a new 20 step frame process more clarity and detail can be made out in the Bigfoot footage then ever before and Davis points out some very interest details.


best view of Patty ever


Could this new clearer look at Patty provide more proof of Bigfoot and that the Patterson-Gimlin film is indeed the best piece of Bigfoot evidence to date. Even though Bigfoot sightings and Bigfoot videos continue to be reported there has yet to be anything that comes close to the Patterson-Gimlin film. Take a look at the latest M.K. Dacvis Bigfoot video to see his latest work and enhancements.



Survivorman Bigfoot: Where the Myth Began


Survivorman Bigfoot Where the Myth Began takes Les Stroud to northwest California on the search for Bigfoot. A renowned hot spot of Bigfoot sightings and activity should make for another interesting and informative episode. The show will air tonight on Discovery Channel at 9 PM Central time. Survivorman Bigfoot season 2 continues with one great episode after another as Les Stroud braves the wild in hopes of gathering proof of Bigfoot.


survivorman bigfoot


Tonight’s Survivorman season 2 episode should be another interesting and informative journey as Les takes us to California. Will Les come across any added evidence of the elusive cryptid ? Will he possible catch Bigfoot on camera ? We will all have to tune in to find out !