Search for the Bigfoot in Ohio known as the Ohio Grassman


Ohio Bigfoot sightings have been reported for years dating all the way back to 1869 and continue to be reported today. The elusive cryptid known as the Ohio Grassman has been described as an ape like creature between 7-8 ft tall, having a large frame covered in hair. Many skeptics believe the chances of a yet unknown primate inhabiting the woods of Ohio are extremely improbable, although there have been some interesting objects found in the area which may challenge the probabilities. Ohio Grassman sightings 2015  and reports many being reported at one of the biggest Bigfoot conferences in the country held in Ohio drive the search for the creature.


ohio grassman print


The chances of Bigfoot in Ohio have led to more Bigfoot researchers per capita then in any other state. The hit show Monster Quest investigated sightings and reports and some of the interesting Ohio Grassman evidence in one of its episodes. Could the state of Ohio be home to Bigfoot? Check out the episode and you can evaluate the possible proof of Ohio Grassman and decide for yourself whether an Ohio Bigfoot exists or not. As the search for Bigfoot continues in many states the one going on in Ohio is definitely one of the more interesting to date.


New Texas Bigfoot Sighting and Photo hits Fox News


A new Texas Bigfoot sighting has been gathering enough interest of late to make its way into a Fox News report. The sighting took place in the Houston area by a local mom and son and its caused the Bigfoot craze to explode in the area. A recent Bigfoot picture taken by a local man along the Neches River have helped to boost the interest in the latest Bigfoot sighting. Sighting of Bigfoot in Texas have been reported for several years and many believe the cryptid calls Texas home.


texas bigfoot sighting on neches river


Check out the news report of the Bigfoot sighting in Texas along with some information on the latest Bigfoot photo. Bigfoot research groups in Texas are on the search for the elusive creature and claim the state is a hot bed for sightings. Check out the Bigfoot Fox News report and decide for yourself if your believe that the creature calls Texas home!


Vancouver Island Sasquatch Howls Recorded


Search for Sasquatch is ongoing in the community of Alert Bay on Vancouver Island in British Columbia. Residents of the small community have been reporting some very unusual and eerie sounds which many believe may be from Sasquatch. Sightings of Sasquatch have been reported for quite some time on Vancouver Island along with a deep history of the cryptid in the local First Nations culture. The strange screams or howls are being heard primarily at night and have been captured in recordings.


alert bay sasquatch vocals


Vancouver Island is seen as a very likely location for a creature like Sasquatch to exists. Its remote wilderness is seldom ventured into offering even such a large creature like Sasquatch or Bigfoot a chance to go undetected. A local news story was done on the possible Sasquatch howls and the search for the Vancouver Island Sasquatch. Could these noises be proof of a Sasquatch in Alert Bay ?


Bigfoot sightings reported by U.S. troops in Vietnam


Reports from U.S. Troops of a not quite human and not quite ape creature were reported from the Kontum Province of Vietnam, near Cambodia and Loas. The locals call the creature “Nguoi Rung” or people of the forest which many believe may actually be Bigfoot. Sightings of the Vietnam Bigfoot go back years, but many consider the creature to be nothing more than folklore as no solid evidence of its existence has yet been found. But odd and large footprints found are believed by many to be made by the elusive cryptid, some of which was found by Vietnamese scientist Tran Hong Viet in 1982.


Nguoi Rung

Nguoi Rung


Sightings of the creature were among accounts of U.S. Troops during the Vietnam war. Gary Linderer a member of the 101st Airborne Long Range Reconnaissance Patrols reported running into a creature which he believed may have been Bigfoot. According to Linderer he was working his way through the brush when he ran across a five foot tall creature walking upright with reddish-brown hair covering most of its body. He described it as being muscular with broad shoulders and a very heavy torso. Another member of the squad who also witnessed the creature noted it may have been a rock ape, although Linderer and other disagreed that it was definitely no rock ape. The sighting was noted in Kregg P.J. Jorgenson’s book Very Crazy, GI: Strange But True Stories of the Vietnam War.


vietnam bigfoot footprint

1982 Nguoi Rung footprint cast


NVA soldiers and Viet Cong in the area reported so many sightings and encounters of a reddish-brown haired Bigfoot like creature that scientist were ordered to investigate by the North Vietnamese government. Multiple discoveries of footprints believed to possibly be from a Bigfoot in Vietnam were found, but the creature itself was never sighted. Noted Zoologist John MacKinnon, who personally investigated the area said he believes there is a possibility of a yet undiscovered ape species.

Yeti footprint found in Russia


An extremely large footprint found in the Kemerovo region of Russia is believed to be from a Yeti. The Yeti footprint is described as twice the size of a normal human print and being from ring finger to the elbow of an adult in size. The area is well known as one of Russia’s main Yeti sighting hot spots. The possible footprint of Yeti when found had sharp edges leading the witnesses to believe it had been freshly made. The print was discovered near a camp site by 12 year old Denis Alexandrov.


Russia Yeti footprint


The father of the child was able to take some Yeti footprint pictures and it can be seen very well. It was located in clay and had not been disturbed by the overnight rains according to the witness report. No one at the camp site heard any unusual noises or actually had any Yeti sightings during the time there. Although the same area of Kemerovo was the location of a previous 2015 Yeti sighting in July where a witness reportedly met up with the elusive cryptid.

Russia Yeti footprint 2

Russian International Centre of Hominology head Igor Burtsev also a prominent Yeti researcher bases in the region estimated that as many as 30 Yeti inhabit the Kemerovo part of Russia. Could this footprint actually be from the mysterious Russia Bigfoot ?


Russia Yeti footprint 3