munks claim object is Yeti scalp

Located high up in the Himalaya’s there have been many reports and sightings of a creature that cryptozoology classifies as the “Yeti“. The yeti is known by many around the world but more by its nickname “The Abominable Snowman“. Along with the actual creature sightings and reports there have been many reports of extremely large footprints measuring approx 30-45 centimeters. These prints are reported to be oddly shaped often with the inner toes being much larger then the outter toes with the heel of the print being flat. Many people in the area’s of Tibet and Nepal strongly believe that the yeti exist and look to these prints as proof. They claim that no known animals in the area could be responsible for these odd prints although many skeptics believe much of this is simple mis identification.

The legend of the Yeti is believed to have begun some time in the 4th century and originated in Nepal. Sightings of the creature have been reported since as far back as 1832 and have continued through the years. The word “Yeti” means “magical creature” but the creature was reportedly given the nickname “the abominable snowman” by a newspaper writer years ago to add a sense of fear to the creature.

There have been many sightings of the creature but the descriptions seem to vary in different ways. Some reports claim that the yeti had hair colors of red , grey , and white and carried a extremely bad smell. Locals claim that the different reports of the creatures description is because there are three species of the Yeti. The creature is said to be quite large in all reports and extremely powerful with some reports claiming the creature can throw large boulders around like pebbles.

Many people in the field of Crypto zoology think the creature is possibly a descendant of a kind of primate from years past similar to its north american counterpart sasquatch. There are even some who think it is possible the Yeti could be descendants of an ancient group of people said to have fled to the mountains to escape their enemies long ago and have survived through the years. Scientist claim that it is more likely that these reports of the creature can be explained by mis identification of most likely bears or some type of ape. But the government of Nepal in 1961 declared that the Yeti does legally exist even though there is no real physical evidence to prove it. Many cryptozoologist continue to search for this mysterious creature and only time will tell if we will ever obtain the proof needed to show the world this creature actually exist and is not simply some ancient campfire myth.

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