New stabilization of Patterson Gimlin Film added proof Patty was a Bigfoot


Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot film has been examined for years by many, some trying to prove its proof of Bigfoot and others attempting to prove its a hoax. Now M.K. Davis bring to us a new stabilization of the historic Bigfoot footage that may be added proof that the Bigfoot in the video we know as “Patty” is really one of the elusive cryptid.


MK Davis Patty Stabilization


The new M.K. Davis Patty stabilization focuses on the shoulders of the creature an area often overlooked by many when analyzing the video of Bigfoot. He focuses on the center of rotation of the extremely large shoulders of Patty. This center and size proves that it isn’t someone wearing any enhancements like shoulder pads if it was a person in a costume as many skeptics claim. Take a look at this new stabilization of the Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot film and decide for yourself.


Survivorman Bigfoot: Where the Myth Began


Survivorman Bigfoot Where the Myth Began takes Les Stroud to northwest California on the search for Bigfoot. A renowned hot spot of Bigfoot sightings and activity should make for another interesting and informative episode. The show will air tonight on Discovery Channel at 9 PM Central time. Survivorman Bigfoot season 2 continues with one great episode after another as Les Stroud braves the wild in hopes of gathering proof of Bigfoot.


survivorman bigfoot


Tonight’s Survivorman season 2 episode should be another interesting and informative journey as Les takes us to California. Will Les come across any added evidence of the elusive cryptid ? Will he possible catch Bigfoot on camera ? We will all have to tune in to find out !

Survivorman Bigfoot Legend of Klemtu Hill Full Episode


Survivorman Bigfoot season 2 kicked off with its premiere episode Survivorman: Bigfoot Legend of Klemtu Hill. Klemtu Hills is a volcano area in British Columbia, Canada where hundreds of Bigfoot sightings and encounters have been reported over the years. The elusive cryptid has been known to leave footprints in the area and to even have killed people according to local legends and reports.


survivorman bigfoot


Les Stroud continues his search for Bigfoot and this season promises once again to be a unique and exciting look into this Bigfoot quest. Here is the full Survivorman Season 2 episode for you to watch in case you missed its original airing on TV. We will try and update with all episodes of Survivorman Bigfoot season 2 as they become available. We hope you enjoy the Survivorman: Bigfoot Legend of Klemtu Hill full episode if you already haven’t.


New Loch Ness Monster Video


New Loch ness monster video has emerged and some believe it proves that Nessie is still inhabiting the Loch. Over the last couple of years a real lack of sightings of Nessie have spurred rumors of the possible demise of the legendary cryptid. But some believers think this new 2015 Loch Ness Monster video could be proof that Nessie is still alive and well. The Nessie video was taken by a tourist at the Loch named Connie Ross at approx 1:30 in the afternoon. She reported seeing a large disturbance in the Loch and what looked like a large black belly emerged in the middle of it. She was able to get this video of the event and possibly of Nessie. Here is the actual video now being called the tourists Loch Ness Monster video for you to view for yourself and decide if you think this could be new evidence of Loch Ness Monster.


tourist loch ness monster video



Search for Bigfoot adds new high tech methods


Searching for Bigfoot is moving into a new high tech era and the hit History Channel show “America’s Book of Secrets” takes a look at some of these new methods. Finding Bigfoot has been the pursuit of many over the years and with technology constantly evolving the Bigfoot community is finding new ways to put it to use. The show takes a look at innovative new techniques being used by The Falcon Project in the search for Bigfoot. Many in and around the Bigfoot community believe these new methods will eventually lead to the cryptids discovery while other are more skeptical sighting the lack of results these new techniques have produced as more reason to doubt the creatures existence. No matter which side of the debate one stands on the use of more and more modern technology used in the Bigfoot search continues to make things even more interesting.


the falcon project