North American Cryptids Map


New North American Cryptids map shows many of the creatures known to cryptozoology and places where they have been seen. The cryptid sightings and reports for many of these creatures have been around for years and some even decades in their particular areas. Some of the cryptid listings are more well known like that of Bigfoot, Champ, Skunk Ape, and Ogopogo with many of us are familiar with but it also includes some lesser known as well.


north american cryptids map

Some of the cryptids have not been seen or heard from of late and some of which are not as well known like the Wendigo and lake monsters Tessie, Manipogo, and the Turtle Lake monster. So check out the cryptid map and see for yourself if cryptids have a home somewhere near you. Perhaps you will find a local creature for you to begin researching and maybe even venture out in an attempt to have your own cryptids sighting.

In Search Of… Bigfoot hosted by Leonard Nimoy


In honor of Leonard Nimoy who recently passed away we take a look back into a popular show he hosted that some may not be familiar with. In Search Of … was a TV series which conducted investigations into controversial subjects such as cryptozoology and paranormal and more. The show gives viewers information and evidence mostly based on conjecture and theories which may be possible explanations. They had some great interviews and reenactments for the time and the show was a hit with both cryptozoology enthusiasts and those still unconvinced. Mr. Nimoy always seemed to be quite interested in the search for cryptids and did a fantastic job hosting these episodes. Here is a look back at one of the most popular episodes from the show In Search of … Bigfoot !


in search of ... leonard nimoy
R.I.P. Leonard Nimoy !



Search for Bigfoot adds new high tech methods


Searching for Bigfoot is moving into a new high tech era and the hit History Channel show “America’s Book of Secrets” takes a look at some of these new methods. Finding Bigfoot has been the pursuit of many over the years and with technology constantly evolving the Bigfoot community is finding new ways to put it to use. The show takes a look at innovative new techniques being used by The Falcon Project in the search for Bigfoot. Many in and around the Bigfoot community believe these new methods will eventually lead to the cryptids discovery while other are more skeptical sighting the lack of results these new techniques have produced as more reason to doubt the creatures existence. No matter which side of the debate one stands on the use of more and more modern technology used in the Bigfoot search continues to make things even more interesting.


the falcon project


Spartansburg Pennsylvania Bigfoot Sighting and Video


Bigfoot sighting from the woods of Spartansburgh, PA along with a video of what many believe may be Bigfoot. The possible Bigfoot video shows what seems to be a creature of some kind making its way through the woods as a couple records it. The witnesses claim the were out for a walk in the woods in Spartansburgh, PA when they noticed the creature come up over a hill at a distance and one of them was able to get it moving through using a cell phone camera. Although it has just surfaced and gained some attention now the sighting of Bigfoot itself and video are said to be from spring of 2014. It is hard to make out all that much detail from the video because of the woods and distance and many skeptics wonder if this is nothing more then a person in a gorilla suit.

spartansburgh PA Bigfoot

Here is the actual Spartansburgh, PA Bigfoot video for you to have a look at and decide for yourself if you think may be Bigfoot for simply another well orchestrated hoax.



Mexico Bigfoot Sighting at Popocatepetl Volcano


This is an interesting report of a Bigfoot sighting in Mexico at the Popocatepetl Volcano. A large creature was spotted climbing the slopes of the volcano as what the witnesses described as super human speed. The mountain rescue team said the subject they seen appeared to be very thin and brown in color and they believe it may have possibly been Bigfoot. There were also large footprints found at the location of where the creature was spotted. Here is the news report from the area with all of the information on this very interesting 2015 Bigfoot sighting so you can view the evidence and decide for yourself.


mexico bigfoot


This Popocatepetl Volcano Bigfoot sighting is definitely one of the more interesting reports to surface so far this year.