Five lesser-known U.S. cryptids and monsters

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Most people have heard of cryptids and monster such as Bigfoot also known as Sasquatch and the Loch Ness Monster. Some people even a little more into creatures and monsters may have heard of other cryptids like the chupacabras , Jersey Devil , Mothman, and even Champ. But there are still several more lesser-known cryptids , creepy creatures , and mythical monsters that can be found in the United States. Here are five cryptids that you probably never heard of. Maybe one of these mysterious creature resides near you and you never even knew it !


1. Tahoe Tessie : location – California and Nevada

This lake monster is said to inhabit the waters of Lake Tahoe. Sightings of the creature go all way back to the 19th century where the local Paiute and Washoe tribes claimed the creature lived in an underwater tunnel. The creature has been nicknames Tessie. Sightings of Tessie still continue today and witnesses describe the creature as being anywhere from 10 to 80 feet long and a black or turquoise serpentine like body. Some believe that Tessie could very well be a Plesiosaur , Mosasaur, or Icthyosaur because fossils of these creatures have all been found in local area. Legendary undersea explorer Jacques Cousteau allegedly emerged from a expedition in Lake Tahoe via a submarine and said “The world isn’t ready for whats down there” !

2. Lizard Man of Scape Ore Swamp : location – South Carolina

This creature known as the Lizard Man is said to live in the swamps of Lee County , South Carolina. Described as a 7 foot tall reptilian humanoid like cryptid its sightings go all way back to 1988. A eye witness report was filed by Christopher Davis who saw the creature while he was beside the Scape Ore Swamp changing a tire. Davis claimed he seen creature running toward him and got in his car to escape and the creature jumped onto the top of his roof and clung to it as he tried to get it off. When he returned home he noticed his side-view mirror had been damaged and he had deep scratches across his roof left by the creature. More these types of sightings and reports of lizard like creatures continued to be sent to local police. Local law enforcement was skeptical but did note that multiple reports from reliable people lead them to believe that something was indeed being seen although likely a bear. But some large three-toed footprints were discovered in the area in which plaster casts were made and the S.C. Marine Resource Department upon examining them said they were unclassifiable. A recent report from 2011 by a local couple claiming there car was attacked showed damage similar to the 1988 Lizard Man incident according to Lee County Sheriffs officer.

3. Pope Lick Monster : location – Kentucky

The creature is said to reside in Louisville Kentucky along the railway trestle over Pope Lick Creek. The creature is said to be a human-goat hybrid with a deformed human torso and a horned head with goat legs. There are several local legends linked to the origins of the creature from a reincarnated farmer who would sacrifice goats in order to obtain Satanic powers to a circus freak who escaped and vowed revenge on area because he was mistreated. Stories of how the creature claims its victims also vary with some who believe the creature uses voice mimicry luring trespassers into oncoming trains and others who believe that it slays its victims using an ax. The Pope Lick Train Trestle has become a destination for many including thrill-seekers because of these legends and there the location has seen a number of deaths.

4. Chessie : location – Virginia and Maryland

This lake monster sometimes called a sea monster is said to inhabit the waters of Chesapeake Bay. Sightings of the mysterious creature have been reported going back to the 1970′s. The creature has been described as being between 25 to 40 feet long with a finned serpent-like body. There was a video tape of what many believe may have been the creature in 1982 showing a large brownish object moving like a snake from side to side but it has never been fully substantiated. There was another notable sighting of Chessie in 1997.

5. Ozark Howler : location – Ozark Mountains

This creature is said to roam the Ozark Mountains through the states of Texas , Arkansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma. The creature is described as a large black cat that has glowing eyes and horns. It gained its name from a very loud eerie howl that it makes as it travels through the mountains. There are many theories as to what the creature may actually be including some cryptozoologist who think it may be an unrecognized large cat while some evolutionists think it could be some type of hybrid or mutated mountain lion breed. Still many skeptics think that the legends and stores of the Howler were likely inspired by a British folklore called the black dog of death.

New Video on Sasquatch and Sasquatch footprints found on the London Trackway

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Here is a great video about Sasquatch by Bigfoot researcher Toby Johnson. He describes the Bigfoot tracks cast from what is being called the London Trackway. Over 120 sequential suspected Sasquatch tracks were found south of Eugene,Oregon near the town of London. The footprints found are seen by many as solid evidence of the existence of Bigfoot. He also talks about some of the Sasquatch sightings that have taken place in the area. Forests, caves, and probably even garden sheds seem like viable places to spot Sasquatch. He must have tools to keep up his habitat in the woods and caves, no? Okay, so maybe no one has spotted Bigfoot in their garden shedyet, that is known, but surely things they can find in there would be suitable for their lifestyle.

Also included is a video from Dr. Jeff Meldrum on his work with Sasquatch footprints and and the belief in the elusive cryptid.

Alaska’s Iliamna Lake monster – Nessie of the North

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The Iliamna Lake Monster is said to roam beneath the waters near the small Alaskan village of Iliamna. The lake monster is known to the locals as “illie” and has reported sightings going all the way back to the 1940′s. The unknown cryptid is reported to be anywhere from 10-30 feet long with a square shaped head. The monster has been reported to use its head to hit things such as small boats. The most recent reported sighting of the creature was in 1988 when several locals seen the creature from land and water.

Alaska's Iliamna Lake Monster

“Possible photo of Alaska’s Iliamna Lake Monster”

Some believe the creature in Lake Iliamna may be similar to other lake monsters like Ogopogo from Lake Okanogan or Nessie from Loch Ness although disputed by some because descriptions of illie don’t seem to match the serpent like descriptions of these other lake monsters. Some believe this creature may possibly be a large White Sturgeon a theory put forth by biologist Jeremy Wade from the popular Animal Planet show “River Monsters”.

A new theory has now been put forth by scientist that this creature and some other lake monsters in the region may actually be sleeper sharks. Sharks in Loch Ness has been a long standing hypothesis for explaining the creature seen there but the suggestion of them possibly being sleeper sharks is a new twist. These sharks can exceed 20 feet in length and weigh upwards of 4 tons and could possibly use these lakes as a food source. The abundance of salmon in both lake Iliamna and Loch Ness could possibly lure in these sharks. There are still many unknowns about these creature and some people already discount this theory all together but expeditions are planned to both Lake Iliamna and Loch Ness this year and in 2013 to try and get video of these sharks in the lakes or of the lake monsters themselves.

New Loch Ness Monster photo

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jobes nessie photo 2

jobes nessie photo 1

At first glance it looks like another dark ripple on the water.

But study the photograph more closely and a dark hump and tail can be seen poking through the water’s surface, or so a life-long hunter of the Loch Ness monster hunter claims.

William Jobes, 62, believes that he may have at last captured the elusive creature on camera after 45 years of trying.

‘I had a wonderful shock,’ Mr Jobes said.’I have actually been coming up to Inverness for the past 45 years and I have never seen anything like this before.’

Quickly grasping his camera, Mr Jobes from Irvine in Ayrshire, managed to take a single picture before the ‘head’ disappeared under the surface.

However, to his delight a dark, hump-like shape broke the waves and he was able to take more photographs of the apparent sighting on May 24 at just after 11.10am.

Mr Jobes is convinced it was not a seal or piece of wood.

‘To be honest I know the difference between a piece of wood or a particular animal,’ he said.

‘I immediately did think it was a seal but it’s head was like a sheep.’

However, veteran Nessie hunter Steve Feltham, remains sceptical, although he admits the hump photograph cannot be immediately explained and is worth further investigation.

‘The river comes out there and something large could have come down the river and flowed out there,’ he suggested.

Mr Jobes’ is the second potential sighting of nessie so far this summer.

Last month Foyers shop and cafe owner Jan Hargreaves and her husband Simon believe they caught a glimpse of the creature.

The apparent sighting of Nessie comes after a couple were left shocked when they discovered the rotting body of a sea monster while walking along a beach at Bridge of Don,  Aberdeen.

Margaret and Nick Flippence made the incredible find as they exercised their dogs at the popular beauty spot.

sea serpent carcus

Mr Flippence, 59, who lives nearby, said: ‘We were stunned. I thought, “oh my God what is it?”

Curled up by the foot of sand dunes was the 30ft-long body of the unidentified animal with head, tail and teeth all discernible.

Experts are now examining the pictures with one suggesting it could be the body of a whale.

Before the discovery of the enormous sea carcass, a large creature, 20 to 30ft long with humps on its back, was filmed moving through the waters of an Alaskan bay.

The unidentified creature which was filmed by local fisherman in 2009 has already drawn comparisons to Scotland’s infamous Loch Ness Monster.

Scientists believe that the Alaskan creature could be a Cadborosaurus -  a type of sea serpent that got its name from Cadboro Bay in British Columbia and is said to roam the North Pacific.

Paul LeBlond, former head of the Department of Earth and Ocean Sciences at the University of British Columbia, told Discovery News: ‘I am quite impressed with the video.

‘Although it was shot under rainy circumstances in a bouncy ship, it’s very genuine.’

The Cadborosaurus willsi, meaning ‘reptile’ or ‘lizard’ from Cadboro Bay, is an alleged sea serpent from the North Pacific thought to have a long neck, a horse-like head, large eyes, and back bumps that stick out of the water.

cadborosaurus photo 1

In 1937, a supposed body of the animal was found in the stomach of a whale captured by the Naden Harbour whaling station in the Queen Charlotte Islands, a British Columbia archipelago.

Samples of the animal were brought to the Provincial Museum in Victoria, where curator Francis Kermode concluded they belonged to a fetal baleen whale.

The animal’s remains, however, later disappeared.

James Wakelun, a worker at the whaling station, last year said that he saw the creature’s body and ‘it wasn’t an unborn whale.’

Like other cryptids, animals whose existence is suggested but not yet recognised by scientific consensus, the Cadborosaurus has existed only in grainy photographs and eyewitness accounts.


Professor Jeff Meldrum hypothesizes 500-750 Bigfoot species living today

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Jeff Meldrum

“My goal is not to convince, my goal is to open minds,”said Jeff Meldrum, professor of anatomy and anthropology at Idaho State University. Meldrum has been researching the specimen of Sasquatch for more than 15 years and has received national attention for his work, both positive and negative.

His research examines various evidences which suggest that the mythical creature Sasquatch may in fact be real. In particular, he hypothesizes there may be not only one creature living today, but as many as 500-750 of the Sasquatch species.

“People have been so conditioned that this isn’t possible that when they finally see it, it upsets their whole equilibrium,” he said.

Meldrum said many people, both inside and outside of academia, don’t believe that Sasquatch could be real.

“Some of the naysayers adapt that position because such a creature, such a species could not exist under our noses and not have been discovered,” he said.

Others, he said, don’t accept the possibility out of stubbornness.

“There’s a certain chic to being critical these days,” he said, “and skepticism is worn as a bright red arm band by some individuals.”

Dr. Robert Schmidt, USU professor of wildlife policy and human dimensions in the College of Natural Resources, invited Meldrum to come and speak.

“I met Dr. Meldrum a number of years ago and it was just interesting about how he, as a person with a credentials in science, how he uses that process to look at Sasquatch, which is a very different way than the other Sasquatch fans,” he said. “He has this logical process by which he sorta says ‘I can include this information.’”

Ryan Carlisle, an international studies major who attended the lecture, said the presentation didn’t affect his belief in Sasquatch.

“It’s a possibility,” he said. “I didn’t totally discount it. It could be.”

Halley Kartchner, a graduate student in human dimensions of ecosystems science and management who considers herself an amateur Bigfoot enthusiast said,  “I thought it was really refreshing take on the legend of Sasquatch. My other exposure to it has been kinda crazy people I guess.”

She said that while she’s not completely convinced that Sasquatch is real, Meldrum’s lecture made her more inclined to believe he could be.

“It was really good to hear someone with a Ph.D and all this background knowledge giving his take on it,” she said.

Sara Preece, a graduate in marine biology from BYU, said, “I had never seen evidence presented the way he had. I feel like he presented it very factually, very evidence-based. He wasn’t trying to change anyone’s mind or convince anybody, he was just presenting objective evidence for people.”

She said she doesn’t necessarily believe or disbelieve that Sasquatch is real because belief connotes a religious type of conviction, but said Meldrum’s presentation did make her think that Sasquatch could be real.

Meldrum said he himself is not positive that Sasquatch is real, but that the evidence compels him to continue researching.

Source: utahstatesman

Animal Planet Team to search for Bigfoot in Uwharrie Forest

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bigfoot 2

Producers, actors and a crew from Animal Planet, yes you read right, Animal Planet, are coming to Montgomery County. Why you ask….they are coming in hopes of catching a glimpse of “Bigfoot” in the Uwharrie National Forest. Yes, you also read that right, “Bigfoot” in the Uwharrie National Forest.

It appears that the Uwharrie National Forest has become the hot spot for “Bigfoot” sightings, especially if you leave a Zagnut candy bar around. Michael Greene of Salisbury says he captured a thermal image of “Bigfoot” in the forest, using a Zagnut candy bar.

Greene says on his Web site, that, he has “Been on the trail of Bigfoot for some 20 years. He has traveled from Bella Coola, BC to the Teslin River, Yukon Territory, to Bluff Creek, CA, to the Olympic Peninsula, WA, to the Adirondack Mountains of NY State, Florida’s Everglades and to the forests of North Carolina, where he now makes his home. Greene has an MS in Behavioral Psychology, is a court-qualified Questioned Documents Expert and for 20 years was Chief Investigator for a State Fraud Bureau. He is a pilot and a former EMT and member of the National Ski Patrol.” Greene also describes his encounter on the Web site detailing the filming and the use of the candy bar.

Greene says he first encountered “Bigfoot” two years ago and that just like any other species there are multiple creatures. “They multiply and there has to be thousands of them,” said Greene. But Greene realizes there are skeptics and says, “Until I saw it myself, I did not believe it. It was like a fairy tale.”

Greene is not alone in his search. West Montgomery football coach John Pate also is an avid believer and field researcher. Pate and Greene are both members of the Bigfoot Field Research Organization, which will be a part of the search.

Pate is organizing a meeting at the Troy Fire Department for anyone interested in talking to the film crew about their own personal experiences with “Bigfoot” encounters. The meeting is set for Feb. 8 from 6-9 p.m.. Pate has been an investigator for the organization for four years, but says he has been looking for “Bigfoot” as a hobby for 15 years. “Some people hit golf balls, I go to the woods. It is my sanity.” Pate says he has not been so lucky as to see “Bigfoot” but he has heard him. Pate says he has talked to people that have seen “Bigfoot” in this county though and he hopes they will come out and share their story. “The one dominant thing about “Bigfoot” is his eyes. They are orange and have a dominant shine to them,” said Pate.

Pate says the field researchers are as diverse a group as you will ever meet. Doctors, businessmen and others are all gathering material for the organization. A drive in the forest to try and flush out “Bigfoot” will be held Saturday, Feb. 12.

Source: Montgomery Herald

Sasquatch spotted by Winnipeg man

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Motkaluk sasquatch

WINNIPEG – After a half century of nightmares, Winnipegger Archie Motkaluk, 70, has finally revealed the secret behind his decades of sleepless nights.

Christmas Day at home on Lipton Street, with all the family around him, Archie brought out a book containing handwritten notes and a drawing of the Sasquatch he had a very up close and personal encounter with back on December 29, 1960. One by one, the family took Archie’s book into a room adjoining their dining room, and read details of the day Archie clearly remembers standing face to face, eight feet away from a female Sasquatch in the bush near Swan River, Manitoba, and wondering what was going to happen next.

Home for Christmas from attending school in Winnipeg, Archie was visiting his parents farm near Renwer, Manitoba (south east of Swan River) and had taken a team of horses and the sleigh to go chop some wood three miles or so into the bush back of the farm.

