Unsealed Conspiracy Files: Bigfoot Episode


Back in April of 2011 the FBI declassified tons of top secret government documents spanning the last few decades as a result of the Freedom of Information Act. These documents covered topics such as alien activity and UFO sightings along with others that have interested conspiracy theorists for years. These conspiracy and alien files offer a first hand look at some of these great mysteries. The show “Unsealed Conspiracy Files” is set to launch this fall and will shine a light on many of these previously top secret case files. Each episode a team of experts using the power of modern day technologies will expand the research further then its ever been. The show will re-examine faulty assumptions, search for inconsistencies, and explore new leads using this newly discovered information.



Is this half man, half ape simply a figment of our collective imagination or does he really exist? As the evidence begins to pile up maybe we should be asking … who has been keeping this from us?


Watch: Conspiracy Files 2013 Big Foot Documentary – sasquatch evidence classifieds government hiding