Turtle Lake Monster

Saskatchewan’s Turtle Lake Monster

Turtle Lake is located in Saskatchewan Canada and is known for sighting of a mysterious creature. Many sighting of a lake monster or other type of cryptid animal have been reported through out the years. Reports go as far back as an ancient indian legend that told ” that anyone being foolish enough to venture into the monsters territory would never return”. The sightings and reports have varied through the years putting the size of the creature in the area of 10 to 30 feet long and having a skin like texture from smooth to scaly along with a sea horse looking head.

It has been impossible to get an idea of this mysterious creatures origins from reports and sightings. There are many who simply connect many of these sightings and reports to giant sturgeon which are known to inhabit the lake. But there are others who claim that the sturgeon theory is very unlikely as these animals are largely bottom dwellers who seldom approach the surface of the water. Some in the cryptozoology field believe that the creature could actually be a plesiosaur or some form of these creatures which has survived and adapted through the years. This theory is said to possibly hold water , as Saskatchewan was once covered by an inland sea many years ago.

There is still no solid proof as to what this creature is and that it actually exist. The vast theories all have some possibility of being correct but with the lack of evidence we can only hope the future will produce more answers.