With the horses tied to some nearby brush, axe in hand, 10:30 a.m., Archie was chopping deadfall when about 400 yards across the clearing he was in, he spotted what he believed to be a man slowly heading his way, stopping every few minutes to examine the bushes. Wasn’t quite sure what the guy was up to, but by the time the “man” got within a hundred yards or so, Archie realized his visitor was a Sasquatch, who, shortly after, confronted Archie in a manner that left him literally frozen in place till the fear subsided enough for both him and the Sasquatch to take a few steps back.

So why did he wait 50 years to tell his story? Seems Archie was recently watching a television program in which the guest declared there is no such thing as a Sasquatch, and Archie just couldn’t let it go. He decided regardless of the outcome, it was time to share his experience.

His description of the event is fascinating, particularly when he details the physical appearance, and behaviour of his somewhat nerve-wracking forest friend.

Archie tells me the only person he ever told of his encounter was his mother upon arriving home that day, who got him to sit down and draw a picture of it, the same picture he displays at the front of his notebook, now featured beside a Sasquatch pic one of his grandchildren got online.

Following the interview with Archie, I called University of Manitoba Science writer Chris Rutkowski, to ask if he was aware of any other Sasquatch sightings reported from the area. He recalled Sasquatch sightings at Easterville in 1968 and 1970, one of them reported by a school principal.

Googling Manitoba Sasquatch sightings I also found another report, this one on video, from March of 2007 near Peguis.

So now, Archie’s tale, as with all other reported sightings of Sasquatch/Loch Ness monster type experiences, is yours to believe, or not; dismiss or discuss; mock, or chock up as yet further proof that Sasquatch lives, and walks the woods of Friendly Manitoba.

Source: Toronto Sun

Possible Cry of a Bigfoot heard in Salem , Oregon

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Mill City lies in the heart of Oregon’s big timber country. I spent the early years of my youth there, exploring old trails that wound through the thick forest to lookouts high atop the mountains. Here Oregon’s climate nourishes a towering evergreen rainforest folded into a maze of canyons and ridgetops, where countless streams and waterfalls lay hidden.

Although logging roads bisect much of these wild areas, there is a sense of mystery that pervades much of Oregon’s backcountry with soft sounds of wildlife, and sudden silence that floats as thick as morning fog through the trees.

When walking on lost trails where logging camps once bustled with busy families, one can still hear the lonely call of creatures unseen, distant and yet powerful, with a strange quality that will stop you in your tracks with a chill as cold as ice.

My wife and I ventured back to my childhood haunts on one such occasion. The area was denoted by a small circle on an old atlas I picked up at a used bookstore. ‘Camp 26′ was nestled into Green Mountain near Rock Creek, south of Mill City. It was the site of an old logging camp, now grown over with replanted Douglas Fir, marked only by a white signpost without a sign.

Here and there small rusty pieces of metal logging hardware told a story growing fainter every year. Fragments of cable and pulleys, hooks and bolts.

My wife and I piled them next to a tree as a silent memorial to a proud way of life lingering in the forest like an old tree stump with a buckboard scar.

Despite the replanted trees, now 30-40 feet tall, the meadow retained intangible qualities of the old logging camp. A trail meandered through the site, heading toward a nearby creek that once served the needs of thirsty loggers and their families.

According to my map, a small railroad once penetrated the woods nearby, bringing the huge old growth logs to the waiting mill in the Santiam Canyon. Now, the path of the rails was barely discernable, the rough and random windfall was slowly reclaiming man’s laborious entry into this shadowy realm.

My wife and I hiked the path toward the creek. We noticed several trees that had been inexplicably snapped off about eight feet above the ground.

Suddenly an otherworldly cry filled the forest around us. It emanated from higher up the Rock Creek canyon, piercing with a strange timbre that was bestial and somehow human. Long and drawn out, with a middle section broken with unearthly trilling, it faded into a nothingness of echoes from afar.

We looked at each other and knew at once that the message was a territorial warning, that we had strayed into the domain of something beyond our knowledge. My wife and I have decades of wilderness experience, and never have we heard anything like it.

If only our video camera had been on at that time to capture the mournful cry. We explored the area for awhile, then wandered to our van and prepared to leave. Instead we sat and waited for another sign of whatever it was that we heard. But there was nothing. Just that single cry that will last a lifetime.

