Lake Monster Sighting 2015: Ogopogo Sighting


Ogopogo is the name for the lake monster believed to inhabit the waters of Okanagan Lake in British Columbia, Canada. It is one of the more well known cryptids and lake monsters around the world along with others like the Loch Ness monster and Champ. This is one of the few lake monster sightings 2015 to be reported and is a very interesting sightings with some great details.


Ogopogo sighting 2015

Location of Ogopogo Sighting


This is the first official Ogopogo sighting 2015 report we have covered and it comes from a pair of women boating on the lake and saw the creature swin by their boat. Suzie St-Cyr Cowley and Marie Letourneau claimed to have spotted the creature which they described as being snake like approx 2 feet thick and 50 ft long having five curves along its back. The 2015 Ogopogo sighting happened about 1000 feet off shore in an area of the lake in front of Qualls Gate Winery.


Suzie St-Cyr Cowley and Marie Letourneau Ogopogo sighting

Suzie St-Cyr Cowley and Marie Letourneau

St-Cyr Cowley said “I could not believe it, I was afraid because we were so close and I wanted to move my boat away. I was screaming “Oh my god, that’s Ogopogo! It was so big.” She said Letourneau actually saw the creature first and didn’t know what it was as she being new to the area had never heard of the elusive cryptid. St-Cyr Cowley said “She was just yelling “Suzie, Suzie, there’s a big thing”, and I turned around and couldn’t believe it.

Sadly both of them were in shock and afraid the large creature would go under their boat that neither were able to get a Ogopogo photo. St-Cyr Cowley said she has been boating on the lake since 2008 and had never seen anything like it. and thought the lake monster was simply a legend. “It does exist, I saw it with my own eyes. I see it and now I believe it,” says an adamant St-Cyr Cowley.

Search for the Lake Pepin Monster Pepie


The lake monster known as Pepie that is said to inhabit the waters of Lake Pepin as well as the lake monster of the Mississippi River has sightings going back to the 1600’s. Now Chad Lewis an author and paranormal researcher for last 20 years is on the search for Pepie the lake monster. He has written 17 books about many bizarre mysteries and creatures although still considering himself a skeptic. But he says that when it comes to the Lake Pepin monster Pepie he is believer and is trying to prove to everyone else that the creature does indeed exist.


lake pepin monster pepie


Lake Pepin monster has been described as resembling a serpent type creature or a long necked reptile in multiple sighting reports over the years. Reports from the 1800’s and 1900’s described the monster of the Mississippi as being the size of a rhinoceros or an elephant with kind of gray colored skin. Eyewitness accounts of the creature do vary some but this size and shape seem to be the general consensus.


Lake Pepin has been visited by the Discovery Channel for their hit show Monsters and Mysteries in America detailing the history and story of lake monster Pepie. There is even a $50,000 reward out to anyone who can produce conclusive proof that the creature is real. The local lore has grown to be an international interest and now tourists coming to Lake Pepin can look for the monster at designated “Pepie watch stations” and can even take expeditions out on the lake in search of the creature.


The lake was formed from a naturally occurring widening in the Mississippi River bordering Wisconsin and Minnesota. With so many kinds of fish inhabiting the river many theories have been formed as to what kind of creature the monster may actually be. With large fish such as sturgeon , alligator gar, and paddlefish being found in the river there are multiple possibilities including perhaps a yet undiscovered species of animal. Lewis has gone on two separate expeditions on the lake using sonar imaging equipment but has yet to capture proof the legend is true.


Where is Champ ? Will 2014 provide more sightings and evidence of Lake Champlains Champ


Perhaps the most popular lake monster in the world after that of the Loch Ness Monster is said to inhabit the waters of Lake Champlain and goes by nickname of Champ. Lake Champlain borders both Vermont and New York in the United States and a bit of the Canadian border. There have been over 300 recorded sighting reports of Lake Champlains Champ going all way back to 1883. Many skeptics believe sightings of Champ are simply cases of misidentification of just common animals that can be found in the lake or even inanimate objects while others point to many being just hoaxes. But believers in the creature claim that something yet undiscovered does inhabit the lake and could possibly be that of a Plesiosaur or some other large animal. Among the various sightings of Champ there has been some pretty interesting photo’s and videos that believers point to as proof of its existence.

One of the most famous photos believed to be that of Champ was taken by Sarah Mansi back in 1977 while she was on vacation. Now known as the Mansi photo it seems to show a Plesiosaur type creature with its body and neck sticking out of the water. It has been studied multiple times by various experts and nothing has even been found to suggest it isn’t a legitimate photograph. Here is the actual Mansi photo so you can look over and decide for yourself if it is indeed Champ.


Then in 2003 while part of a Discovery Channel program a Fauna Communications Research Institute team captured recordings of echolocation with in the lake. It was concluded that the recordings were not of a known animal although they were similar to that of a Beluga Whale or Orca none of which have ever been seen in Lake Champlain.

Then in 2005 two fishermen Dick Affolter and his stepson Pete Bodette shot a video which is believed to have captured images of Champ. The videos seems to have captured what could be a neck or head of a Plesiosaur type creature and even one frame possibly an open mouth and another a closed mouth. Two retired forensic image analysts that worked for the FBI reviewed the video and said it appeared to be 100% authentic. This along with Mansi photo is considered some of the best evidence that proves Champ does indeed exists. Here are still shots from the video of the object in the lake along with the Champ video itself for you too look over and decide if it is indeed Champ.





Since that 2005 Champ video sightings continue to trickle in but nothing of substance has again surfaced in form of photo’s or videos. Will 2014 produce added evidence that Lake Champlain is indeed the home of the lake monster Champ or perhaps the legendary creature itself ?


Latest Search for Champ at Lake Champlain


A research group called “Champ Search” traveled to Lake Champlain in search of evidence of the elusive lake monster that is believed to inhabit its waters bordering New York and Vermont. The search team was founded by young Cryptozoologists Katy Elizabeth who herself says she had a sighting of the creature on Lake Champlain. Her sighting prompted her to start the non-profit group to study and investigate the lake monster known as “Champ“. She is also the author of the book “Water Horse of Lake Champlain” which is a very interesting read and is available on Amazon for anyone interested. Here is a video of the Champ Search team doing their thing on the latest trip out to Lake Champlain as they continue to gather evidence and research the mysterious creature. You can check out the website here for more information on the group Champ Search.



Famous Mansi Photograph of Champ on Lake Champlain from 1977


Tianchi Lake Monster Latest Sighting


There has been another reported sighting of the Tianchi Lake monster in China. Wu Chengzhi a volcano monitoring station worker claims to have seen the monster swimming around the lake while measuring water temperatures. It was around 5  a.m. according to Chengzhi when he and his colleague arrived at the northern slope of the Changbai Mountains and they then began taking their routine measurements of Tianchi Lake’s water temperatures. As they collected the water samples he spotted an odd v-shaped ripple out on the lake which was calm and quite at the surface. At the ripples forefront a black point began peeking out of the water that was swimming forward at a relatively high speed. Chengzhi was able to get a photo of the head what he believed was the Tianchi Lake monster. It isn’t of very good quality and it seems to look somewhat like a fawn’s head out of the water. Locals have long believed that the lake also known as “Heaven Lake” because its perched atop the Changbai Mountains is a holy lake and that lake monsters have inhabited its waters for centuries. Sightings of the Tianchi lake monster date back all the way to 1903.


Here is the Tianchi Lake Monster Photo taken by Chengzhi: