Wales Lake Bala Monster – Teggie

Bala Lake

“Lake Bala”

In the depths of Lake Bala in North Wales there is believed to be a monster lurking. Much like Nessie in Scotland’s Loch Ness or Champ in Vermont’s Lake Champlain Lake Bala has its own lake monster know as “Teggie“. Although now as well known as some other lake monsters Teggie and Lake Bala are no less intriguing. The name “Teggie” is taken from Llyn Tegid which is the Welsh name of the lake. Lake Bala has been known to be a site for wedding proposals. Not only are significant others surprised with ceramic wedding bands, apparently another surprise is lurking, creating large rings of its own in the shadowy waters. Good old Teggie is probably capturing every moment of the fidgety attempts at romantic proposals.

Bala Lake Monster

“Teggie ?”

Sightings of the creature began around the 1920’s and the legend has continued to grow. Reports have claimed that the creature resembles a crocodile or a creature similar to a plesiosaur and is at least 8 feet in length. There was also a recorded report of a large creature breaking the waters surface and tossing a windsurfer out of the water to one side with ease of swatting a fly. One local legend believes the monster is Pontrhydfendigaid witch, Mari Berllan Biter who is said to be able to transform info various forms and shapes.

There is also a theory believed by some about a secret program during the First World War run by the British military involving seals being released into the lake. These seals were to be trained to carry mines strapped to them while swimming to a selected target with in the lake. Then when taken outside the lake they could be used to carry live mines into German warships. But during the program a number of seals escaped and soon after the program was scrapped and the military exited the seals were left behind. And Teggie is possibly descendents of these seals. Although many local inhabitants if the area don’t buy into it.

Teggie being much more camera shy then some of her fellow lake monsters has made for a lesser known cryptid. But the sightings and stories are just as interesting and exciting like so many other lake monsters the mystery continues.