Later when on the Internet, I stumbled upon a website of Oregon Bigfoot sightings, and learned that others had found signs of Bigfoot in the exact same area, with actual sightings in nearby Detroit.

Locals have stories of mysterious occurrences, which point to the existence of a creature of enormous strength and human-like intelligence. On that day, we later wondered, had the eyes of Sasquatch watched us from the gloom of the forest?

Source: Salem-News

Hair of unidentified creature could be from China’s “Wild Man”

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wild man hair

Photo of possible “Wild Man” hair

The Shennongjia Nature Reserve in Hubei province has examined a strand of hair which it has not managed to identify, prompting local people to speculate that it may belong to the “Wild Man” – China’s own Bigfoot.

Piao Jinlan, a researcher at the reserve, said that scientists need to continue their tests before they can identify the species.

The hair is said to be thicker than human hair and thinner than horsetail hair.

More than 400 people have claimed to have seen the half-man, half-ape “Wild Man” in the area in the last 100 years.

Witnesses describe the creature as walking upright, more than 2 meters tall and with grey, red or black hair all over its body.

An investigative team was set up in 2009 and started a large-scale search for the mysterious creature in Shennongjia this year.

Source: globaltimes

Bigfoot alive and living in Minnesota

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Bigfoot alive and living in northern Minnesota?  The co-founders of the Northern Minnesota Bigfoot Society say, “100 percent yes.”

They said they  have received more than 75 reports of sightings, captured images, and Bigfoot footprints in just three years. They’re sharing their insight while sorting fact from fiction as they take KSAX on the hunt for Bigfoot.

“I’m a skeptic of Bigfoot because I’ve trapped this whole area and never, ever did we see any Bigfoot tracks or see Bigfoot anywhere,” William Tucker of Bena said.

Long time trapper William Tucker is anything but a believer, but just miles away from Bena, mind boggling footprints were found.

Each track was a bit different, different pressures, different depths, eliminating the possibility of some sort of footprint stamp.

This is just one of the things the co-founders of the Northern Minnesota Bigfoot Society say confirms the fact, Bigfoot is out there.

“I’m 110% convinced that it exists. There’s just too much evidence, too many people’s emotions showing when they recount their stories,” Bob Olson, a co-founder of the Northern Minnesota Bigfoot Society said.  “One lady cries when she recounts her story of how this thing stood up and looked at her. She felt it looked into her soul.”

Since 2006, Olson and Don Sherman have received about 75 reports of similar Bigfoot sightings in Northern Minnesota, some of which have been captured on camera.

The most recent was captured in Remer. Though to some, the image may look like a man in a suit, a comparison with 6 foot 5 inch Bob Olson showed this man would have had to have been at least 7 feet tall.

Sherman and Olson say “wood knocking” is just one more way Bigfoot makes his presence known. Olson said Bigfoot responded to him at Carey Lake when he knocked on a tree five times.

What about bones? One KSAX reader says,  “I believe Bigfoot is 100% real, as are a lot of the other creatures of Cryptozoology. But i believe in their true form, they are spiritual creatures, that manifest in flesh as they so desire. That is why we will never find bones, or other such evidence of them.”

On the other side of the coin, Olson says giant bones belonging to Humanoid creatures were found in the late 1800′s, stretching 10 to 12 feet.

While there haven’t been any Bigfoot skeletons found, many trappers say they’ve never come across any bear, wolf, or other large animal skeleton either.

Other signs Bigfoot exists include branches plucked straight out of trees, strange looking shelters, and stick men to warn other Bigfoot of humans in the area.

“When there’s stuff that doesn’t go away, there’s gotta be something to it and the evidence just keeps mounting up,” Olson said.

For some Bena residents, the legend of Bigfoot is far from a tall tale.

“I never seen it, but like I says I believe in it,” New Prague resident Leo Hinderscheid said.

“I don’t know what to say Megan but I believe in it and that’s the way it will be,” Helen Tibbetts of Bena said.

So, the hunt for Bigfoot continues.