Finding Bigfoot 2016 is heading to North Carolina


Finding Bigfoot season 8 is off to a great start as the team continues its search for Bigfoot into the new year. This season of the show features stops in some old and new locations as the hunt for Bigfoot evidence continues. The next stop for this new season of Finding Bigfoot is Asheville, North Carolina and the show is seeking locals who have had Bigfoot sightings and encounters. If you live in the area you can contact the show and reserve a spot at the town hall meeting, which is scheduled for February 9, 2016.


finding bigfoot season 8


The greater Asheville area has been targeted as a location with plenty of Bigfoot activity according to producer Sean Mantooth. The Finding Bigfoot episode will cover Asheville and Western North Carolina and is set to air approx 4-6 months after its February filming. The Henderson County Bigfoot sighting and video were mentioned as part of the recent Bigfoot activity which caught the shows attention. Whether or not North Carolina will lead to proof of the elusive cryptid we will have to wait and see, but it should as always be an entertaining episode. Could the team finally prove the North Carolina Bigfoot exists?


Animal Planet is coming to Asheville in search of Sasquatch, and the TV crew seeks stories from locals at a town hall event on Feb. 9.

The show, “Finding Bigfoot,” follows four researchers who track the mythical beast around the world, aided by local lore. The episode featuring Asheville and Western North Carolina will film later this year, approximately four-to-six months after the February filming, said producer Sean Mantooth.

“We’ve done two previous episodes in East Tennessee and are now branching out across the border,” Mantooth said. “We only pick areas that have enough Bigfoot activity to warrant filming an episode of the show at. So while I can’t elaborate too much, rest assured that the greater Asheville area is Bigfoot Country.”

In August, the Citizen-Times released a video of a Henderson County Bigfoot sighting that went viral online.

“The only thing I can say about the Bigfoot sighting earlier in the summer is that we’re aware of it,” Mantooth said.


New North Carolina Bigfoot sighting reported


Bigfoot sightings have been in North Carolina have been taking place for some time and now a new sighting of the elusive cryptid has been reported. The small town of Littleton, North Carolina is the home of the latest 2016 Bigfoot sighting. According to the report a local resident seen a large creature approx 7-8 foot tall walking through the woods on the side of her residence. Here is a Bigfoot video of the sighting report and investigation along with a local Bigfoot museum.


north caroline bigfoot sighting and museum

Stephen Barcelo from North Carolina Bigfoot Museum


The North Carolina Cryptozoology and Paranormal museum located in Littleton offers some interesting Bigfoot evidence and artifacts. They also contain accounts of local sighting of Bigfoot from around the state along with a possible Bigfoot footprint casting. When it comes to Bigfoot hotspots North Carolina doesn’t really spring to mind, but it seems like the state has its fair share of activity. So take a couple minutes to watch the video and decide for yourself if you believe the North Carolina Bigfoot exists.


Bigfoot evidence found at previous Finding Bigfoot location


Finding Bigfoot season 8 began with its premiere episode called “Sasquatch Wars” which took the team to both Washington St and British Columbia, Canada. A town hall meeting was held and some interesting Bigfoot sightings and eye witness encounters from both area’s were reported. After attending the town hall meeting a father and son decided to search for Bigfoot in one of the locations in British Columbia that a sighting was reported from one of the eye witnesses. Their Bigfoot expedition would yield more than they bargained for. They believe they have found added proof of the British Columbia Bigfoot.


british columbia bigfoot track


While investigating the location the duo encountered a lot of activity and recorded some wood knocks and a possible tree shake believed to have been made by Bigfoot. Possible Bigfoot tracks were also found along the edge of a lake in the area. The tracks measured approximately 16 inches in length and are believed to be from Sasquatch possibly feeding on the fresh water clams found there. Here is a cool Bigfoot video made by the father and son team on their Bigfoot search following the efforts of the Finding Bigfoot team. Although the trip didn’t produce a 2016 Bigfoot sighting the possible Bigfoot proof¬†found is quite intriguing.


Finding Bigfoot season 8 takes search to Redding California


Finding Bigfoot is currently filming episodes for its new season and has taken the search for Bigfoot to Redding, California. Finding Bigfoot season 8 is going to air in 2016 as the team continues on their quest hitting some new and old Bigfoot hot spots investigating Bigfoot sightings and reports. The team recently held a town hall meeting in Redding and was pretty big news locally with local news station KRCR picking up the story. They were able to catch up with Finding Bigfoot star Cliff Barackman for a little more information on the upcoming season and Finding Bigfoot Redding episode.


finding bigfoot cliff barackman


For years Northern California has been a Bigfoot hot spot and the team hopes to gather some new and yet unreported sightings of Bigfoot from the area. Check out the local news piece on the show and a little sneak peek into an upcoming Finding Bigfoot episode. While the show has its share of critics its heads into yet another season and Finding Bigfoot 2016 should be well entertaining. Along with Northern California other filming locations like Southern Oregon have been mentioned for episodes of season 8 Finding Bigfoot.


Creature terrorizing Mississippi town possibly a Bigfoot

The small town of Taylor, Mississippi has reportedly been terrorized by a mysterious creature which some believe may possibly be Bigfoot. There have recently been many strange noises reported and even animal mutilations leading to an ongoing investigation by local authorities. There are many theories about what may be responsible, but many locals believe a cryptid known as the “Swamp Booger” is to blame. Many others believe that a Bigfoot may inhabit this area and could easily be responsible for the weird activity. A local news channel takes a closer look into the mysterious events surrounding this small community.


mississippi bigfoot


A local resident claimed to have gotten a photo of the creature which is featured in the news story along with some interesting interviews. It’s an interesting photo, although it is hard to determine what type of creature it may actually be. Could this possibly be proof of a Mississippi Bigfoot or perhaps even the mysterious Mississippi Swamp Booger which many believe to be nothing more than myth and legend. Check out the news report and decide for yourself what, if anything is terrorizing this small town.