Finding Bigfoot Season 7 Premiere’s on May 31st


Finding Bigfoot season 7 is set to debut on May 31st according to a recent press release from Animal Planet. The first episode of the new season of Finding Bigfoot will take the team to Brazil as their search for Bigfoot continues. The Amazon adventure takes the team on the hunt for the “mapinguari” the name given to the Brazil Bigfoot. Traveling miles up the Rio Negro and through the various perils the team hopes to locate the elusive cryptid.


finding bigfoot 2


The new Finding Bigfoot 2015 season will also take the team to Florida, New York, Texas, and Maine as the hunt for Bigfoot continues. As always the latest season of Finding Bigfoot should prove to be entertaining and worth the watch even if its scientific methods are a tad questionable. The team will hopefully bring to our attention some new Bigfoot Sightings in 2015 along with possible new Bigfoot videos and more as they visit the various locations.

In the new season of FINDING BIGFOOT, the team explores the following locations:

Florida: This is the third time the BFRO has been to the Sunshine State to find bigfoot because previous trips have uncovered some of the most definitive evidence of bigfoot’s existence. Now, the team hopes they actually may find the beast.
New York: Many consider White Hall the bigfoot capital of the East Coast, so it’s not too surprising that the town boasts a law banning the killing of sasquatches.
Maine: For the first time, the investigators head to the heavily forested Pine Tree State. Here, a visit to the International Cryptozoology Museum is just the start of a very ‘squatchy’ experience.
Texas: The team has ‘squatched’ in Texas before, but this time, it is heading to the infamous, eerie Caddo Lake, which is where numerous horror films including the bigfoot-themed Creature from the Black Lake was filmed. The team investigates whether there is more in this town than just Hollywood magic.

Starbucks Bigfoot Barista


Starbucks and Bigfoot not a combination that many would put together but the company is using the elusive cryptid to tout its new S’mores Frappuccino. The new Frappuccino flavor S’mores from Starbucks is being described as sipping the flavor of a campfire. “There’s a new Frappuccino stalking the woods this summer. Is that a campfire we smell?” is the new slogan being associated with the new Starbucks treat. Who would of ever thought they would see a Bigoot Barista ?


Bigfoot Barista

Bigfoot Barista 2

Bigfoot Barista 3

Lake Monster Sighting 2015: Ogopogo Sighting


Ogopogo is the name for the lake monster believed to inhabit the waters of Okanagan Lake in British Columbia, Canada. It is one of the more well known cryptids and lake monsters around the world along with others like the Loch Ness monster and Champ. This is one of the few lake monster sightings 2015 to be reported and is a very interesting sightings with some great details.


Ogopogo sighting 2015

Location of Ogopogo Sighting


This is the first official Ogopogo sighting 2015 report we have covered and it comes from a pair of women boating on the lake and saw the creature swin by their boat. Suzie St-Cyr Cowley and Marie Letourneau claimed to have spotted the creature which they described as being snake like approx 2 feet thick and 50 ft long having five curves along its back. The 2015 Ogopogo sighting happened about 1000 feet off shore in an area of the lake in front of Qualls Gate Winery.


Suzie St-Cyr Cowley and Marie Letourneau Ogopogo sighting

Suzie St-Cyr Cowley and Marie Letourneau

St-Cyr Cowley said “I could not believe it, I was afraid because we were so close and I wanted to move my boat away. I was screaming “Oh my god, that’s Ogopogo! It was so big.” She said Letourneau actually saw the creature first and didn’t know what it was as she being new to the area had never heard of the elusive cryptid. St-Cyr Cowley said “She was just yelling “Suzie, Suzie, there’s a big thing”, and I turned around and couldn’t believe it.

Sadly both of them were in shock and afraid the large creature would go under their boat that neither were able to get a Ogopogo photo. St-Cyr Cowley said she has been boating on the lake since 2008 and had never seen anything like it. and thought the lake monster was simply a legend. “It does exist, I saw it with my own eyes. I see it and now I believe it,” says an adamant St-Cyr Cowley.

Bigfoot researcher and Mogollon Monster hunter Mitchell Waite passes away


Sad news in and around the Bigfoot community as long time veteran Bigfoot researcher and Mogollon Monster expert and hunter Mitchell Waite died unexpectedly of heart failure. Mitchell had recently returned home from a expedition into the brush doing what he loved searching for the elusive cryptid. He will surely be missed by family and friends and many people in and around the Bigfoot community.


Mitchell Waite


The Mogollon Monster is also known as the Arizona Bigfoot and has had many sightings and reports logged over the years. Waite including others have searched for the elusive Bigfoot of Arizona over the years finding footprints and hair samples along with logging sightings reports and videos. Named after the Mogollon Rim an area where many Bigfoot sightings and encounters have been reported.


New stabilization of Patterson Gimlin Film added proof Patty was a Bigfoot


Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot film has been examined for years by many, some trying to prove its proof of Bigfoot and others attempting to prove its a hoax. Now M.K. Davis bring to us a new stabilization of the historic Bigfoot footage that may be added proof that the Bigfoot in the video we know as “Patty” is really one of the elusive cryptid.


MK Davis Patty Stabilization


The new M.K. Davis Patty stabilization focuses on the shoulders of the creature an area often overlooked by many when analyzing the video of Bigfoot. He focuses on the center of rotation of the extremely large shoulders of Patty. This center and size proves that it isn’t someone wearing any enhancements like shoulder pads if it was a person in a costume as many skeptics claim. Take a look at this new stabilization of the Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot film and decide for yourself.